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  1. Honestly, I've gone back into my old hobby of being a movie buff. Watching movies has always given me some sort of peace and rest. I'm obsessive over Arnold Schwarzenegger action films such as Terminator, Conan, Raw Deal, and Predator. Even big into Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolf Lundgren's movies such as Universal Soldier. First one was the only good one, and Blood Sport. Expendables was a really big treat.
  2. I like this song.
  3. I don't know. I just can't do it anymore. Games used to be what I lived for. I got to talking to Tucker on here and he randomly made me realize that I can be better and this subject came to mind. At first I had mixed emotions about our conversation, and than he mentioned I should open up more. What I dreamed of doing while I worked a part time when I was just a teen. But lately, since I've hit my 30th birthday. I just don't have it in me anymore. I used to think I'd never see the day, that there would never be a day where I'd say this. But video games get my anxiety going. It came to the point where I was just doing it to be doing it. Like a chore or a prayer. Like something in my mind was telling...." You need this, you need to do this. You can't rest until you finish." and than I realized.....this isn't fun anymore. I lied, I haven't played Fallout 4 in months. I think it's because it was part of who I used to be. First I sold my PS3, thinking.....I hope I'm not going to regret it. But than it didn't bother me anymore. Than I sold my PS4 at GameStop and they ripped me off, that didn't bother me either. I wasn't surprised. Than, my 360 and XBONE. One by one, my games became less. I gave a few of my games to a friend and my brother. My wife even thinks it odd but she was really happy. Maybe I'm like a child discarding his toys again. A new phase. Like a metamorphism into a new person for me. This began over a few months ago. My sister in law's husband is abusive and she's currently going through a divorce and getting sole custody. What does this have to do with her husband you might ask? Well, he has no job, nor income. He sits around all day just playing Grand Theft Auto and ignores his son while he gets doped out of his mind on weed and coke. I don't want to be like him. I don't want my kids to see me as a man child. I don't know why. It's not a bad thing, I guess. I just want to be more. Just being who I was, isn't good enough for me. I thought it was part of my diagnosis, my depression. You see, I'm a very depressed individual. My mind lives in this fucked up world. People see me as this weird guy. You know what? I think that's fine. I think we're all going to die one day. Life is one big waiting room. I always thought I was a monster, an asshole. A piece of shit still breathing for life. I wanted to change that even if people thought me as a good person. So I started thinking. I want to do something else. I'm not sure what that something else is. But it's like a question that I'm looking for an answer to where I have hundreds of options. So, I'm moving on from gaming and I want to try some new things. After 16 years of constant gaming, and 4 months free of it, I think I can really put it behind me. I wish I could go back to it, but I don't think that's what my heart is telling me.
  4. You noticed at the beginning 24 seconds into the video he talks about using it to build smarter computers? You know what that brings to mind?
  5. Apparently they successfully pulled it off with a monkey. I know....I know....it sounds like utter horse shit. It's probably because it is.....in fact....I think it is.....
  6. Oh...I'm sure the government will come out with a bullshit law and a new tax for this.
  7. I sat on my butt all day watching TV, sleeping, and eating pasta.