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  1. credits to @Vuthakral
  2. Didn't realize I had two cats. One likes getting stuck on top of flag posts.
  3. I decided to get a "new" car for myself. All the cars I've driven have been family gifts or handmedowns, I just wanted something different and more exciting to drive. Looking around for 04-07 WRX or STI in my surrounding area. Was wondering if anyone would care to give me some insight on how to tackle either: buying, searching, payments, in general any red flags you would avoid, or even what would make you go "this is what I look for in a sale or person selling". I've helped my brothers do numerous private sales but the most involvement for me was just being the middle man bridging the language gap and helping to fill out titles, etc. I've been browsing around CL, throtl, and very specifically for my tastes nasioc.
  4. Would definitely enjoy seeing everyone's arts and crafts. I draw as a hobby, usually in short bursts whenever I see something motivating or inspiring. Digital painting is what I've recently picked up.
  5. @ShikuTeshi referred me to this place and I will be sure to enjoy my stay. (: