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  1. Fubih liked a post in a topic by MEGASEAN2812 in Dreamweb 2: Halo Custom Edition Tagset (WIP Thread)   
    Dreamweb 2 is a project by VKMT, a modding team I've been leading with a bunch of friends for the last 6 years. Dreamweb 2 is a brand new project, built from the ground up, with little being reused from the original. If you're wondering what Dreamweb 1 was, here you go: https://haloce3.com/downloads/tags/misc-tags/dreamweb-final/
    Dreamweb 2 aims to go back to the roots of Halo 1 and Custom Edition, fueled by our love of much simpler mods and fun maps such as Coldsnap and Extinction. We're offering a much more customizable version of many of the assets featured in Halo CE. Things similar to this have been done in the past but not to this extent. Dreamweb 2 will feature a much more customizable version of the base Halo 1 tagset, with features such as color change. Dreamweb 2 will also offer extended content such as new weapons, weapon variants, content from pre-release versions of Halo, and more. We hope to bring new life into Custom Edition by providing both players and modders new content to add to the Halo CE sandbox.
    We may look into the possibility of bringing Dreamweb 2 to MCC but at the moment that is not a priority.
    The assets in Dreamweb 2 are primarily designed to be easy to use and modifiable both within the engine or your 3D modelling program of choice (exporting models to CE still requires  3DSMax for now). Being able to make changes should not only be simple but it should also be fun. One of the major features (and a carryover from Dreamweb 1) is making our core tags all color change enabled. Many of our weapons utilize all the color change flags to manipulate as many areas of a weapon as possible. This will also prevent the age old problem of stuffing maps with multiple texture files with certain changes just for certain color or variant changes. This also means you can do these sorts of changes through a real-time tag editor, such as the one originally made by Sprinkle.
    In the demo video above, we showcase the real-time editor being used to change the Assault Rifle's appearance.
    We have worked to ensure these color change features can be applied to any other assets based on their original H1 weapon (weapons that share the same unwrap and texture data), for example, here is the Assault Rifle CC shaders on Vuthakral's Pre-Halo AR.

    Likewise, Covenant weapons are equally modifiable. Beyond color change customization, we are also working to streamline the process of changing particle effect colors.
    We are also working on model variants for certain weapons (Assault Rifle by savinpvtmike).

    Besides modified content, new and original content is being made for Dreamweb 2 as well. One of the pieces of content you might already know about is our Pre-Xbox Halo Spartan (modeled and textured by Fleetwire).

    While we have come a long way in making a faithful version to that spartan model, there are still adjustments being made by team members to get it as close to 1:1 as possible.



    We are looking forward to adding more pre-xbox content to DW2 in the future.
    Revamped content such as the Pre-Xbox Assault Rifle (by Vuthakral and myself) as well as Halo CE styled Halo 2 assets will be coming as a part of Dreamweb 2.
    The video below shows a few of the human weapons in action:
    We are also adding new HUD variants, such as this HUD based on the Gamestock 2001 gameplay reveal of Halo:

    You may have noticed that the screenshot above takes place on A30. The reason for that is simple, Dreamweb 2 will also encapsulate a modified version of the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign utilizing our new tagset. This is not meant to be a reimagining of the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign (unlike SPV3) but instead a showcase of the tags as well as a classic styled remix of the original game.
    Below, footage of our version of A30:
    At this time, we do not have a release date for Dreamweb 2. Our plan is to release content packs in stages, beginning with our modified H:CE tagset and ending with our remix of the H:CE campaign. This thread will be updated with releases and progress reports as we hit milestones in development.
    That is all we have to show for now, please enjoy this final tease as we continue to work on Dreamweb 2:

    You can also see updates via the Halo CE Reclaimers Discord server! Don't forget to assign yourself the VKMT Updates role to stay up to date.
    VKMT currently is:
  2. Fubih liked a post in a topic by MattDratt in Operation Takedown   
    Takedown: Extermination is the final level in the Operation Takedown series. Go after Patriarchus and find the forerunner weapon. Extermination features 8 mini-levels, all that bring their own refreshing style of gameplay, including a rainy forest, a city island, and a snowy plateau.
    Takedown: Extermination - Launch Trailer
    Takedown: Extermination (Part 1) - Release Trailer
    Takedown: Extermination (Part 2) - Release Trailer
    Along with Extermination, both The Introduction & Project Lawson have been integrated into the Extermination tagset. You will be able to download all these levels in a single download.
    Download will be here!
    Currently available for download:

    Is Open Sauce required?
    Yes, Open Sauce 4.0 is required.
    Will you release a non-OS version?
    Probably not. Unfortunately there is quite a lot locked in with OS at this point.
    Can I use other mods such as Chimera, etc while playing Takedown?
    Overall, the use of other mods during your play through is unsupported. However, during testing, many have tried to use additional mods and have found both success and issues. Use at your own risk and understand if you are having issues, it may be the additional mods and not the map itself.
    Will Takedown: Extermination use data-files?
    Yes. A lot of the tools to bypass data-files have come out far too late in this production to make it worth going back and putting it all back together. Extermination is so large that is spans 7 yelo files. Without data files, the amount of space required for this level would be massive.
    Wait, what are data-files?
    Data files are just .map files that pool the main resources of the level into, such as bitmaps and sound files. Instead of each yelo file being 400-500mb each, it makes each yelo file under 100mb and includes a few extra larger map files that contain the bitmaps and sounds for each level. These MUST be installed into your Halo: Custom Edition maps directory as will be laid out in the download. If the data files are not in the correct location, the levels will not load.
    Will I need to re-download all files during early access?
    Yes! Please drop everything into your maps folder as is and replace any files.
    Why is Extermination in two parts?
    Extermination was so massive during the script writing process, I decided from the start that Extermination (story wise) would be split into two halves. When Part 1 ends, you will have come to a defined story end point (not just a random mid-point to cut off the level). Part 1 consists of the first four rally points (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta). Part 2 consists of the last four rally points (Echo, Foxtrot, Gamma, Iota). The trailers have been using a mix of scenes from both parts, so some things you may have seen in the trailers may not be present until Part 2 is released.
    Will you release this for MCC?
    I do not believe that is currently possible at this time.
    Will there be a sequel?
    At this time, Takedown: Extermination is the ending of the series and I have no plans to continue it in any fashion.
    How long is Takedown: Extermination?
    This solely depends on your style of gameplay. I would say give yourself 1-2 hours for Part 1 and 3-4 hours for Part 2, but this all just depends on how you play. Part 1 is probably just as long/slightly longer than Project Lawson while Part 2 is around double as long. When Part 1 ends, it offers a good stopping point if you need to take a break or go do something else for a while.
    Will you release a Spanish or subtitled version?
    At this time I have no plans to do so, however I am not opposed to work on this with someone once released if I can get the help required. Subtitles are tricky as onscreen cinematic titles have a limit and the debug on-screen text changes how long it appears on screen depending on the frame-rate you are running the game at.
    How often will this be updated post-release?
    If any issues that are major or bother me are found at or shortly after release, I will update them as soon as I can. Once the dust settles, there will probably be limited support after the first month or two.
    Will you release a version without data-files?
    Yes. I am going to give the release a week or so and then do any last minute updates before compiling out separate builds.
  3. Fubih liked a post in a topic by Kinnet in Kinnet's Graphics Mod WIP - Beta 4.6 released!   
    KGM WIP Thread

    About this mod:
    This mod replaces the classic stock multiplayer maps of Halo Custom Edition while bringing new looks to the maps, like models, textures, sounds, etc. And yes you can use this mod to play in stock servers without issues even if other players don't have the mod installed.
    All weapons, animations timings, particles, decals, lights, collision of structures, etc. Have been modified to fit perfectly fit with their  og Halo 1 counterparts so you wont have any kind of advantages, disadvantages or desyncs issues while using this mod.
    The mod is also compatible with OS, HAC2 and Chimera. Since it was compiled with invader it should not have issues with any kind of addons since its treated like a regular .map by the game
    Special thanks to:
    SBB team
    Shadowmods Team
    Kinnet (having infinite patience to work alone on the whole project for 4 years is something that I wont ever forgive myself :V)
    Invader team
    Halo Online modding Team
    Chimera team
    My YT subs (their wholesomeness made it a lot easier to work on this long project <3)
    (sorry if im forgetting somebody but it has been so long that I can't remember everybody who helped)
    21/02/20 v4.6 Beta Release:
    This small beta release is so people can give feedback and thoughts about the project before I release the full thing, so make sure to do so!

    More Pics:
    Notes about this version:
    - Its only bloodgulch since im too lazy to compile all the other maps and I'm going to release them soon in the final version anyways
    - The weapons and models in general look kinda scuffed (shaders look dark and reflectionless) and without proper shadows in the map since I did some shenanigans to have the original collision with a remodeled map, this will be fixed for the final version.
    - The map has a "switch time of day" button on the menu to change to the night mode and back
    - The map has no portals, this will also be fixed for final version
    - Some weapons don't have flashlights (mostly covenant guns)
    - The ball is replaced by the energy sword (it works exactly the same as the ball) since the zombie gametype is way more played than oddball
    - Player models have a bunch of different variations (around 70 in total) in an attempt to make the multiplayer feel more varied
    - Player models have no LODs (yet) so they will perform bad in really (really) low end PCs since everything else has LODs and are very optimized
    - It lacks the Lua chimera scripts designed for it since the lua injector for maps doesn't work on maps compiled by invader (hopefully it will be fixed in the future)
    - Backpack weapons only work in local games saddly (another invader bug)
    You can support me and the creation on this mod through here, it will be infinitely thanked 
  4. Fubih liked a post in a topic by SOI_7 in Firefight: Heir of The Old Lords   
    Welcome to Heir of The Lords, a new Firefight map based on EmmanuelCD's map "Hexzone". Fight formidable foes through 7 rounds of increasing difficulty and defeat bosses after each round to unlock REQs and increase your destructive power. How long will you last?

    More about the mod

    The tagset is based heavily on the vanilla assets, revamped with OS shaders and a touch of modern era influences. New weapons are in the party as well, and same goes for your enemies and their behaviour. Due to that, THIS MAP REQUIRES OPENSAUCE.
    The map has also several influences from FromSoftware's phenomenal game Bloodborne, going from the music and the ingame sounds to the boss designs and behavior. The name itself, "Old Lords", is a Bloodborne reference, since it can refer to both the Old Lords of Yharnam (the Pthumerians) or of Halo (the Forerunners). You will also have a speed boost ability as a replacement for the flashlight. And, most of all, you'll be assisted in this journey by the best waifu Exuberant Witness!


    Download link



    Adjutant team: Reach and H4 assets
    Rododo: Some particles and other beauties
    Mortis: Some particles and bitmaps, feedback and betatesting
    Masterz: feedback, some scripting help and betatesting
    martin.kosecky5: Some upscaled textures
    DumbAI, MatthewDratt: Ripped dialogues
    JadeUndead: Scripting trickeries
    CMT: Some bitmaps, sounds and animations
    Moses: H2 animations extractor
    Delicious, Brad Cypy: Mass Effect sounds
    Aegis Mind: H5 sounds, Excavator model
    EmmanuelCD: BSP and Skybox
    Altis: Bigass sun tags
    Flanker: Fire particles
    Spiral: Post-launch feedback
    FromSoftware: Bloodborne sounds and music
    Bungie/343i: Halo assets in general

    Closing words

    A bit sad that my first topic here on OC will be about my last map

    After this small project, I'm gonna retire from CE modding. It's been 8 years since I joined the modding community, it has been a lot of fun and I'll always be grateful to this engine for all I've learned through it. Now, it's time to move to better places, where my creativity can spread without chains (Ugh)
    Thank you all for all the support, see you on Unity or MCC!
  5. Fubih liked a post in a topic by gbMichelle in Mozz Editing Kit (MEK)   
    Mozz Editing Kit
    The MEK is a powerful easy to use set of powerful tools that can be used to mod Halo 1 and other games based on the blam! engine.
    It is fully Windows and Linux compatible.
    It comes with:

    Mozzarilla is a replacement for Guerilla, it has support for multiple tags directories, exporting single tag blocks, more comment boxes explaining how things work and many tools. Like:
    a model compiler,
    physics compiler,
    animation compiler,
    animation decompressor,
    an option to import bitmaps directly from DDS,
    a batch bitmap converter/optimizer,
    bitmap source extractor,
    sound compiler (currently only Xbox ADPCM and 16bit PCM),
    tag directory error locator,
    string list and hud message compilers,
    converters that allow you to convert basically any type of model to a gbx model, or any object type to any other object type.
    It supports Vanilla, Opensauce, Stubbs the Zombie, and (Expirimental) Halo 3 tags.
    It also supports some Misc Halo file types like gametypes.
    It also has highly customizable themes (styles) and settings that allow you to choose exactly how you want to use the tool.


    Refinery is a tool for extracting tag data from maps, but also for viewing tag data in map files.
    It supports extracting tags from Vanilla Halo 1 PC, Custom Edition, Xbox, Demo.
    But also from OpenSauce and vap maps.
    Halo 2 is partially supported, and Halo 3 Xbox 360 maps have experimental support.
    If a map you want to rip is protected then have no fear! Refinery comes with a powerful deprotection option that can intelligently name tags and repair classes based on many heuristics found inside of the map.
    It also has a data extraction mode. The data extraction mode instead of extracting tags will extract bitmaps, models, animations, scripts.
    This is really useful if you for instance want to use assets from a map in something other than Halo CE.


    Pool is a program made to help people who aren't super familiar with tool or command line applications.
    It comes with explanations for all commands, helpful templates, and options to for instance run batch jobs, or multiple simultaneous jobs.
    It also comes with various patches that you can apply to your tool.exe to for instance remove the map file size limit, increase the vertex and index buffer size, and a multi-language compatible resource maps fix.

    But that's not all...
    The MEK also comes with a plethora of 3DS Max scripts that are useful for 3D creation with the Halo engine.
    And there are more tools being worked on that fill different gaps in the open source Halo 1 modding kit. Ones that I am very excited to show you once they're ready.
    How do I install the MEK?
    There is a few ways to do this. But right now the best way is to get either the MEK or MEKE.
    MEKE (The easier to install windows-only version)
    Keep in mind that this version currently updates less frequently.
    1. Get the MEK_Essentials_Setup.exe
    Get it from here from here: [MEK Releases]
    2. Run the installer (lol)
    MEK (Python version, most up-to-date version)
    Installing the Python version of the MEK is actually pretty easy.
    1. Get Python from your favorite source.
    if you are on Windows I highly suggest getting it from the Windows store [link].
    The Windows Store version is nice because it automatically installs the right version (64-bit) and you don't need to do anything but just click the button.
    Don't worry, you won't need to log into the store.
    2. Get the MEK_Installer_Python.zip
    Get it from here from here: [MEK Releases]
    3. Run the MEK Installer
    Now watch out, wherever you put your MEK installer is where the MEK will install, UNLESS you pick an installation directory using the "Browse" option

    4. Click install and wait until it is done
    After this you are basically set, the files to run the MEK should have appeared in the current folder or whatever folder you chose to install to.
    Be sure to frequently run your MEK_Installer.py to check for updates.
    (This section is probably very incomplete)
    Direct contributors
    @Moses_of_Egypt @gbMichelle Mimickal
    Other sources of information
    @Kavawuvi @Sparky Opensauce
    Frequent testers
    @Kavawuvi @Vaporeon @MrChromed @Masterz1337 CMT @Jesse @SOI_7 Whix
    Where can I in real time discuss these tools and how to use them?
    You can do so in the CE Reclaimers Discord Server [link]
    Of course this thread is also a good place to discuss the tools, but keep in mind that the Discord is more frequently checked.
    How can I contribute?
    You can find the sources at our GitHub organization, Sigmmma! [link]
    You can also report bugs on the GitHub repositories' issue pages, here, or in the Discord server. [link]
    You can also tell us what you'd like to see added, or what kind of tools you'd like to see in the future.
    Most of the libraries and programs in the MEK are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. [link]
    Shout out to invader, another Opensource toolkit made by people who frequently help us out. [link]
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    NOVEMBER, 2019

  7. Fubih liked a post in a topic by (SBB) Storm in Halo CE NOW - Monthly Top 5 Halo Custom Edition Videos Rankings   
    Halo CE NOW - Monthly Top 5 Halo Custom Edition Videos
    On the monthly news show, I scower the internet to find the most premium Halo Custom Edition videos that aren't mine and rank them accordingly each month. This is all based on my own personal merits and opinions, so feel free to disagree with the choices and obvious biases on listing my friends only at the highest. If you end up making it to a Top 5 and coincidentally have an account on OC, you'll receive 5 raffle tickets!
    MAY, 2019 
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    JUNE, 2019
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    JULY, 2019
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    AUGUST, 2019

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    SEPTEMBER, 2019

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    OCTOBER, 2019

    Now I've waited on this for a while since Number 3 was given the pink slip from OC. I have luck however, as Sean did make the video originally, so therefore...
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    DECEMBER, 2019
    Big change: I've also included a Top 5 category for the Cursed Halo mod.
    JANUARY, 2020
  14. Fubih liked a post in a topic by Java in Optic [Non HAC2] by Sehe   
    Just making this available for download since it will work with Chimera (as far as I know).
    So basically read the "Optic - Read Me.txt" file inside for instructions, then move anything that needs to go into the controls folder to the mods folder to use with Chimera.
    Also this will not work with anything that shares "d3dx9_43.dll". So no dgVoodoo2.
  15. Fubih liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Chimera Download, Source Code, and Discord   
    (Icon is by SteamFox)

    Download: chimera-1.0.0.r476.17feee5.7z
    Readme:  https://github.com/Kavawuvi/chimera/blob/master/README.md 
    Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2
    Source code: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/chimera
    License: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html
    Have a question or an issue? Post here: 
  16. Fubih liked a post in a topic by PopeTX28 in Infint-MP   
    Here is my map Infint. It's a small 2v2 map, great for team-based gameplay. The readme has more info. But this is probably not going to be the final build.

    Lighting has significantly changed since the time the images were taken.
  17. Fubih liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Ascetic   
    Ascetic is a small symmetrical map designed for 4-6 players. Best played on CTF and KOTH but other game types can be fun as well.
    The map was originally being made back in 2015 after I had a dream of a small map similar to Sandtrap. I didn't think the map worked well so I stopped working on it. In late 2019 I had an idea that might make the map more interesting: mirroring one side of the map and duplicating the middle building to make the map bigger. After messing around with that idea I got inspired to finish the map. Since the map is still fairly small it allowed me to put a lot of detail on it without hitting the engine limits which I'm used to and that gave me more freedom. I spent a lot of time working on visuals to see how good I can make things look and I hope it shows. The map still isn't perfect and there are some things I'd rather change (I wish I had done something better with the doors in the middle that serve no real purpose) but I don't want to spend any more time working on this since nobody is going to play this map anyway lol.
    There is a backpack weapons script that requires a Chimera build that supports scripting. There are 2 Open Sauce post-processing effects: ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting. Volumetric lighting also requires Chimera to work.
    There are a few well-hidden easter eggs in the map. You won't be able to find them using devcam so look for clues first. I challenge all of you to find all of the secrets!
    DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!RP5ihQSb!tSAgsnYzlnB5gUVAMyIMOIFNxx5kJiGHwvb9V71l7vk
    Author: aLTis
    Thanks to:
    StormUndBlackbird team and everyone else who tested the map
    Solink: Forge Island sky
    Halo CE Refined team: HUD
    Burney: some light textures
    ShikuTeshi: upscaled spartan textures
    MrChromed: upscaled armor cubemap
    CtrlAltDestroy / [ZMT] L33T: backpack weapons
    sbdJazz, Hunter,Iq and Marty McFly: post processing effects
    Some textures are from textures.com
    Some textures are from the map Seclusion
    Some assets are from Halo 3 and Halo Reach

  18. Fubih liked a post in a topic by Kinnet in Half life's Crossfire ported to Halo CE (WIP and Beta release)   
    Hi, so this is a port for the most popular halflife multiplayer map, crossfire, I've been willing to do this project for over 4 years now, and finally stopped being a lazy bum and did it (it took like 10 hours in total to port lol)
    If you have never played Half-Life (wtf is wrong with u) Crossfire is basically the bloodgulch of half life multiplayer, only smaller and faster paced and a with a bunch of powerful guns in every corner. It doesn't support other gametypes other than slayer at the moment since I don't want servers running this like it's the final release just yet, here are some pics:


    (Yeah I know it's lacking some textures as well atm)

    And here's a vid of it:

    I'm still kinda surprised how fun the gameplay is even with just the h1 weapons
    feedback is welcome and apreciated
    I still need to do half life tags for it which shouldn't take that long, so stay tuned!

    Beta: khl_crossfire_test_v0.rar
  19. Fubih liked a post in a topic by Kinnet in Half life's Crossfire ported to Halo CE (WIP and Beta release)   
    mini update:
    too burned out atm to do shaders and textures, but I'm working on the weapons ports, not exactly half life 1 weapons only. but I think the new weapons I have planned *should* integrate fine to the tagset, some pics of untextured weapons:




    The animations are coming along nicely as well but are not complete yet, I didn't want to post this stuff this early, but I'm under heavy load by my uni so it might be a long time until the next update
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    fix these tags please, they're horrible.
  21. PopeTX28 liked a post in a topic by Fubih in Every Map I've Made   
    When's the next map?
  22. aLTis liked a post in a topic by Fubih in Butter   
    fix these tags please, they're horrible.
  23. Fubih liked a post in a topic by PopeTX28 in WIP Quadra-Stasis   
    Interior for the central structure has been modeled. Next step is the exterior. The flood paths may be a little redundant/symmetrical looking, but I'll try to mix it up later.
  24. Fubih liked a post in a topic by PopeTX28 in WIP Quadra-Stasis   
    Developing new flood tunnel paths. These will be used to access the bottom portion of the central structure. I'm hoping to add some pipe-bridges that would ultimately connect the top level of the central structure and the tele-bases together.

  25. Fubih liked a post in a topic by PopeTX28 in WIP Quadra-Stasis   
    Covenant base interiors fully completed, well, except for some missing grates here and there....TIME FOR THE EXTERIOR!