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  1. I've added a classic version of Blood Covenant with Halo 1 tags.
  2. The player speed used to be higher but has been turned down to compensate for halo's netcode. I've also updated the link to blood_covenantv2. which along with some smaller fixes, should fix the heavy weapons from obliterating the player into an gathering exception data.
  3. That's what the tagset will be uploaded for
  4. Aerial aims to redesign Halo to resemble other arena shooters, introducing new gameplay through "launch" pads, pickups and a brand new weapon set. Almost everything was recreated from the ground up, all the models, textures, shaders and animations. so I'm proud to finally share a release. With that said, welcome to the arena! This is old and will no longer be updated, go to the MCC Workshop for the latest version. Blood Covenant MEGA Version 3 MEGA Classic version NOTES: Heavy Only game modes will spawn the Big Fuelrod Gun and the Chaingun. This tagset uses specific weapons on spawn, should this be unwanted, they will be disabled if the server runs any gametype with the general starting equipment. To enable the minimal HUD (recommended for 4:3 resolutions), make sure you are running Chimera alongside the console command chimera_split_screen_hud 1. There have been many changes over the development period of the mod, you can view some of them here. TAGSET If you want to build your own map with this tagset then you can grab the full version below. it includes unseen goodies such as the machete and energy sword, and will be updated for singleplayer later. Tagset (21/01/2021) Cubemaps (19/01/2021) Forerunner textures (03/02/2021) CREDITS Thanks to SBB for testing everything through out the years. Particle effects are by Ifafudafi from The Silent Cartographer: Evolved team. Human weapon sounds are by Magmacow from GameBanana. All other sounds come from other Halo games.
  5. When's the next map?
  6. fix these tags please, they're horrible.
  7. nope
  8. Altis is the best halo modder change my mind.
  9. cool map ran out of ammo after 5 minutes.