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  1. It would be great if you could change it to an easy editable text file so it would be more user friendly. Actually I would really love it if we could have one single configuration file for all the different things like hac2's preferences.txt, halo's config.txt and init.txt and chimera's config file because it's getting quite confuzzling for the average Halo player. Also on that topic, in halo's config.txt you can set "DisableBuffering" which is explained as "Forces a video card to render each scene - used to prevent mouse lag". Do you know if this is still valid? Should you set this option to prevent mouse lag or was that something only important with 2003 era pc's. Thanks a lot.
  2. Is there an easy way to share clear text chimera configs similar to hac2's preferences.ini?
  3. Just wanted to express my gratitude. This is simply amazing, thank you very much for all your work. And also a suggestion: Would it be possible to remove the green arrow above your team mates and have their names displayed by default (like when you press F3 ingame)?
  4. Seems like I need a little bit more assistance: First I download Eschaton from here: Then I open bloodgulch.map but I can't do anything with any bitmap: Is there a way to open the bitmaps.map directly? It should be enough to just overwrite the actual bitmap with zeros in an hex editor but how do I know at which offset it is?
  5. Ah nice, Cinematic_show_letterbox 0 removes the letterbox again and the friend indicator is still hidden, now if I only could move Does anyone know the name of the tag in Eschaton? I tried searching for team, friend, indicator, arrow and hud.
  6. I have recently watched a Battlefield 1 video with the hud completely turned off. I want to play Halo the same way. I can get rid of the chat by not installing the msxml4 parser and the hud with the show_hud 0 console command. But how do you remove the green arrow over the head of your team mates? Can I just block the texture in memory? Or tell my client that the server has the friend indicator disabled even though that isn't the case? If yes, how? I don't know why but the friend indicator seems to be a lot bigger and more annoying lately.
  7. With the stable_lead loaded: If I type /lead SAPP tells me that I don't have to lead, if I type /clead it also tells me I don't have to lead. Since I left the stable_lead.lua in its default 33ms configuration, shouldn't SAPP tell me that I have to lead 33ms since the script should have executed /clead 33 on my behalf?
  8. Quick question: What's the default value for bodyshots and if I wanted to make headshots do the same damage as bodyshots, how would I have to change the headshot value?