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  1. Sure, I started by making an exact copy of the Infinity Diablo. That way, when they are down I can still play my favorite. I can send it to ya if ya like. : ) Or maybe I should upload to here? would love for some more advice on it.
  2. I am here for your advice, THANK YOU! Specificlly, my favorites are the Map Infinity and Danger Canyon. I have made a few maps and enjoy testing them. I just do not have the time to work on the script aspect of it (yet). One of the more popular maps for Infinity is the ASH clan's version called Diablo. This map was very popular for one reason: No admins and very few who knew who was running the map. The botters were happy, but those of us who played fair got our asses kicked daily. I think with 4 or 5 maps we could make a place for everyone to be happy. OK I am curious, you guys have WAY more experience than I do... If there were a place with no rules, what's the worst that they could do? If I didn't like what they were doing, I could just go to one of the other maps. (if there were 4 or more) Secondly, the only reason I care about a blank space for the name is because that is where they are used to looking for that exact map.
  3. Does anyone out there have any interest in helping me develop about 10 new maps for Halo PC? (I'll do the maps) ~I just don't have any experience with SAPP or the scripts. I love to design Infinity maps. I believe many would play there. I believe that the only rule should be: "If the game lets you do it, it's legal" I do not believe in a place governed by fake rules of engagement. I do not believe in a clan that cannot or will not enforce it's own rules. I am sick of questions directed to the admins being ignored. I just want a nice place for all to play and have fun. That fun and comradery has been disrupted, I intend to replace it. I need someone to help me set up the scripts, and most importantly... someone who knows what to use in order to get a blank name for the server name. I am ready to start a server dedicated to lots of fun and NO power trips. I don't want to be the boss, I am not trying to start a clan. We just need more maps!
  4. Agreed, THANK YOU. I did appeal the ban, like I said. But no replies... SOoooo No big deal. They just lost the privilege of killing me (or vice versa) It was just me being curious about the subject, no intentions of making trouble anywhere. I am still a member of ASH clan, but I do not understand why. Over the course of my membership, they have answered ZERO questions about anything. And there has never been another member who came & helped when there was a problem. No admins, no moderators, nothing. No replies...worthless! That whole subject is a mystery to me. For some reason SONOR seemed to hate my guts. I suspect he was the person I was having the most trouble with, in the ASH Infinity map. I reported (assuming it was him) Him breaking the ASH rules and trying everything he could to screw up the game play. (Teamshooting, killing them to take the flag, excessive cursing & racial insults, switching sides to hunt and harass specific players, aimbotting, Shooting vehicles,Etc) All just speculation, since it all took place when I joined ASH. Prior to that I was BANNED from all their servers for 9 months. I would let them ban me daily just to show them I was not going to be bullied. I NEVER used a bot or anything like that. No sightjacker or anything. My only guilt was replying to those who were swearing at me excessively in the first place. Anyone else have a thought about it?
  5. All of you are 100% correct. After reviewing the rules here, I see how offensive that was. Yes I have a ton of emotion, and passion for Halo. Yes I easily overreact to dumb stuff, but talking about it here helps. I also believe in fair game play, and most importantly, due process for those who get banned. What I asked, and how I asked it did sound bad. But I did not do anything to bypass anyone's ban. I am still banned from that same map, and have not heard any replies as to who/ what/ happened. I do however think that there should be a place to discuss those ideas without providing that info to people who would cause trouble. It is kind of like saying that any talk of terrorism is forbidden... well if we don't talk about it, how we going to be ready for it or stop it?
  6. Alright this place has always been great for getting a gripe off your chest & hearing some sound advice from good people. So why is it that when I bring up a topic on how people are bypassing a ban in HALO, you guys seem to get all offended? No one said anything about being malicious, or doing anything wrong. When we ban someone and they pop right back in, I want to understand why. Many of you commented and had great ideas. It is sad to see people act like sheep and delete what they said. You personally don't like the thread? Then don't read it. Find something better to do with your time than inhibiting the learning of others. That makes you look bad to say the least.
  7. We discuss many aspects of the game here. There was no reason for you to react like that. No one ever said anything wrong.  It was theoretical, not an attack, or planned attack of any kind.  The person who banned me is a member of ASH clan ~JUST AS I AM!~  The ban was personal, not anything to do with my behavior. As a matter of fact, I have not unplugged & reset my modem. They don't want me in there? cool, I don't agree with that abuse of power, but I respected their decision & have stayed out of there.  You closing the comments makes you look bad. 

    1. Kavawuvi


      Sorry to hear that you feel that way.

  8. I think we all have had some experience with some of the larger clans treating people like crap. I have spent far too much time asking the same question: What the heck did I do wrong??? I am beyond that nonsense & trying to understand. The simple answer is that they do whatever they want & justify it later. They do not enforce their own rules unless they are losing. It is just that simple.
  9. Forgive me if this is off topic, but I couldn't find a fitting place to ask this... On the subject of HALO clans who treat people like crap: When I am banned from a map, I normally just unplug my modem for 6 hours while I sleep & problem solved. I know that you can be banned by your IP, hash number, or by name, I imagine. Eventually if banned enough you will run out of IP numbers and not be able to join again. I have seen people get banned & pop right back in though. Any thoughts as to how they are doing that??? If there is one thing I can't stand, it's being treated poorly for no reason. I just want to play, I don't run my mouth or cause trouble. I have thought of a VPN but not sure if it works with HALO?
  10. I THANK YOU very much for the information! That is a great opportunity for me to learn something new. We are all on the same page about it being a bit on the shady side when listing a map with a blank name. ASH clan has a lot of rules. The only time they enforce these rules it seems, is when they are getting their butts handed to them on their own map. (Infinity for example is ran with a blank name, and intentionally no reference as to who owns the map ) I think the only thing that makes that map popular, is that the bots have free roam there. I have copied the port system that makes their Infinity map so interesting. (to me anyways) After mapping it out I made a few changes, some of the map was an unfair advantage in one way or another. I made all the ports symmetrical. I added areas where people can hide from the botters. Most games are locked with both flags out for a long time, so I made an area (upper outer ring) for the two flag holders to do a little 1 vs 1. There are only 2 ghosts up there and some weapons, so no one else can get involved. (also banshees cannot fly up into the 1 vs 1 area) ...To the lower area of the map, I added 2 banshees, because I like to fly. Every area of the map has a "Rock, Paper, scissors" theme, meaning that there is no place you are gonna camp and kill everyone. All this keeping in mind that everyone joining has the original map. I made sure that none of the terrain was messed with, so no rubber band effect like in some maps. I would like to see my map next to ASH's Infinity map. I believe their maps need a lot of work, & they just don't care. maybe I have found the right place? You guys have been more helpful & straight up with me in the last week... more than ASH clan has been in several years! Can't thank you enough for your time & thoughts on the subject.
  11. for reference I sometimes go to this page to see the alt codes for Halo... Does anyone know if it a combination of these? Lately I see more & more maps with no name... makes me even more curious. Like I said, I tried all of them & I am stumped. >>> http://www.halostats.com/resources/altcodes.html <<<
  12. well I would love to learn more about Halo... would love to see any maps you guys have made!
  13. I have an old crap computer. I have a lot of fun playing Halo, but no one from ASH clan will ever answer any questions about the game. I do not know a lot about it, but I do enjoy making maps and solving issues. Most importantly, I have time to offer. I love the Infinity map and also Danger Canyon. My 1st question to ASH clan was: why do you run it with a blank name? Never an answer. Next question: why do you have rules but never enforce them? no answer. For about 2 years or more now, every question I have ever asked them has been unanswered. I would love to learn more about sapp & scripts, but I have had no luck getting it running. So, my quest started with the one simple question... what's the big deal about a blank name & why keep it secret? ...if your map is really better, then it really doesn't matter if you have a blank name or not. ASH clan tends to have a lot of rules, but does not enforce any of them. Very confusing and the process to get someone who is botting banned, is ridiculous! They make it clear that they just don't care. Thank you for your time, helpful suggestions, and entertaining comments. Travis Drake, Michigan pot farmer
  14. Correct! ASH clan claims it as one of their unique features. I DO NOT intend to compete with them in any manner. I only ask because no one will tell me... Just simple curiosity.
  15. sorry!... same old question... anyone know what alt code is used for making a blank name for the Halo server list? none suggested have worked, all default to "Halo" (Makes your map appear at the top of the list)