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  1. Is there a way to always display a certain number of mapvote options, while still limiting options based on player count? Currently my setup just cuts out the invalid options, but does not replace with the next valid option
  2. Awesome, thanks 002. I was able to get it working pretty much as desired. It also threw me off that arrays start with 1 instead of 0. Apologies for my terminology, its been forever since I've actually coded.
  3. I have a modified version of the custom team colors which has been working pretty well, but I'd like to optimize it. I assign players either shades of red or blue based on team and player index, but I would like to ensure there are no duplicate colors until necessary. Right now it works assuming players do not switch teams, but if they do, there might be more than one player of a certain color before hitting all options. I could use some help understanding what I can do. Can I set variables as arrays of integers? I tried these but it didn't seem to work: redColors = [2,11,17,14] redColors[4] = [2,11,17,14] I would then set the player color to redColors[$reds % 4]. Also, can I use the modulus command?