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  1. Aer liked a post in a topic by Vaporeon in Netcode-Compatible stock maps with refined tags   
    I might as well post this here too.
    If anyone is interested, I have put together an archive of the stock maps with the fixes contained in the refined tagset, that was started off by Moses of Egypt.
    They also contain other things like better versions of the stock bitmaps taken form the xbox version of the game.
    There is no requirement for using these maps other than replacing the default stock ones.

    r10, a couple of HUD fixes and fixed a bad bitmap on infinity.
    r11, hud warnings are now translated.
    r12-13, more fixes, this game is a meme
  2. Aer liked a post in a topic by giraffe in Change Weapon Strength   
    You are loading the script through event_start, I assume.
    If so, you can change OnScriptLoad function to this:
    function OnScriptLoad() register_callback(cb['EVENT_GAME_START'], "OnGameStart") register_callback(cb['EVENT_GAME_END'], "OnGameEnd") OnGameStart() end  
  3. Aer liked a post in a topic by EmmanuelCD in Shipment 2552   
    Shipment 2552
    A recreation of the Shipment map from Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
    A small port in a distant planet, ideal for 2-8 players
    Ideal for fast matches
    Suggested 2-8 players
    -King of the Hill
    -Capture the Flag
    Does not Support

    More pics





     + Me
     + Shadowmods crew for Testing
     + Infinite Ward for Original Layout
     + Bungie
     + Gearbox
    The map also includes 2 easter eggs, its up to you to find them
  4. Tucker933 liked a post in a topic by Aer in Change Weapon Strength   
    you could try this script and change the damage values to something ridiculously high
  5. Aer liked a post in a topic by Nickster5000 in Music Player   
    clua_version = 2.04; set_callback("tick", "OnTick"); set_callback("command", "OnCommand"); set_callback("map load", "OnMapLoad"); --set_callback("",""); musicPlayer = false; --this controls whether the music player is off or on skipSong = false; --this allows the player to skip a song in the playlist songCount = 6; --amount of songs in the playlist --used for array access minSongs = 0; maxSongs = songCount - 1; isPlaying = false; --checks to see if a song is playing or not. Controlled by tick count. tickCount = 0; --used to determine if a song is over or not. songSelection = nil; --used for array access SONGS = --playlist { [0] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\dragula ", [1] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\gentlemenStartYourWeapons ", [2] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\objectIdentified ", [3] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\raceToDestruction ", [4] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\ready2Die ", [5] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\readySetDestroy ", } --to calculate song lengths: -- given a song length of 3:15 as an example. -- 1. Multiply 3 * 60 (since there are 180 seconds in 3 minutes) -- 2. add + 15 (since there are 15 additional seconds in the song -- 3. multiply the entire result by 30 (since there are 30 ticks in one second) -- RESULT: (3 * 60 + 15) * 30 for a 3:15 long song. SONGLENGTHS = --lengths of each song in the playlist. They align with their respective slots in SONGS { [0] = (4 * 60 + 37) * 30, --8310 [1] = (3 * 60 + 23) * 30, --6090 [2] = (3 * 60 + 9) * 30, --5670 [3] = (3 * 60 + 17) * 30, --5910 [4] = (3 * 60 + 50) * 30, --6900 [5] = (3 * 60 + 37) * 30, --6510 } function OnTick() if musicPlayer then --if player wants music if isPlaying == false then --if a song is not playing --pick a random song to play, math.randomseed(os.time()); songSelection = math.random(minSongs,maxSongs); --and play the song playMusic(songSelection, 1); isPlaying = true; else --if a song is playing if tickCount >= SONGLENGTHS[songSelection] or skipSong == true then --if the song has ended or the player wants to skip the song --stop the music. tickCount = 0; playMusic(songSelection, 0); isPlaying = false; skipSong = false; else --if the song has not ended --increment the tick count. tickCount = tickCount + 1; --console_out(tickCount); end end else --if the player does not want music for i = 0, maxSongs do playMusic(i, 0); --safely stop all songs from playing. end isPlaying = false; end end function playMusic(songSelection, toggle) --playMusic is a utility function if toggle == 1 then execute_script("sound_looping_start"..SONGS[songSelection].."none 1"); else execute_script("sound_looping_stop"..SONGS[songSelection]); end end function OnCommand(command) if command.sub(command,0,4) == "play" then --if the command is play musicPlayer = true; --turn on the music player return false elseif command.sub(command,0,4) == "stop" then --if the command is stop musicPlayer = false; --turn off the music player return false; elseif command.sub(command,0,4) == "skip" and musicPlayer == true then --if the command is skip skipSong = true; --skip the song return false; else return true; end end A music player that I made for Chimera.
    Hopefully someone will find it useful! 
  6. Aer liked a post in a topic by Sunstriker7 in Happy Birthday Aer!   
    HBD, yo
  7. Aer liked a post in a topic by Tucker933 in Happy Birthday Aer!   
    You chose a good day to be born.
  8. Aer liked a post in a topic by Tucker933 in Enabling Anisotropic Filtering   
    Like AA, Halo has no AF graphics setting by default, however you can manually enable it just by modifying your config file.
    The Difference AF Makes

    How to Enable
    Navigate to your Halo CE folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition" and place your "config.txt" file on your desktop so that you can edit it without a permissions conflict. Remove the two forward slashes from "//UseAnisotropicFilter" on lines 702 and 761 for nVidia graphics users, or lines 323 and 372 for AMD/ATi graphics users. Save the file, and place it back in your Halo folder. Now you're all set; try it out ingame! Grass textures should yield the most obvious change.
  9. Aer liked a post in a topic by Samuco in Electron   
    I managed to fix some of those artefacts
  10. Aer liked a post in a topic by Samuco in Electron   
    I have been working on an updated deferred pipeline and the Screen-space reflections have been substantially improved. Fog is broken at present (and anything that isn't the senv tag is *not* reflected yet simply because I haven't updated the shaders to the new pipeline). You get a movie this time (rather than conveniently angled screenshots) to see how sweet this is. There are a few artifacts but mainly because I'm running the shader in low quality to maintain 60fps on my old laptop. There is no noticeable drop in fps when reflections are activated. 
  11. Aer liked a post in a topic by Samuco in SAPP AI [proof of concept]   
    They just chase the player closest to them. It's pretty basic ai at the moment (run to nearest player), but can be coded to do lots of things. Here's an updated ai that has learned how to shoot:

  12. Aer liked a post in a topic by giraffe in Deactivating headshots and damage modificators   
    You can add new damage effect tag settings for custom maps that don't use default tags if you want.
  13. Aer liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Glazed Doughnut   
    Oh, no. It's another command-line utility.

    This program creates SAPP scripts based on the difference of tags in two maps. Why you'd want this:
    If you use multiple maps, you don't have to modify each map if you're just going to make the same exact modification. You can save time and bandwidth by uploading script files instead of uploading the entire map. The checksum of the map won't be modified if you're using a script to make the changes. To execute, open Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OS X) and type:
    <path to gdonut> <original map path> <modified map path> <script path> The two maps that it compares need to have the same tag sizes, same tag count, same meta size, same tag names, and same game version in order to work. Therefore, you should limit maps to modifications of maps. If it finds the maps to be compatible, it will create a SAPP script based on the difference of each map's tags. If not, it will not create anything and tell you why.

    The map loaded in SAPP can be a different map, as long as it has the same tags that are being modified in the script, as well as any dependencies. For example, you can make it so the pistol shoots tank shells in Blood Gulch. You must compare the original bloodgulch.map with the modified bloodgulch.map, but once the script is made, you can load it into SAPP and execute the Apply function, and all maps that have both the pistol tag and the tank shell tag will have the pistol shoot tank shells.

    Note that to make sure that you only apply the scripts to the maps you want, there is no EVENT_GAME_START callback, so you must use events for this along with "lua_call <filename_of_script_without_extension> Apply", or modify the script to use the EVENT_GAME_START callback. Notice that in this code tag, tankshells corresponds to tankshells.lua.
    For all maps:
    event_start 'lua_call tankshells Apply' For just bloodgulch.map, ratrace.map, and boardingaction.map:
    event_start $map:bloodgulch 'lua_call tankshells Apply' event_start $map:ratrace 'lua_call tankshells Apply' event_start $map:boardingaction 'lua_call tankshells Apply' To undo the changes, you will need to end the game and reload the map.
    Download (Windows): gdonut.exe.zip
    Download (OS X): gdonut.zip

    Example Script (tankshells.lua): tankshells.lua
  14. Aer liked a post in a topic by Tucker933 in "flares" for banshees?   
    Hah, that's quite how the Bomber's secondary works in Phoenix, except the grenades would detonate after about a second.
  15. Aer liked a post in a topic by giraffe in Auto Vehicle Flip   
    This script disables rider ejection (forcing players to exit vehicle when vehicle is upside down) and automatically flips upside down vehicles right-side up.
  16. Aer liked a post in a topic by Vuthakral in Vuthakral's Tagset   
    What is it?
    My tagset, which I just call "VTS" for short, is a complete set of weapons, vehicles, and bipeds intended for multiplayer use. There's nothing stopping you from using anything here in singleplayer though, obviously.
    What's different about this from every other tagset most people make?
    My goal with my tagset is to create an experience that feels a bit different to normal Halo Custom Edition, by taking some elements and ideas of later Halo games, and implementing them in a way that complements how Halo Custom Edition actually plays, instead of just shoving it into the engine without consideration of how it will affect the gameplay.
    List of summarized features:
    Several playable maps will be released separate from the tags download when I consider this "complete enough to be publicly playable", for people to play around with, play on, or etc. 44khz audio where it matters most. Helping to deliver a true kickass Halo experience "Distant" sound effects. All weapons (that logically support it) and explosions have their respective "muffled" sounds in the distance. Full EAX support. (God damn do I love hearing my battle rifle echo off Bloodgulch's cliff walls.) Visual style striving for an art style somewhere between Halo 3's dark gutty design, and Reach's level of clarity and "identifying" of objects. Less unpredictable crazy explosive physics. Explosives no longer send everything flying to space (Though, a wraith vs a mongoose/ghost is still likely to cause some fun times...) Less floaty covenant vehicles, tighter controls. The warthog now requires actual effort to drive. You will find that mashing down your W key on sharp turns will result in... problems. VTOL-like Banshee, in an attempt to combat how overpowered it is when trying it's best to cosplay as a ram. A complete set of both human & Covenant weapons. All human weapons have their complement and their counter, and vice versa. Ammunition, or rather a lack-thereof. This is a cue I've taken from Halo 3 & Reach. Players will not be stocking a crate full of ammunition when they spawn. You will need to pick your fights, manage your ammo. More can be found on the map, or just go pick up a new weapon. Because weapon choice will actually affect your likelihood of winning based on your strategy a lot more now. Grenades. Less of them. No more grenade spamming. I've always hated this about Halo 1's multiplayer. People spawn with two grenades, with the capability of holding eight total (four frags, four plasma grenades). By default the player will spawn with one to no grenades (depending on the map). More grenades can be found on the map. On the maps I will be releasing using my tags, weapon, item, and vehicle placement will be done in such a way it encourages the "map control" as people call it from later games. Teams will start with the same amount of "firepower" on symmetrical maps, and more powerful things such as vehicles, weapons, and powerups will be placed neutrally where players can fight for control of them. Plasma weapon biped stun is removed for handheld covenant weapons, as it causes way too many problems on this game's netcode to be considered fair. Crouch walking radar detection is fixed. With the more in-depth sound and lighting design I'm putting into this game, there's an actual reason for you to be stealthy now! It's no longer useless to crouch walk around a map in a dark area.  
    Collection of screenshots which don't fit into any other categories: (Screenshots are dated August 13th, 2018.)

    Weapons in VTS are balanced based on a lot of factors. The most common being their intended role, an estimate of where they might be found in a map (As I cant predict where people will place something on all their maps), and something that seems the most important to me is how it feels to use the weapon.
    Human weapons:
    Covenant weapons:

    Things which haven't quite made the cut during testing
    Please keep in mind that any screenshots are a WORK IN PROGRESS.
    Things are subject to change, and nothing is in a "final" state currently.
    If anyone has any questions, comments, etc feel free to post them here.
  17. Aer liked a post in a topic by (SBB) Storm in Halo CE Year in Review 2017   
    Wish you all a grand new year, like this game here.
  18. Aer liked a post in a topic by rododo93 in PROJECT ARMONIA   

    I am this guy here


    Project Armonia is about revamping most, if not all, the multiplayer maps of HCE with a mix of CEA and Reach style. I want to push the engine to its very limits, offering the best visual experience I can. Maps will be released on the *.map format, but OS additions will be present for those who want more eye candy, from soft particles to bump maps. Some tags will be ripped from later Halo Games (mostly textures and bipeds\weapons\vehicles, as I don't have time to make them all by myself); some will not and the BSPs will be completely custom, taking the base models we all know and working on them until they get as much detail as we could possibly fit into.


    Because I have come to realize that I can't do this all by myself. I don't have enough talent nor time to do so, as A LOT of maps are being planned. Besides... the project is pushing the engine so much that my pc can't even handle development in a reasonable amount of time. My pc needs something like 2 days just to render a debug lightmap; I can't work like that. So I am here to ask for help from the community.


    Because I am serious about what I'm doing. I have learned throughout the years that coming to this forum asking for help doesn't work well, unless you have something to show. This is what the project will include.
    There will be seven forerunner themed maps: Prudentia, Iustitia, Fortituto, Temperantia, Fides, Spes, Caritas.
    Seven covenant maps: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride; taking place in the planets of the races these vices affect.
    Four human maps; Bravery, Sacrifice, Discipline, Brotherhood.
    Sever maps set on the outside (right now I am working on Carnage, the remake of Bloodgulch)

    and, BONUS, there will be Solitude, a map with space battles.


    On the BSP side, I can show you the three maps whose development is going on



    Carnage (only in 3DS Max because, as I have said, I couldn't render debug lightmaps of it)

    On the objects\vfx side I can show you some vehicles I have ported

    the revenant

    And its vfx in slow motion

    the banshee + space banshee

    The wraith (this shows an old VFX)

    All the vehicles shown have regions + damaged permutations + damaged effects. Whether or not damaged vehicles will be included in the final release will be decided on gameplay\engine reasons.


    As you can see, pretty much everything is WIP, but there is something going on. Some guys are helping me out in their spare time, but it's not enough. I need help to bring this project to life; Halo community, let's show the world what we can do.

    Applications can be sent via email at my mail (rododo93@hotmail.it) or via Discord (rododo93, #8279).
  19. Aer liked a post in a topic by Tucker933 in SAPP Download   
    SAPP is a powerful server extension developed by @sehe, featuring no-lead and many other new features, which are supplemented by user-created scripts.
    SAPP 10.1 Downloads
    Halo PC Version - Halo CE Version
    The complete documentation for SAPP can be found here.
  20. Aer liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Vehicle boosting   
    Hold crouch key to boost while in a vehicle. Only works when the vehicle is on the ground, moving and not flipped over. Add the vehicles you want to VEHICLES table and set their boost rate to whatever you think fits it.
  21. Aer liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Recall script?   
    I left an annoying bug in there, here's a fixed version: recall.lua
  22. Aer liked a post in a topic by giraffe in Recall script?   
    It's a double-edged sword.
    If you've acquired better equipment (weapons, grenades, powerups, etc.) then you'll lose them, but if you've used up all your ammo or are low on health then it could be beneficial.
  23. Aer liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Recall script?   
    This just respawns the player instead of teleporting them, let me know if that's good enough for you. recall.lua
  24. Aer liked a post in a topic by (SBB) Storm in CE3 Awards: Voting Begins!   
    Note: This is all ripped from the original thread on halomaps.

    Round 1 of voting begins!
    Round One will take everything into account. All maps uploaded to http://haloce3.com/ce/ this year will be eligible! Maps that didn't make it on the site this year will be pushed into next year's voting despite original release date.
    Round Two will take the top responses and narrow the field down to the best of the best. There will only be multiple choice answers by this point. 

    Map/Tag list: http://haloce3.com/ce/?post_date=10012016+12312017&sort_order=date+asc

    If you think I missed something/miscategorized something, just message me. If it seems like a big error, theres always round 2.

    Best Modified Multiplayer Map
    No idea is original. Well, that's what some people say. What were the best of the best non-original ideas? These are the multiplayer maps where people took a foundation and added to it.

    Best Original Multiplayer Map
    These are the ones where people crafted hours over a 3d model, checking every detail, making sure it's perfect... or maybe. You decide! These are the maps no eye has seen before them.

    Best Tag
    Without the tags, there would be no maps! These are all of those dang assets that make your next Hugeass mod even more extreme.

    Best Modified Singleplayer Map
    It's always hard to categorize these maps. Are modified singleplayer maps singleplayer maps that have existed before but modified, or are they new singleplayer maps but on already existing multiplayer maps? That's the question that haunts my dreams everytime I have to decide which category to put a singleplayer map into. I dunno. You vote and if something seems off I can always move stuff to a different category come Round Two.

    Best Original Singleplayer Map
    These are those maps that seem like a good amount of effort was put into them. Even if they are on already existing ground. But then you'll bitch at me and say one of those Modified Singleplayer maps had a lot of effort put into them and deserve to be in here.

    Best Application
    There weren't too many this year so I'm leaving this one blank. Make sure to clearly write down what app you think should be included in the Round 2 voting. Skip if you can' think of any.

    Best Community Member
    These are the people who didn't totally suck this year. Which is always hard to come by. Everyone sucks. I guess these are the people who sucked the less, or did the most sucking? Depends how you see it.

    Best Halo CE-Related Youtube Video or Series
    People make Youtube videos. Is a single video really good? Or does a channel have a specific series that stands out. If the entire channel IS that series, you can go ahead a just link the channel.

    Most Anticipated Project
    As projects get bigger, timelines get longer. What is that one darn project that just never releases that you must have now?

    Most Promising
    This is kinda a "You Deserve an Award" award. This is the project that had a ton of potential/promise but because it was a smaller project, didn't get the popularity it deserved. 
    This is limited to (1) Already Released Maps/Tags from this year and (2) Smaller/Less Popular Projects. Considering that 2nd part is kinda subjective, you go ahead and interpret it in your own way and when it comes to round two, we'll clean up the obvious no-nos.