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  1. you could try this script and change the damage values to something ridiculously high
  2. B Best Day indeed! thanks a lot
  3. Well I have been trying to bring some mechanics from games like PUBG to Halo a the moment I'm just using a gametype with 200% health with no shields and the "safe area" shrinks every 2 minutes forcing players to go to the center of the map, this is done lots of scripts/events for this, I know nothing about LUA so I'm limited to sapp events and looks like thats not best approach for this. Sprinting - I'm using 002's script. Bandages - Replaced plasma nades with events for the command [/heal] that will heal the player for 20% of his health over 10 secs. Weapon Balance - I'm using scripts from Giraffe and 002 to nerf/buff some weapons at the moment the magnum can't land headshots and is 30% less acurate, AR is 60% more acurate. Preventing weapons from despawn - get the "loot" from other players don't despawn after they get killed, I have no idea if thats even possible. Safe Area - Already got the damaging effect working but I have no idea about how to place a nav point to indicate where the players should go (this is why the area always shrinks to the center). Custom loot - I was thinking about using locs and randomizing it so I could place stuff but I still need to delete the stock weapons of the maps and preventing them from respawning, looks like it's not possible with events. Custom player spawns - same as loot it should be easy just to set up some random locs around so I'm looking for suggestions (and help) to improve this if anyone want to take a look at what I got so far I'll attach the sapp config that I'm using it includes the map "New_Mombasa_Classic" that I'm using to test this Battle Royal.7z
  4. thanks a lot! this might solve lots of balance problems
  5. Mostly wanting to nerf the magnum for games with no shields (no more instakills) but it could be useful being able to change the damage values for all the weapons for custom games.
  6. Just tried that map it is exactly what I'm looking for but just not an option for stock maps
  7. I have been trying to make a custom game mode with banshees only but fights are somewhat predictible, since the one behind don't need to worry about anything so I came up with the idea of "flares" by presing F while in a banshee to spawn 3 plasma nades behind the user so the chasing guy will need to keep some distance (a cooldown time to avoid spamming could be nice too) but since I can't do that myself so I'm hoping someone of the LUA wizards take a look at this PS: I know that nades will not have particles and the explotion will not be visible but that should't affect the propourse of the script.
  8. it could be nice to get the download links for the released projects
  9. what error message are you getting? are you sure that you are not putting it in a wrong dir?
  10. Thanks a lot! this might do the trick (I also don't know what can be different from tp to respawn in game terms)
  11. could this made it's way into chimera?
  12. Playing in big maps can be an issue if you end stranded in the middle of nowhere without vehicles, so I tought it could be useful to get a "recall" LoL like, it could be something like /recall then waiting 8 secs without moving or reciving damage (disabling it for anyone that is holding a flag/odball) then the player get's teleported to the spawn point is it possible to get anything like this?
  13. Do you speak spanish? if so I could help you translating what you want say right now you are just confusing everyone here
  14. Just readed your last update, now I fell dumb af anyways is there any server running this mod? would like to try it
  15. nice to see some love for controller users! but I still have some questions where should I put the .DLL? in the "controls" folder? also Is the sv version private or this .DLL can be used to set it up