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  1. it could be nice to get the download links for the released projects
  2. what error message are you getting? are you sure that you are not putting it in a wrong dir?
  3. Thanks a lot! this might do the trick (I also don't know what can be different from tp to respawn in game terms)
  4. could this made it's way into chimera?
  5. Playing in big maps can be an issue if you end stranded in the middle of nowhere without vehicles, so I tought it could be useful to get a "recall" LoL like, it could be something like /recall then waiting 8 secs without moving or reciving damage (disabling it for anyone that is holding a flag/odball) then the player get's teleported to the spawn point is it possible to get anything like this?
  6. Do you speak spanish? if so I could help you translating what you want say right now you are just confusing everyone here
  7. Just readed your last update, now I fell dumb af anyways is there any server running this mod? would like to try it
  8. nice to see some love for controller users! but I still have some questions where should I put the .DLL? in the "controls" folder? also Is the sv version private or this .DLL can be used to set it up
  9. thanks a lot! going to mess with it a little bit, could you tell me the original values of the weapons?
  10. Mostly wanting to nerf the magnum a little and buff the AR/plasma rifle but I guess it could be useful to being able to change those values for all the weapons for custom games or something like that
  11. To be honest I'm not sure about how much should it cost first time buying something from another country but since I'm a cheap bastard I would go for the cheapest one even if it takes some time to arrive
  12. how much would it cost to ship the ram sticks to Mexico?
  13. The problem with the halo status master tool must be something different because the pc is in a DMZ without firewalls (since the server is in an old pc in my home Im sure about it) about the other recomendations I dont even know a lot of those things (RHEL, SELinux, iptables and a lot more of those) but thats what I was looking for keywords now im going to search those in google lets see what I can get Thanks a lot for your response and sorry for the late response!
  14. Gretings OC comunity, recently I have been messing around with Linux and web servers (no idea about what im doing tbh) I have installed lamp in an old pc and registering a free domain in NO-IP and that seems to work pretty well, but now I'm concerned should I install something else for security? also at the moment Im trying to use the "Halo-Status-master" but apparently im not able to query any info from servers can anyone help me with that one? if you have any suggestion about this please let me know maybe ill end learning osmething new Halo-Status-master.zip
  15. could it be possible to get a better dead cam trough LUA script? its really boring to keep loking at the ground when you die in a game type with long respawn time so it could be possible to make something like forcing sighthack to see some secs of the player that killed you? or at least allowing to see a cam of a random teammate