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  1. Hi, I have a server of Gameservers, and I need to know because it appears sometimes to finish loading the entire list of servers in the lobby .. every day playing on my server, but when this happens the entry of players decreases.. because I think that not all load them all servers in the list, my server appears more or less in the 100 in the search by pressing get list. but from one moment to another this happens, and again down on the list in the lobby, appears when finished loading the entire list. for me it is annoying when this happens.. because my server has come to be at number 4 in the ranking in GameTracker. Why is this happening? loses the advance of appearing in a good position in the search of servers.. I see servers where almost never play, and appear quickly on the list.. then how it works master servers? there any way not to lose the position in search? sorry for my english.
  2. I now occupying spawns with command loc add, because the script that use was one created by H® Shaft, and for example to make a game above of a map with custom spawns, sometimes players appeared in the real spawns , then I put more than 16 spawns but this continues,, and the other is what sometimes 2 players appear in the same spawn and they fall from above as if they were glued you can modify this script to fix it? or if possible also to solve the fall from above with the spawns created with locations. Please This is the script created by H® Shaft http://pastebin.com/EkeiMiZW
  3. Hi, some script that you can solve the faults that are in custom spawns sometimes appear two players on the same spawn, and when that happens the players fall from above this happens with script of custom spawns and also with commands loc. some script or some command that you can solve that? please
  4. thank you very much 002 for your time and your help, is just what I needed and it works well
  5. Hi, someone can create a script for players die by falling into the void, when a map has enabled the jetpack to not die when falling I have activated the jetpack, but I need players die by falling into the void, as a way that at that time the jetpack is deactivated, for players not stay down in the map for example in Damnation, Boarding action and Gephyrophobia is this possible? please
  6. someone can tell me how is the command events for appear the kills of team when kill a player I need this for team slayer please
  7. thank, and how to make it appear everytime you kill 5 players? example kills:5 kills:10 kills:15 etc or some form that counting begins after killing 10 players.. for when appears this not moves up the welcome messages
  8. can someone create a script that do appear on the bottom left of the number of kills, and that appears every time you kill a player.. as quick access to see the kills please thanks
  9. I do understand thanks
  10. is there any command to events that appear on the bottom left of the number of kills, and that appears every time you kill a player.. or this can only be possible with some script?
  11. very good, Thank you for the help giraffe
  12. Hello, my request is.. if someone can create a script to put messages events, and these appear in the bottom.. with the option of putting those that are necessary for the server (to put facebook page, website, etc ..) An example Thanks
  13. Thanks for the modification aLTis
  14. what is the new version of hac 2 ?
  15. Yes, I tested with more and less fps, and you're right, that depends of the fps. then, it possible that add time to these messages? 5 or 6 seconds, a duration of time modifiable