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  1. For myself, i'd probably try and rid myself of poor fashion and dating choices lol. For the world, probably try to bring proof of Equality (for race and LGBT and women in the present) to spur progression early on to try and prevent some of the travesties against minorities and others.
  2. I just realized I haven't been outside yet lmao....it looks nice out so far though.
  3. I brought a Lumia 1520 but this guy is taking forever to ship the damn thing out...He said today so I am giving the dude till 5 before I start complaining.
  4. Hi

    You stole my newb status Welcome to Open Carnage!
  5. You...you are now officially my favorite member. Cupcakes are the best! (Thanks for the welcomes everyone!)
  6. I popped in here because I think the owner posted a link on a forum I was on It looks like a fun community and I wanted to join. Plus, it's IPB so that was a major motivation for me to join. 18 years old Virgo College kid Sometimey Gamer Anime watcher Reader Idk what else to say but nice to meet you all in advance...I am just going to assume everyone here is like chill and all
  7. I use various cloud storage solutions and my phone is also a backup storage for various files
  8. some admin site(I am on plenty of them so I forget it...I want to say admonition?) I was going to reach out to the admin there but I don't the admin who posted a link to OC is active there so I said i'd join lol. And eventually I remembered
  9. I was promised pretty girls...... (I found it on another forum lol)