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  1. For myself, i'd probably try and rid myself of poor fashion and dating choices lol. For the world, probably try to bring proof of Equality (for race and LGBT and women in the present) to spur progression early on to try and prevent some of the travesties against minorities and others.
  2. LOL I think it is time to join us in 2016 haha. In all seriousness though, you are thinking in a Windows desktop mentality. While Mobile and PC share the same Kernel and all that (it is the same OS after all) it functions differently. Updates on Windows 10 mobile happen the same way they would on IOS/Android thus no random updates on the phone. It's very difficult for me to explain since you never used a Wp nor a WIndows 10 mobile device. But the OS has lost a lot of its differentiating factors (essentially live tiles are it sonly defining factor) in an effort to conform to google/Apple and their fannbses mentality.
  3. Use a WP sometime Windows Phone 8 and 8.1(and even Windows Phone 7 from 2010) had a signature look and style with the OS design language. Metro was a beautiful design/User Interface and it was in your face but not in an overwhelming way. the OS (mainly more so in WP7) was centered around the user. Hubs brought integration into 2010 to a point where we now in 2016 are just stuck in various apps. For example, I didn't need to jump from Twitter or FB to post something...I can do it from my me hub and I can also follow my notifications for both within the me hub. The People hub was an aggregation of all your contacts and various ways of contacting/keeping up to date with them via social networking or whatever other mediums were available. Integrated messaging where you didn't need to have a bunch of apps but could utilize the messaging hub for text, facebook chat, etc. Now in 2016, the me tile no longer exists(hasn't existed since way back in 2012 tbh)....The people hub is literally JUST a phone book. The messaging hub had a beautiful Skype integration which worked more like iMessage yet it has now been removed to be standard SMS and they are bringing out a brand new skype app. Windows Phone and now Windows 10 mobile are more than their start screen. Using apps on WP7/Wp8 had a signature look. They were Metro/Windows apps. Now in 2016, they look exactly like the IOS/Android versions which then clashes with the overall language. Windows 10 mobile is a great OS and one I recommend people to try out. However, Windows 10 mobile on the surface(no pun intended) looks like WP and yet it also feels like a fraken-creation hybrid of IOS/Android and instead of being more unique and having a central design language, it is more like trying to have 1 foot in Unique and 1 foot in being one of the others to the point it clashes. At many times it just feels like I am using an android device with a custom skin except with a MUCH BETTER OPERATING SYSTEM than android.
  4. Personally, I think the Start screen looks better this way. There's a lot less clutter in it, and more room for more important stuff. I don't use it, personally, because I think filling my computer's entire screen is a little too much. I can't think of anything worse than installing what is effectively adware on millions of PCs at the same time. OEMs are bad enough. Keep in mind I use Windows Phone as well. I prefer the metro look(original) because of the visual appeal and eye candy. Apps in Windows 8 were far more beautiful and unique and original imo...The apps in Windows 10 are quite powerful as they should be yet they are ugly and look so Lagdroidy/IOS like. Plus Windows 10 brought back the damn start menu and button. I loved my start screen. Now I am left with an OS I like with a bastardized version of the UI I loved. (WIndows 10 mobile actually isn't that bad, though I hate the lagdroid/android look/design of apps).
  5. I have been using it since last july, no complaints except the metro I loved in Windows 8 has been diluted for the whiners
  6. Honestly Microsoft gets so much grief for 'dickish' things. It's not as if Google or Apple or any better. As far as 10 goes, I feel they should just leave it as it is. It is growing fast and charging now sets a possible bad precedent.
  7. I just realized I haven't been outside yet lmao....it looks nice out so far though.
  8. I brought a Lumia 1520 but this guy is taking forever to ship the damn thing out...He said today so I am giving the dude till 5 before I start complaining.
  9. This is why I chose Xbox, Windows Phone and WIndows 10 Bring it MS...just dont​ screw it up!
  10. Hi

    You stole my newb status Welcome to Open Carnage!
  11. You...you are now officially my favorite member. Cupcakes are the best! (Thanks for the welcomes everyone!)
  12. I popped in here because I think the owner posted a link on a forum I was on It looks like a fun community and I wanted to join. Plus, it's IPB so that was a major motivation for me to join. 18 years old Virgo College kid Sometimey Gamer Anime watcher Reader Idk what else to say but nice to meet you all in advance...I am just going to assume everyone here is like chill and all
  13. I use various cloud storage solutions and my phone is also a backup storage for various files
  14. some admin site(I am on plenty of them so I forget it...I want to say admonition?) I was going to reach out to the admin there but I don't the admin who posted a link to OC is active there so I said i'd join lol. And eventually I remembered
  15. I was promised pretty girls...... (I found it on another forum lol)