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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWnIEHVoiXg
  2. My first try doing DLMs for B40, this was last year ago.
  3. My laptop's desktop, I like to keep it clean.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM_CYuEKMnI
  5. I feel like I'm gonna make this topic as my own personal diary and I'm not gonna be shy on the things that happened to my life and yes I am gay and I support same sex marriage and feminism. The dragon poster from the 9th grade Back at the 9th grade, so our teacher was telling stuff about our project in history and I could barely hear anything from our teacher's fucked up voice and It's like theres a cock stuck on her throat or something. She said to bring graphing paper tomorrow at that time and I misheard her cause her voice is fucked up and I heard was dragon paper and I was like WTF, what the fuck is a dragon paper and so I asked my aunt to buy a dragon paper and she was also confused and bought me a 48 inch year of the dragon calendar poster and so I brought to school and people were like staring at me cause I was carrying of gigantic fucking dragon poster and when I got to my classroom and my classmates were fucking laughing at me and it was really embarrassing for me so I threw it out of the window and I thought the embarrassment would stop there but I accidentally hit our school's traffic enforcer and he came up to our classroom and asked who threw the poster and everyone even my teacher was pointing at me and I felt so fucking scared cause I thought he was gonna me beat up or charge me for littering. He asked me to go with him and I feel like It's gonna go bad but he just asked if he could have the dragon poster and so I went back to class and that wraps it up. The Tale Of The Dragon Poster. Me and facial wash I'll be honest, I am really a sucker when It comes to hygiene product commercials and really believe the stuff they were endorsing really works and would make me less ugly. So I bought this Master facial wash and I'd been using it for almost 2 months now and I've expected to see results and It only made my hands more attractive than my face. Liars, liars and fake shit everywhere I'm not a fan of fake people, I really hate those kind of people. Back stabbing and ass kissing guys and there are more in the internet than the people I know in real life. I am hypocrite cause I lie alot just to boost my reputation and become popular in the Halo community but I'm really honest and open about it in the end. I really hate those guy on almost every community I've been through and they are really just desperate for fame and high reputation and they are pretty good ass kissers and manipulators too and what they do actually works. Me and giraffe He is the only guy I really open up to even though we barely get to have a serious conversation. He is my real fam in the Halo community. We get to have fat sexy gay sex in bathroom and I always love it when he tickles my anus with his soft yet strong manly fingers and whispers to my ears such mouth watering, heart stopping and soul refreshing romantic words..... ahhh "This is my swamp". All I think about is how I could please Giraffe and do everything what his sick and kinky mind says. I'm really trying hard not to be serious but my feelings are too strong to fight.
  6. This a topic about the stuff I'm doing for Halo CE and gonna showcase or even release stuff here. I have multiple semi-active projects that I'm working on but mostly of it are gonna get cancelled cause I can't focus on one thing and end up doing stuff randomly. I mostly work on assets and fail miserably when I start doing singleplayer and multiplayer projects so I have other guys do that for me (NP Mapping Team) and if you guys have no Idea about the team's details or It even exist I'll give you information about it. NP or Noble Power Mapping Team was founded in October, 27, 2008 by Final444h and was joined by his two friends Zealot and Regret. They had great creativity and imagination. They've done a lot of singleplayer maps based on their ideas and they have more on their sleeves. I've joined the team in 2011 cause I want to make content of their own (Rips) instead using the ones scattered around but that doesn't mean I don't have my own imagination, I also plans for a singleplayer map. The team's members Final444h - Leader, he's the guy who puts everything together with his great knowledge on both Halo scripting and programming. Zealot - The creativity and cinematics guy. Regret - The voice of the team projects, literally. He does the voice acting. Freddy - The voice actor, he is new. Altheros - The baddest S.O.B on this planet. He makes the content stuff and the ability to turn shit into gold. Current Projects Zealot's Unnamed Elite Project. -A specialist elite is on a hunt on a heretic leader but he needs to get through a rough and dangerous path before he could get to the leader. It's a multiple level campaign project where you play as an elite. And.. Matteo K, just for tell you some news The all campaign is divided in 3 seasons Every season has his own number of maps We're thinking on the first season, like 3 maps Only a few screenshots of the project and the project's assets. (Cause I feel like I've been reposting them for almost a hundred times now) The mixed heretic elites, that's not all of it the rest for private that I feel like not spoiling. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CYnn3s1U0AIiPSC.png:large Heretic Grunts, still have no idea to make other permutations for it so feel free to suggest something. http://i.imgur.com/PcR1h5Y.png This. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CZ5nrNyUcAAntTN.jpg:large Final444h's RTS Project - You guys hate RTS games? That's why Final444h is making a RTS mod for Halo CE, Final444h doesn't have anything new to show yet until.... 8 FEBRUARY 02:49 Ivan Ok guys, I'll be starting working on the project by Tuesday (sorry I had to study for an exam, and Tuesday it will be fuckin' finished). Gonna update you Altheros' Winterstruct and barely custom assets. - Winterstruct is my ancient idea for a Halo CE campaign and officially started doing it on 2014 and got cancelled then gets revived then gets cancelled then gets revived again in 2016. It's a bad ass, ass whoppin' steroid overdosin' covy eatin' black spartan who was sent along with a squad of ODSTs to rescue a scientist who went missing on a Forerunner prison planet with large camps of covenant who were also studying and gathering forerunner technology. It's a multi-level campaign where you play as the BigBlackBooty Spartan and the ODST captain. Too lazy to write more information so here are more screenshots that I've reposted for alot. The screenshots are like 7 months old and I got nothing new to show yet. The OP is not complete cause I accidentally posted it already. But I'm too lazy to continue it anyway so I'm just gonna ask you guys to check my Twitter and YouTube cause I post most of the stuff CE there. My old Twitter https://twitter.com/CaptainAltheros My new Twitter https://twitter.com/Altehros My YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/Altehros And I was wondering if there are cool guys in here that are good at designing a website I'm requesting your help fam.