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  1. You can use Chimera itself for this, Multiclient is not needed. Just make sure multiple_instances=1 and hash=% are set in chimera.ini. These are in the [halo] section.
  2. Sorry for being slack, they are updated again to match latest MCC.
  3. "hell tools" These are a version of the MCC CEA mod tools that are modified to ignore all of the block limits when opening tags (e.g. object counts in scenario tags). The limit on the number of flags and objects you can place in Sapien has also been removed. Download (1.567.0.0 - Updated for MCC 2022/12)
  4. Nice, people have been wanting those Xbox button prompts for years.
  5. I think there is more than just the ping check that is tied to frame rate. I noticed the animation speed of vehicle aiming changed on SAPP servers that use "custom sleep" I am not sure it is actually wise to have everything run at the faster rate, even if the ping is more accurate. It would be good to have a better understanding of Halo's networking to see what exactly is going on.
  6. Wow, great find. Well done. I only wish it was known sooner, MCC has eaten into the Gearbox port playerbase without having the same kind of modding capability.
  7. It's amazing how much it does considering when it was released.
  8. Glad the source is still around, even if the tool itself has been surpassed.
  9. I updated them for the latest MCC update, since I have seen people use these.
  10. This is a fun map.
  11. I have seen a few people use WINE around here so here is a short guide on you need to do in order to get these tools to work. I have tested this on wine-staging 6.20 and have not tried any previous version. You will need the following dependencies, the first two can be installed with winetricks. Visual Studio 2015 runtime: winetricks vcrun2015 MSXML 3.0: winetricks msxml3 Finally you need an original "D3DCompiler_47.dll". This file is only available from windows itself, and what's worse copies from Windows 10 or Windows11 will NOT WORK. To get around this you need the version from Windows 8.1. For convenience I have attached them here. For Halo CE and Halo 2: D3DCompiler_47 32-bit For Halo 3: D3DCompiler_47 64-bit Copy the DLL into the same directory as the mod tools and then set a DLL override in winecfg like so: Halo Combat Evolved seems to be the most stable, the tools honestly run better than the old Gearbox versions. Halo 2 also seems to work well enough. Halo 3 unfortunately is not as stable, Guerilla crashes on open and the "tag test" build can sometimes randomly crash. Pictures:
  12. Nice, better late than never. The game deserves this, well done.
  13. Nice. You might want to add that these will work fine in MCC too.
  14. Looks nice.
  15. Bungie has removed the Halo PC updater from their servers, so I have decided to mirror it here halopc-patch-1.0.10
  16. The answer is always greed.
  17. I updated these dumb tools for the latest MCC update that was just released.
  18. Nice. Hey, do you happen to have the original map set for this?
  19. Apparently it was running out of disk space and that was increased.
  20. The official master server is currently running again. It seems to have been upgraded so should in theory be more reliable.
  21. is another running master server instance. It would be nice to have some way to scrape all of these so the few remaining players don't get split off more.
  22. Might be useful to block grenades on race servers since so may people ruin it these days.
  23. Another very nice looking map, we need an organised way to play these.
  24. nice.