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  1. I updated these dumb tools for the latest MCC update that was just released.
  2. Nice. Hey, do you happen to have the original map set for this?
  3. Apparently it was running out of disk space and that was increased.
  4. The official master server is currently running again. It seems to have been upgraded so should in theory be more reliable.
  5. gsm.xetav.com is another running master server instance. It would be nice to have some way to scrape all of these so the few remaining players don't get split off more.
  6. Might be useful to block grenades on race servers since so may people ruin it these days.
  7. Another very nice looking map, we need an organised way to play these.
  8. nice.
  9. The halo 3 shaders really do a lot for this map, it suits the style way more than it does on CE.
  10. I think it would be better to prevent the score going below the current highest score +1 (or more for koth etc.). I think having the game end with a loss because someone quit would feel kind of cheap.
  11. Flipping between rain and sunshine.
  12. H3 Asset

    Nice work!
  13. Nice mod, however having it installed seems to break this:
  14. Nice, this map has great atmosphere.
  15. Oh yeah you should add that tool build-cache-file changed the way scripts are compiled into maps. It now ignores the scripts in the scenario tag and always uses the scripts in the data directory. This means if your extracted map has scripts you have to run "invader-recover /path/to/scenario.scenario" so the plain .hsc is extracted to the data directory, or else scripts will be wiped from the map.