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  1. Nice work. I am looking forward to invader being able to compile scripts so we can stop using Sapien for that.
  2. SAPP does different builds for Custom Edition and Retail. Those won't work for the original PC release.
  3. Scenery now works. turns out there is a value in scenario tags for the BSP index scenery is in that the gearbox version of the game does not care about while MCC however does.
  4. Apparently the master server got moved and servers need to be restarted to show up again.
  5. There has been another update to fix lens flares that were broken on all maps using MEK tags. Also the "Assault on the Control Room" and "Two Betrayals" glass workaround was removed as the original shader works on full halo provided you use a d3d9 wrapper like dgVoodoo2. Since this is better than the fake glass used in refined I changed it back.
  6. This was updated once to make the maps a decent amount smaller with no other changes. The only difference is file size and the fact the current maps now require English Halo as a base. Same link.
  7. I find myself still playing the original release of Halo for PC a lot rather than just Custom Edition, so I decided to put together a set of maps for it with recent enhancements. This includes all maps for both Campaign and Multiplayer, with the following changes applied: Every bitmap that was released with the Halo Editing Kit for Halo CE has had its source extracted and recompiled as uncompressed 32bit textures replacing the DXT compressed versions, invader-bitmap was used to do this. These bitmaps account for 860 of the 1488 odd bitmaps in the game. Note that explosions may look wrong without a current mod installed that fixes a bug in halo when using these textures in some places. Jesse's HD halo HUD has been included with a few updates Some fixes from the Refined tagset have been updated and included, like the shader replacements and Xbox music. unneeded workarounds intended to fix Custom Edition bugs that do not apply for the base game have been excluded. Download: here Screenshots:
  8. Extra options that do not preserve themselves in the tag data leads to an issue where bitmaps could end up being changed inadvertently, for example if you used a script to run through the data directory and rebuild every bitmap it finds. I have to agree that sticking to how tool works when it comes to building tags from data is very important.
  9. I'd advise against ripping Jesse's HRHH from the Refined Campaign release as that version of the HUD has a number of outstanding small issues that have since been fixed. I have been trying to get those maps updated but have been delayed by other things. You could use these fixed HUD tags here: hrhh_20200122_fix_update.7z Changes to the original tags are: - Fixed plasma grenade ammo counter not turning red when when having no plasma grenades. - Fixed flamethrower ammo counter not flashing correctly when low on ammo - Fixed the plasma rifle and plasma pistol low battery warning having the wrong alpha values. - Changed hud_multiplayer and hud_sensor_blip to 32bit versions. Even though the size of these is hardcoded and can not be increased, the compression was super obvious, especially for hud_multiplyer (green team mate arrow).
  10. 2.6 stable has been released with official support for d3d9.
  11. You need to change the CRC of the map to match that of the original for this to work on Custom Edition. You can either use the MEK or Invader that is on this forum. For invader, run invader-crc once on the original map to get the crc, then run it again on the new map with the crc you got before as the second argument. Keep in mind for this to work tag index order must match the original map. It will not change when only doing something like that, but for other cases you might want to use invader to build the map too with the indexer as it can force them to match.
  12. That's a leftover Xbox 360 optimization that should be removed, rather than a bug. Overall the game seemed to work correctly.