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  1. If you only edit spawn points of players, weapons equipment and vehicles then it can be used online and the changes will sync provided the customised map is the host. You should use invader-build to build the map if you plan to do this. So to do that you would extract the map you plan to edit into a clean HEK tags folder, then edit the .scenario tag with sapien. after you have moved the spawns around, save it and then build the map with invader-build. This should "just work". Careful not to move things like scenery, that will cause de-syncs.
  2. Here are edited versions of the halo exe files with better quality icons, thanks to tjsase and Jakey on discord for making the images for them. The resolution goes up to 256x256 so it will look nicer at larger size views or on high DPI monitors. The LAA patch is applied to these too so mods like chimera can use more available RAM. halo_hq_exe_icons_and_laa_fix.7z
  3. You can also add "auto_update 0" to the list of SAPP server commands.
  4. Holy menus.
  5. Here are a copies of 10.2.1. SAPP for Halo PC 10.2.1 SAPP for Halo Custom Edition 10.2.1
  6. Some bitmaps in the ipak are larger in resolution compared to what the Halo cache file tag data says. Mainly the HUD bitmaps.
  7. Nice job figuring this out. Have you noticed any correlation between bitmaps that match the tagdata in size and ones that do not?
  8. Great job creating this, many maps have been ruined by these bugs. The more that can be fixed the better.
  9. Extract the .map files from the download archive with 7-zip and use those files to replace the original .map files that are in your "Halo" installation maps folder. The compressed maps need the mod "Chimera" to run, the uncompressed ones do not. I recommend the mod anyway is it fixes many bugs in the game.
  10. Great!! It's about time this split server list nonsense was put to rest too.
  11. Intel integrated graphics are not and never have been for video games. It is a common misconception that when games get old they can run on "Anything" but is not always true. Those specifications are not enough to run Halo at high stable frame rates, the graphics memory bandwidth is jut not enough for it for one. You would be much better off with some cheap used *gaming* GPU over using that. Even something like an Nvidia 560.
  12. I'm not sure how they are bypassing the tag data for the jackal shield but it seems to be what they are doing. @EnclusionPossibly. sv_map works from within mcc and will start a multiplayer game. I never got around to trying connect.
  13. I have completely rebuilt this with invader-build since campaign maps are now fully supported. This allows me to move away from using a hacked tool.exe, greatly reduces final map size, and also some invalid tags are now fixed. If there are any issues please let me know. Just in case I have the old hacked tool.exe version archived here. This should not be used unless necessary. Current maps use tool.exe for the campaign again for now.
  14. This is way way wayyy to late but never the less it turns out there is a way to run a dedicated server on Halo Trial with the 1.10 master server. It's done by editing the 1.02 retail PC server exe to report itself as the demo version. With a pair of specially built maps to match trial's tag index ids, it works! If wish to try this you will want this build of Chimera for use in Trial, this will restore the master server functionally among many other things. thanks to @Kavawuvi A download for the modded server is here.
  15. Nice work. I am looking forward to invader being able to compile scripts so we can stop using Sapien for that.