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  1. N64

    I'd just get a everdrive.
  2. Didn't the Doctor only just recently change?
  3. Some sounds seemed to slightly cut out when lots was going on.
  4. I found increasing MaxVoiceCount to 64 slightly improved it, especially in campaign.
  5. You are right, something else is causing this:
  6. I noticed another couple of oddities of this file. Some of the maps have alternate names and Gephyrophobia is inaccessible from the menus.
  7. I doubt 30 minuets is plenty of time to clear the whole building too.
  8. Nice. Can you build it with -static-libgcc and -static-libstdc++ so you only need the one .dll?
  9. Nah they just can't be bothered competing anymore. Remember It's ok to publicly admit to price fixing and collusion now and have nothing done about it. https://www.techpowerup.com/231768/pc-dram-pricing-increased-20-sep-oct-2016-will-continue-rising-in-2017-trendforce
  10. Would it be possible to convert the bitmaps.map itself in order to use custom ones in CE?
  11. And if you are wrongly imprisoned you should not have any rights either because fuck you.
  12. I was on a plane up to the north of New Zealand in the morning and they brought out pancakes for everyone to eat. I was really hungry at the time as I only had some shitty rock hard bun on the plane beforehand. These pancakes looked alright and I would put them a good tier above McDonald's Hotcakes. Anyway, after one bite this wiseass little shit next to me tipped a whole container of pepper he had all over them. Oh and he constantly shouted PEPPER ON THE PIKELETS the rest of the flight.
  13. Hey.
  14. So it does boot from initial power on? Try disabling hibernation and sleep.
  15. I've always liked these. I thought people were using old tubes because they weren't in production anymore or have they come back?