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  1. "r294" is the last build with working first person reverb effects in Halo, and I would suggest using this one until the remaining issues with later commits are ironed out. The builds I posted are just compiled from source.
  2. It's possible now to use Refinery from Mo's editing kit to change the hash of maps, so Halo CE will think it's exactly the same as the original. This way there no need to have certain mods installed with the right settings on and the maps wont break if the HAC2 cache gets wiped. For example these versions of those maps posted will work anywhere.
  3. Sounds fun and all but where exactly would they go these days?
  4. Here are some other variants of the CE stock UI for those that prefer the original, they disable the update check and optionally remove the main menu music so you don't have to turn the music volume down just to not get annoyed by the halo theme over and over again. HaloCE_Stock_UI_Variants.7z
  5. Would have been nice if more showed but interesting none the less.
  6. Funnily I had this happen on one of my PC's today. I'm not sure what happened, it was when I started halo and it was the same black screen with no signal on my monitor and the system seemed hung. Might have been a bug a recent windows update? I have never had this issue before.
  7. Hot
  8. Happy birthday.
  9. I feel like I've woken up for the first time in months but what I cared for in the past is gone.
  10. It's been bloody hot. been in the 30's for days on end which is unusual for down here.
  11. Heh, most of the remaining players still play this way.
  12. Good fun. I'd vote that GTA map if I could aim right.
  13. 1-2 Can't stand eating or cooking leather boots.
  14. PCIe If I pass it through anyway I lose networking on the host. I need the bridge so I can access samba shares, ssh back into the host from windows etc. This is the reason I don't just use "user" networking in qemu.
  15. I can still use wpa supplicant, I'm using systemd but netctl is not systemd's own networking thing and they don't conflict. I don't use virt-manager anymore and instead start the VM from a bash script, so I miss out on nice things like it's automatic networking stuff. I do this because I use some newer features that are not yet supported by it and seemed a pain to fudge in. One of these is evdev passthrough, this lets you pass through the keyboard and moue to a virtual device while being able to switch input between the host and guest by pressing both ctrl keys at once. In regards to the Nvidia driver, yeah there is a newer way. Previously we had to hide the fact that it was running in a VM and this hurt performance as it disabled all the hyper-v extensions, causing lots of stutter for me. The new way is to just spoof the hypervisor ID as it turns out Nvidia look for "KVM" and "Hyper-V" specifically, so if you spoof the ID string to anything else the driver will install and run letting you keep the hyper-v extensions on.