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  1. If you squint your eyes the helmet is like a backwards Halo helmet.
  2. You can use Chimera itself for this, Multiclient is not needed. Just make sure multiple_instances=1 and hash=% are set in chimera.ini. These are in the [halo] section.
  3. Sorry for being slack, they are updated again to match latest MCC.
  4. Nice, people have been wanting those Xbox button prompts for years.
  5. I think there is more than just the ping check that is tied to frame rate. I noticed the animation speed of vehicle aiming changed on SAPP servers that use "custom sleep" I am not sure it is actually wise to have everything run at the faster rate, even if the ping is more accurate. It would be good to have a better understanding of Halo's networking to see what exactly is going on.
  6. Wow, great find. Well done. I only wish it was known sooner, MCC has eaten into the Gearbox port playerbase without having the same kind of modding capability.
  7. It's amazing how much it does considering when it was released.
  8. Glad the source is still around, even if the tool itself has been surpassed.
  9. I updated them for the latest MCC update, since I have seen people use these.
  10. This is a fun map.
  11. Nice, better late than never. The game deserves this, well done.
  12. Nice. You might want to add that these will work fine in MCC too.
  13. Looks nice.
  14. The answer is always greed.