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  1. SAPP crashing because of the corrupt UPX header is probably a wine bug considering it works on windows, that said the fact SAPP does that is still dumb. It's disappointing the last server mod for this games is obfuscated and closed.
  2. I think you can evade this with hidden Unicode characters like zero width space.
  3. I would think the cheaters would start using default names when they catch on to this.
  4. You should still finish it.
  5. SSD prices are next: https://www.chia.net/
  6. Bungie has removed the Halo PC updater from their servers, so I have decided to mirror it here halopc-patch-1.0.10
  7. The core issue sounds like it was possibly an optimization gone wrong? I wonder if it would be feasible to create another tool that edits the BSP to simplify the collision but in a safer way.
  8. I have "skip" bound to a hotkey so I can abuse this when people vote for shit maps :p.
  9. Yeah, those maps have been moved to the above link (http://vaporeon.io/hosted/halo/refined/)
  10. Late comment, but hello!
  11. http://vaporeon.io/hosted/dsoal-builds/dsoal-r418.7z This has been updated, I find this version noticeably better. It also now uses OpenAL-soft 1.21.0
  12. You can use the deobfuscated SAPP binaries with a newer Wine rather than using the released binaries with an older Wine. They are in the SAPP thread on this forum. I'd also like to add that you should never run this game as root for any reason ever, you are asking for trouble if you do this. I would not even suggest it as an option.
  13. If you only edit spawn points of players, weapons equipment and vehicles then it can be used online and the changes will sync provided the customised map is the host. You should use invader-build to build the map if you plan to do this. So to do that you would extract the map you plan to edit into a clean HEK tags folder, then edit the .scenario tag with sapien. after you have moved the spawns around, save it and then build the map with invader-build. This should "just work". Careful not to move things like scenery, that will cause de-syncs.