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  1. Someone once told me the cake is a lie.
  2. I realized I forgot to include the link I mentioned in my first post, so here it is http://www.facebook.com/groups/1076074059089959/ You know that saying about forgetting ones head if it weren't attached - well that's me
  3. Cheers mate, thanks for inviting me.
  4. Hi all, I'm almost entirely new to online communities and forums, so I apologise in advance if I break any unspoken rules. I really like working with Halo Custom Edition, though, I'm relatively new to that as well. I'm currently working on a collaborative project creating a Silent Hill Spin-off/reboot. I'm looking for people who are interested in helping out. It's a fairly casual project the fun and learning being the goal rather than professional production. Anyone is welcome, whether they bring technical skills, artistic input or just sheer enthusiasm. I've created a group on facebook for those interested in participating. Check it out below. I'm excited to get involved in this community and as my skills grow, I hope to contribute. Cheers, Nathanael.