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  1. its been a while since i have participated in a mapping contest. i guess i might have to enter in this one
  2. i'm glad i could put my architecture classes to work i have a lot more detail geometry in the works, the final version is going to be that much better.
  3. 120fps is fantastic for ce, i cant play any other way now. i used to have a program that made a batch file to limit game framerate so you would just have to launch the game via the batch file.
  4. actually the later games dont have the sealed world rules so they can do whatever. as a matter of fact halo 4s bsps are pretty much entirely made up of instance geometry
  5. basically as i like to put it you did a cmt estimate XD
  6. ok im bumping the thread to let you guys know that the project is not dead just switching gears a bit. we have decided to go full on with the opensauce shaders and lighting, we dont currently know if the directional lightmaps will break .map compatibility but all i know is that the map will not look anywhere near as good as i would if you were using os. we will also be making the switch to nearly full custom tagset which will be worked on and shared with the dreamweb team. below are some progress updates on the 3 main maps. Select: Needs visual redesign custom skybox/surrounding terrain also needed Space Rat's Nest: Instance creation in progress as well as final details Port Authority: Getting final details once rat’ s nest is complete the halo reach port i showed off before is no longer part of the project. while we started by porting maps (our first ported map was the forge world bsp used by altis) we have now made the complete shift from porting to custom content, the map is still however being worked on by team members as a side project. and i will leave you with another image of rats nest which is my project currently. i have the hallway mostly done with the exception of the ramps for the grated road and a few small details on the walls. to get a good idea of the theme im going for just look at the halo 3 map orbital anyways, thats all for the moment. updates may get rather quiet as CE3 arrives, it being the last CE3 we intend to make quite a splash and dont want to spoil anything
  7. Like megasean said we have a special version of tool, we cannot talk much about it but lets just say its a lot more stable than tool pro and comparing the two would be an insult to this guys amazing work we have been working closely with him as we push the engine to the breaking points These maps will contain both opensauce shaders and normal shaders and will feature dynamic lightmaps for os users. There are A lot of os only script functions that i would love to use but cant due to needing backwards compatibility
  8. So to give a short introduction mental mapping team comprises of SBB MIchelle and Me, killzone64. this project was bred from an ill fated attempt at creating MPG4 for CMT. lets just say we didnt agree with the decisions that il duce primo was making so we made everyone involved in the project quit at the exact same time... we decided to make our own mapping team, with blackjack and hookers..... and so mental mapping team was born We began porting maps from later halo games that everyone claimed to be impossible to ingame (that forge world bsp that altis is using was ported by us in collaboration with altis) aah the early days of cheaply throwing stuff together and proving that it works we quite early on decided that porting highly detailed maps into a 10 year old engine kinda sucks and decided to move on to better things, aka custom maps. a few examples: all of these maps are heavy wip's only one map that i am working on is in the details stage. thats it for the introduction, look for more posts later about newer maps Highlands: after learning new techniques and getting some new and super special tools we decided to give porting maps another go this time around it is the map highlands, this one has been all michelles work (her baby ) and so far its turning out fantastically more updates on this to come later on. Rats Nest: This is by far my favorite btb map in halo 3, this maps story begins back before BSP extraction from later halo games became possible. I, with only a few pictures and youtube videos, set out on a journey to recreate the map as accurately as possible to the original (and i was pretty damn close too once i compared the two). once bsp extraction was released that project fell to the wayside and i found myself working on other things. a few months ago inspiration struck and i began to restart on the model, but this time i decided to shake things up a bit. the map is based on a space station now, with a visual theme comparable to the orbital cannon platforms in halo 2 and the map orbital in halo 3 this map is my main focus right now as i work towards a level of detail comparable to halo 3 and reach. All of these maps are FULLY backwards compatable with stock halo ce but will also support the graphics extension opensauce. We utilize a custom tool that allows us to completely bypass the stock limits. This allows us to have both normal and extended shaders while also being able to include things like directional lightmaps and increased render limits. (These additions will not be visible to non os users but there will be no advantage one way or another, unless you like sweet graphics).
  9. both, they never fixed it look around in edge there are a lot of them but most of them are out of the playspace
  10. i found a shitton of them in halo online as well....
  11. this is pretty damn cool. this plus opensauce would be awesome
  12. http://s1226.photobucket.com/user/gokarter64/slideshow/halo%20pics that photobucket gallery has some of my old stuff from when i started up to the beginning of this year. i quit porting stuff to start work on custom bsp's (still porting a few reach maps with my teammate) some more recent wip's
  13. i have been around the halo ce modding scene for the last 6 years but never made an account here, im tired of the BS going on over at halomaps and i'm hoping some of the other guys have followed suit and joined over here.