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  1. I will not play this crap in imposible difficulty
  2. Nice, now I can convert the upscaled images that I have in png format
  3. Why is there too much purple?
  4. Looks interesting, but they show less the monster to make more tension, i was more afraid the first seconds rather the last ones
  5. Oh come on, even Johnlez\Reus was favorite author than me? Sphinxbio?, dam... Bomb walk, whats that and can I have a link?
  6. Thank you, time to use this on my maps
  7. I came to bargian, I request all these ones to 2x resolution, I know you said tif had issues but can you try, please? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EkYa5d8JZZsaGoIYzGU9fhlEHPrAsaQU?usp=sharing Also this one in 2x resolution, in case of having limited time you can make this one priority, its already a png https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-q2b7WdAxGCLfX1e7u09Qx1Hlk0jbBmb
  8. What about transparency channels?
  9. I will try it later and post some graphs on the performance
  10. thanks @Tucker933
  11. Theres a little bit of ambiguity in the creation of content, if I make a custom map using stock tags basically 70% of the map isn't mine since I used already created tags (even if they are stock) What should I do in that case?
  12. Just as I suspected, you already won the competition
  13. Sad, I really wanted those tickets
  14. Shipment 2552 A recreation of the Shipment map from Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare A small port in a distant planet, ideal for 2-8 players Ideal for fast matches Suggested 2-8 players MAX 8 PLAYERS RECOMENDED 4 PLAYERS Supports -King of the Hill -Slayer -Capture the Flag -Oddball Does not Support -Race Pics Comparison More pics Credits + Me + Shadowmods crew for Testing + Infinite Ward for Original Layout + Bungie + Gearbox Download https://mega.nz/#!ft1RCa6A!sAYCMtoNqhFZeNjrnEuuMQVw44m1McypEUhdGW3p2_g The map also includes 2 easter eggs, its up to you to find them
  15. Glad that I finally made a map that's not a pain in the ass when playing it..
  16. That looks nice
  17. It looks a lot more clean, I will definitely use it in the future for more proyects
  18. Open source? nice, im ready to rip
  19. You say its 2048x1024, but it looks way lower on the comparison A question, you still need to create a standard lightmap with tool to import it in Blender like using Aether and 3ds Max?
  20. Off Ground was my second multiplayer map I made back in 2015, it was shitty, broken, etc. Now it has returned with stock weapons and a new balaced layout in weapons and player spawns Sugestion was by The Culo\HCE Player TM to bring this map back Storm's video on my map Changes -No SMG -BSP -H3 Weapons to stock H1 -Player Spawns -No SMG -Fixed issues with CTF -Fized lightning -Add SMG Easter Egg (basically Assualt rifle with SMG model and animations) -Did I said no OP SMG? PICs Final Lightmaps Download here https://mega.nz/#!WodxyKgQ!9qciCCzNVGt9aznlpoa52v7j53kVE1BsF03yIPQkhO8 Credits Belong to + Me + Rock Candy for testing and putting a server + Bungie + Gearbox
  21. This looks very nice, to bad only position and state is synchronized, it would be awesome to also synchronize and update the bones and animations. Theres no chimera stuff for that?
  22. Have you tried using this? http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=1729 How ever bitmaps may get corrupted
  23. Hidrofagia is a complex city which you can explore freely, it aproaches to the limits of the stock Halo engine This is a SP map type to open it use the console in game and type: "map_name hidrofagia" \\\\Download//// https://mega.nz/#!HpdCCTiY!aj1noqUwHqeBmQHwTdSYWh5UoEZJ1CK42q0uO6SxIrA This is a empty map but will be development more time to add and suport AI to make it a Firefight map
  24. Copy paste from Halo Maps Forum, link below http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=50755 Well this map was going to be released last year in October but school didn't let me finish it, so now even if its not 100% finished I'm releasing it because I won't be making maps again, I will finish all of my crap and then I will retire, there's no point being in this community, I need to move. Nobody will miss me anyways Well this is a "Horror Map Simulator", its supposed to be scary, it depends heavy on jump-scares since I couldn't achieved a horror atmosphere correctly (This doesn't mean the game its not scary). Your sent to a Non specified planet where the UNSC researches bio-weaponry and as always things went wrong... Download for Standard Halo CE https://mega.nz/#!K08gzDTZ!daghaXVvs7V_ylf-TIB0kVV3l9LAHBFuTdo2KPbQ7Fc Download for Spanish Halo CE https://mega.nz/#!Ot83RSiY!6vJs4Hc8rzPrSuZjgXlseyK80xPdLJ4LxUfjVojIvv8 Troubleshooting In case your bitmaps are wrong download the bitmap.map you need: https://mega.nz/#!rsUVjbpY!3w9NhX7C6qI-cXzmlfY4c1LMhAYm-D1R7DGGS9DcJy4 Know Issues -Some enemies get stuck in the Woods -Large geometry areas in the BSP are not affected to dynamic light due to large smoothing groups -Terminals don't work very well with Chimera (Develper mode 182 or something like that) -High system requirements (not very much, don't expect a PIV to run it) -Trigger volumes may not work well, I put some anticheat scripts not sure they actually work. etc Edit: Credit go to -Master Chief 117 for fp models, bipeds fand HUD - Parsec Productions for ambience sounds -Bungie and 343 for original content -Sled for some scripting -Treyarch for hazmat soldiers
  25. Ready, I already added credits