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  1. LMAO needs more Mencho references
  2. Somehow the colision got fucked up, oops...
  3. When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmancy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon—and we had to share the rock! Octagon is a map concept that has been implemented in other Halo games like Halo 2, Reach, Etc. It's used to improves reflexes and aiming. Comisioned by @DaRockCandy in 2019, it never saw a public release until this day. Using stock tags to mimic the HCE aesthetic, its the best version I've made SUPPORTS ONLY SLAYER 2 PLAYER RECOMENDED, MAX 8 PICS Octagon gamplay in other Halos. Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fBc9wy_lH0mzhVMK5iPswg2ta7aaTcIq/view?usp=sharing Credits + Me + @DaRockCandy For the original idea + Bungie + Gearbox
  4. Its not a coincidence
  5. UNSC still uses fossil fuels in the future with their extraction operations in distant water worlds... Small map focused on 2v2 Suggested 2-8 players MAX 8 PLAYERS RECOMENDED 4 PLAYERS Supports -King of the Hill -Slayer -Capture the Flag -Oddball Does not Support -Race Pics Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gv-ARQoKEYFaW00-aM3k-F7nCUrYzbt7/view?usp=sharing Credits + Me + Shadowmods crew for Testing + Bungie + Gearbox Includes 1 easter egg
  6. I will not play this crap in imposible difficulty
  7. Nice, now I can convert the upscaled images that I have in png format
  8. Why is there too much purple?
  9. Looks interesting, but they show less the monster to make more tension, i was more afraid the first seconds rather the last ones
  10. Oh come on, even Johnlez\Reus was favorite author than me? Sphinxbio?, dam... Bomb walk, whats that and can I have a link?
  11. Thank you, time to use this on my maps
  12. I came to bargian, I request all these ones to 2x resolution, I know you said tif had issues but can you try, please? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EkYa5d8JZZsaGoIYzGU9fhlEHPrAsaQU?usp=sharing Also this one in 2x resolution, in case of having limited time you can make this one priority, its already a png https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-q2b7WdAxGCLfX1e7u09Qx1Hlk0jbBmb
  13. What about transparency channels?
  14. I will try it later and post some graphs on the performance
  15. thanks @Tucker933