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  1. I will not play this crap in imposible difficulty
  2. Nice, now I can convert the upscaled images that I have in png format
  3. Why is there too much purple?
  4. Looks interesting, but they show less the monster to make more tension, i was more afraid the first seconds rather the last ones
  5. Oh come on, even Johnlez\Reus was favorite author than me? Sphinxbio?, dam... Bomb walk, whats that and can I have a link?
  6. Thank you, time to use this on my maps
  7. I came to bargian, I request all these ones to 2x resolution, I know you said tif had issues but can you try, please? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EkYa5d8JZZsaGoIYzGU9fhlEHPrAsaQU?usp=sharing Also this one in 2x resolution, in case of having limited time you can make this one priority, its already a png https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-q2b7WdAxGCLfX1e7u09Qx1Hlk0jbBmb
  8. What about transparency channels?
  9. I will try it later and post some graphs on the performance
  10. thanks @Tucker933
  11. Theres a little bit of ambiguity in the creation of content, if I make a custom map using stock tags basically 70% of the map isn't mine since I used already created tags (even if they are stock) What should I do in that case?
  12. Just as I suspected, you already won the competition
  13. Sad, I really wanted those tickets
  14. Glad that I finally made a map that's not a pain in the ass when playing it..
  15. That looks nice