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  1. It looks like there is an option to play without anticheat?
  2. Just played today. Glad to finally play some Reach! It works pretty well, but I have some audio stuttering.
  3. THAT STEAM LOGO They're not going to force us to use the Microsoft Store like they did with Halo 2 Vista + Windows Live!
  4. Hey, great work recompiling this for us!
  5. DigitalOcean is a fine VPS host. Maybe a tad pricey but nice UI. I also really like Ramnode and Vultr.
  6. After four years on the same team, I'm losing my favorite boss who has also been a good friend, plus nearly all of my teammates. Effective immediately.
  7. Not exactly my own purchase, but my friend picked up a tape deck from Goodwill. Check out those VU meters!
  8. Holy cow, did you guys see the move in Facebook last night / today? It was down -24% last night! Recovered a bit today, now they're only -18% lol.
  9. Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 will never stop being an amazing game

    1. Solaris


      RCT Classic on mobile is pretty good too. It combines 1 and 2 together. The expansions are cheap too. I play it on my tablet at work.

  10. Thanks for the explanation, that makes more sense. I've added the code to my git mirror: https://halo.tools/git/CommunityMirror/dsound-openal Excuse my expired SSL certificate; I need to fix that >_>
  11. Good call @ the edit. If anyone has installed this they should switch sooner than later.