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  1. What's the wireless device? Why do you want/need to use a virtual machine?
  2. http://idlewords.com/2017/09/anatomy_of_a_moral_panic.html
  3. I think it's a distraction. The American left used to focus on both workers' issues and social issues. The 8 hour workday, the weekend, womens' suffrage, OSHA, and so on are all left-ish causes. But at some point along the 20th century, the left was replaced by Neoliberalism. It tried to find a "third way" between left and right. Well it ended up on the side of big business, anti-welfare, deregulation, privatisation, austerity and corporate trade. Why do you think so many banks donated to Hillary? You've got big oil on the right, big pharma on the left. It's all pretty much the same as economic positions are concerned. So, gutted of its populist pro-worker platform, the "left" doesn't have anything to fall back on except social arguments. Consider the following issues: Growing power of the "police state" (local and national) Stagnant wages and slow job growth Integrity of our voting system Now let's filter them through identity politics: Growing power of the "police state" (local and national) Black Lives Matter vs Blue Lives Matter Stagnant wages and slow job growth Female Wage Gap vs Reverse Sexism Integrity of our voting system "Democrats use illegal immigrants to vote" vs "Republics use voter suppression against blacks" It takes issues we ought to be agreeing on, and turns them into an identity war.
  4. Indeed, the original essay did exactly this. He acknowledged there are other explanations for the gender gap in tech. His biggest sin was only citing sources in favor of his opinion, and implying those were powerful enough effects to explain the whole gap. It's very easy to invoke authority-by-science in an argument. It's a lot harder to actually practice good science.
  5. You can read the original document here: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3914586/Googles-Ideological-Echo-Chamber.pdf I really like what he has to say about the dangers of echo chambers. It's a shame he had to bundle it with crappy arguments about gender. This about sums up my opinion: "Biology is partly responsible for differences between men and women": no arguments there. "These differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership": I'm sure it's a factor but is unlikely to be the only/ultimate cause. People seem to forget that the number of women in programming has been decreasing over time -- we are actually losing ground:
  6. Everyone should be using a password manager. Good passwords * lots of websites = too hard to remember. Password managers can generate really strong passwords. I recommend either KeePass or PasswordSafe.
  7. Monero is a cool coin. I hope this news helps drive more adoption for it.
  8. Guilty on 3 of 8 charges. His hedge fund failed, but he pretended it had achieved 3x returns and payed everyone back using his own money. I guess he thought people wouldn't be upset due to getting 3x their money back, but lying about fund performance is securities fraud.
  9. There are at least two open-source flash players: Gnash and LightSpark. So we'll still be able to play old flash games and animations.
  10. Paint.NET is my favorite free alternative. It's basically replaced Photoshop for me - all I really need is layers and some blending modes.