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  1. Going to pick up this CRT projector this weekend: Capable of 240p, 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i, even comes with a remote! They're definitely fiddly beasts, but the price was right and I love to tinker anyway.
  2. Hey, you're into restoring and maintaining old motherboards, right? Anything in particular that someone interested in the field should know? :) I've heard capacitors can be a pain to deal with

    1. Floofies


      I like restoring old Apple hardware. The most common causes of death are electrolytic capacitors, clock batteries, and the environment.

      At least in the old Macs, we have what is called an "M-Bomb" AKA a red Maxell brand battery. They don't just leak, but explode with fire. It's always important to remove those.

    2. WaeV


      The niche I'm interested in is CRTs. It looks like capacitors are among the first components to go. No batteries to worry about, though.


      I love how the image path in these things is totally analog, and they were designed to be replaceable. In theory you could puzzle out a circuit just by looking at it. I'm so used to CPUs and software lol.


  3. If anyone is looking for an alternative, DuckDuckGo works pretty well. Doesn't track you, and you can get the raw images. Done deal. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=kittens&t=hf&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images
  4. Great work! This would make for an interesting player character.
  5. Chocolate Factory overhauls picture portal to end legal brouhaha Source
  6. Great header. =D

  7. New Nvidia cards are due to be announced in two months or so.
  8. emoji.7z
  9. For VPS, in addition to DigitalOcean I'd also take a look look at Ramnode and Vultr.
  10. Ahhh finally! P A R T Y P A R R O T http://cultofthepartyparrot.com/
  11. Dude those weapons look awesome! Is that stretched out of the sentinel?
  12. Are the trees purple?
  13. Yeah, all the vendors seem afraid to produce enough cards to meet demand. But it looks like Samsung is entering the game: Samsung’s now making chips designed for cryptocurrency mining Bitmain is making WAY too much money designing Bitcoin ASICs, and all that cash might bootstrap them into being actual competition to industry giants. So Samsung is tackling that head-on. Samsung is also looking into designing mining-specific graphics cards. Plus, their GDDR6 process has just about arrived: Samsung is now mass-manufacturing GDDR6 memory for your next GPU
  14. What's dumb is that the card manufacturers are skeptical that mining demand will last, so they're hesitant to produce lots of cards and get stuck holding the bag. Presumably Nvidia is going to launch another set of cards this spring, but I doubt they'll be able to meet demand.