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  1. Price of RAM is up due to artificial scarcity =(
  2. Those etchings are so great. They remind me of the illustrations in old textbooks, from like the 70s.
  3. New post by Wait but Why! 1/3 Elon Musk fanboyism and 2/3 science, with a side of MS Paint.

  4. Are they? I thought the stockpiles were still large enough. By way of comparison, literally nobody makes CRT tubes anymore, but there are still enough to be found in stockpiles. Although that's a newer product.
  5. My only concern with a self-hosted VPN is the lack of address-sharing. If you're the only one using an IP address, then it becomes one of your pseudonyms. With a VPN service, everyone shares addresses and is thus less identifiable.
  6. We humans are damned clever. I always liked this "baby monitor" radio transmitter to listen in on the guards:
  7. You'd be surprised. Well hey now, attraction != desire to assault. Read about Adam: You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now?
  8. Not a fan of this precedent. Not everyone has or wants a Facebook account.
  9. Love this. I support Apple in their pro-privacy endeavors, I just don't like usingiOS because I'm too used to Android. No back button, whaaaat?
  10. Listening to this throwback
  11. Broomstick handle to the eye. It was an accident; just childhood roughhousing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had a scar for a while but it's not very noticeable anymore.
  12. Did anyone try downloading and running Quickbeam_RefSwap.7z (my last post from Feb 5)? I've been having trouble getting Quickbeam to run correctly on my new Windows installation, so I tried running the previous release and even THAT doesn't work for me. Apparently Quickbeam got into a state where it only runs on my old development machine. I'm currently focusing on the Python side of things. Jupyter (formerly IPython) is a really fantastic console. I looked at it a couple years ago and dismissed it because I thought you *had* to use the browser-based console, but there is actually a Qt-based console which works great. It has syntax-highlighting, a history mechanism, and helpfully displays documentation in-line.
  13. Interesting, I didn't know that DDR was at risk of being replaced by persistent memory.
  14. A new attack that uses terrestrial radio signals to hack a wide range of Smart TVs raises an unsettling prospect—the ability of hackers to take complete control of a large number of sets at once without having physical access to any of them. Source
  15. Well the thread is that old because OpenCarnage was founded in 2012, but my first crude programming attempts were on ModHalo in 2010-2011. The original frustration I wanted to solve was the tedium of changing a lot of shader settings at once. In Eschaton you have to edit each tag manually, whereas a programming language could just have a simple loop. I only intended to modify Eschaton, but RealBasic (today "Xojo") is obnoxious to work with and I couldn't even find a version old enough to compile the Eschaton project. So, I ended up with the new goal "create an Eschaton replacement which is scriptable, and written in a better language than RealBasic". For the next two or three years I built the lower parts, sometimes taking breaks to focus on school. I also waffled on architecture and programming language decisions, because hobby projects have no deadlines and I can get away with that. In May 2014 I finally had a working demo with Python scripting and primitive GUI elements. The graphic interface has been the biggest slog by far. But it's also been really fun to work on. I've only been "close to release" for a year or so now. Quickbeam gets all the public visibility, but the underlayers are also available in plain Python, if you're interested? https://github.com/ChadSki/nimbus/ There is even a .cmd file to launch the IDLE editor ready to go with an example. What I probably should do is stop focusing on the Quickbeam GUI for a while, and tighten up nimbus instead. Users would be forced to use the scripting interface, but I could release new features faster. It wouldn't take much effort to add compatibility for other map locations: .map files, CE memory, and server memory. One hangup is, I don't actually know a whole lot about how operating Halo servers. I wish that SAPP was open-source, but in lieu of that I've been looking at Phasor. It's way behind on features, most notably no-lead, but it is freely available (thanks Oxide!). Unfortunately it uses the Boost C++ libraries which are a massive pain in the butt, but I did finally manage to get the project to compile. The next step would be to try hosting a server with it. You're actually the first new user to swing by and say they're interested. For the past few years it's mostly been OC regulars humoring me