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  1. https://spectreattack.com All of these vulnerabilities have to do with "speculative out of order execution" which most modern processors use. Intel messed up the hardest though.
  2. It will be back. Absolute price floor is probably $2-4k right now, but I expect it will breach $20k again by the end of the year.
  3. For the curious, there are lots of great BTC vs BCH stats on https://fork.lol/
  4. Lol says the guy with a massive stake in Bitcoin Cash. There's been a culture war going on between Bitcoin 'Core' (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is now a completely separate currency. Personally I think BTC has the brighter future and a lot more developer attention. Fees are too expensive at the moment, but as long as https://lightning.network ships then the fees should get a lot better. In contrast Bitcoin Cash has refused to adopt upgrades, including one that closes a loophole that Chinese miners have patented in order to enjoy a private 30% mining boost. A lot depends on Lightning Network coming out soon. $20 BTC transfer fees are ridiculous, I agree, but it won't be like this forever.
  5. My dad's Martin dreadnought is my favorite guitar to play. I love how it just rings.
  6. Finally hashed out a GUI I like. This approach is 100% Python code, and bundles the Python interpreter, PyQt, and all the dependencies into a single ~30MB executable. Pictured is a QTreeView hooked up to my filesystem, just for a mockup. Next step is to connect the TreeView to a HaloMap via the Nimbus library. Third step is making sure the fields are writable and not just readable. Since this approach allows me to ship with nearly all the source code exposed, I'm not going to bother embedding a console scripting interface. If you want to change how the program works, just fire up a text editor. Also, implementing a console is stupid hard and I'm glad to avoid the work. Lastly, since you don't need Visual Studio to edit/compile this application, it's 100% open-source: Python, Qt5, PyQt, and all of my code are all free to use and modify however you see fit.
  7. Firefox'e extension community is pretty active. They might have versions of (or alternatives to) the add-ons that you're used to from Chrome. Probably not the Google integration though, ha. There's Firefox for iOS, but unfortunately due to Apple's rules it's just the built-in webkit browser (safari/chrome engine) plus a Firefox skin and syncing of your bookmarks, passwords, etc. On the other hand, Firefox for Android is using the real Gecko engine. So it actually supports the same extensions as on desktop (as long as the extension supports Quantum). I use uBlock Origin both on desktop and mobile.
  8. Agreed. I almost never answer my phone regardless of where I am. At this point "phone" is kind of a misnomer. This isn't a telephone, it's an internet rectangle.
  9. I've only had three smartphones: Galaxy S3, S5, and the Pixel XL. The S3 and S5 never really needed a case. I've dropped them occasionally but it didn't really matter. Always preferred the slim caseless feel. The Pixel on the other hand is incredibly slippery. I dropped it and cracked the glass (on the back, thankfully!) within 30 days. Whatever they made the backside out of is slippery as hell. Invest in a case before you crack the screen like I have.
  10. Firefox is fast again! Have any of you tried it? What do you think?
  11. Ha, I was thinking to myself "who's the new user with the cool name?" and then I saw "theós to̱n astéro̱n" and knew it was you.

  12. Not only is Blender a 3D modeling program, but it also can generate animated films and even 3D games! Scriptable using Python. Would recommend.
  13. This is almost definitely a poorly-written program that's making expensive WMI calls too often.
  14. Pay no attention to our struggles to ramp up Model 3 production capacity...
  15. Pro cliffhanger