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  1. DigitalOcean is a fine VPS host. Maybe a tad pricey but nice UI. I also really like Ramnode and Vultr.
  2. After four years on the same team, I'm losing my favorite boss who has also been a good friend, plus nearly all of my teammates. Effective immediately.
  3. Not exactly my own purchase, but my friend picked up a tape deck from Goodwill. Check out those VU meters!
  4. Holy cow, did you guys see the move in Facebook last night / today? It was down -24% last night! Recovered a bit today, now they're only -18% lol.
  5. Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 will never stop being an amazing game

    1. Solaris


      RCT Classic on mobile is pretty good too. It combines 1 and 2 together. The expansions are cheap too. I play it on my tablet at work.

  6. Thanks for the explanation, that makes more sense. I've added the code to my git mirror: https://halo.tools/git/CommunityMirror/dsound-openal Excuse my expired SSL certificate; I need to fix that >_>
  7. Good call @ the edit. If anyone has installed this they should switch sooner than later.
  8. Unfortunately that error message is for generic crashes; it doesn't tell you much. Try using the install media to repair the CE installation? The game is crashing before you can get to the menu, right? Do you have a ui.map mod? Try replacing your mods with the stock maps and see if the game is able to launch. Are you using OpenSauce or HAC2 or anything?
  9. How to build a base: Find the bottleneck Double it Repeat steps 1-2 until the whole system breaks and cannot be easily fixed for whatever reason Figure out what the problems were with the old system and design a new system that will avoid those problems. Dismantle everything that doesn't conform to the new design paradigm Go to step 1 At the beginning of a game, you spend most of your time running around putting coal into things. Getting steam-power and electric mining drills is a good milestone. Early-mid game, the paradigm that scales best is the "main bus" strategy, with lanes of conveyor belts carrying goods. You need at least two tiles of space between each row, so the underground belts can weave themselves underneath. On my first few playthroughs, I never advanced beyond the main bus strategy. I've only recently discovered the power of construction robots. You don't even have to build anything! Simply place the blueprint and a flurry of bots does everything for you. https://i.imgur.com/M1fRUYd.gifv At the moment, I'm experimenting with trains for spanning long-distances.
  10. Finally watched Mad Max: Fury Road. Pretty sweet.
  11. Today is a great era for owning your own music. Online stores all sell unprotected mp3s. (Remember when iTunes used to sell protected AACs?) Bandcamp even lets me download FLAC files. Phones can store more music than ever. Funny enough, a friend of mine recently got bitten by the cassette bug. Tapes persisted into the 00s... they're not as bad quality as you might think. Plus there are all sorts of fun shenanigans you can do with tapes. An older coworker of mine says he used to save random files onto audio cassettes using his Amiga.
  12. It's only the 2nd-highest rated game on Steam of all time. Any of y'all play it? For the uninformed, it's a game of base-building. You are abandoned on an alien planet with only your engineering skills. Your job is to build up industry from scratch in order to create a rocket and escape. I've been collaborating on a railworld recently. Trains are incredible, but I still haven't mastered them yet.