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  1. I have received a request for source for Sector 09, so I figured I'd publicly release it (I know, its been long overdue.) Sector09 RAW Release - ALL BSP's - Nickster5000 NOTE: Files preceded in _ means that they are important. I marked them with this underscore as I was going through the files. Description: Included in this release is ALL of the iterations that sector09 went through from 2012, all the way to its release in 2016. Included in this release is the following directories, and notes about what this directory consists of: ***bitmaps -RPG_Rips and RPG_Rips2 should contain all of the bitmaps that I ripped from halo 3 ODST. NOTE: SOME OF THE FILES WILL HAVE BROKEN REFERENCES. I DID NOT RENAME ANY OF THE FILES, but they may be in different locations. I recommend that you rip your own version of the Halo 3: ODST bitmaps using adjutant to suit your needs. ***misc -Contains files that were used in showing sector09, and other documentation used in its development. ***sector09-2012 -The very first iteration of sector09. I could not find the original... however, I found two animation demos that I created on the original model, which should suffice. ***sector09-2014 -Old sector 09 build. I believe one of these didn't even make it ingame. Don't remember a whole lot about these files, so have fun playing around with them! ***sector09-2014-b -Another old sector 09 build. More files that I made for sector 09. Don't remember a whole lot about this one either, so have fun playing around!!! ***sector09-ce3-2015 -Second to most significant file in this pack. This was the demo that was showcased at CE3 2015. ***sector09-2016 -Most significant file for sector09's release. Contains the version of the BSP that was in the final release, as well as some updates to it. xtra -Extra files that I found laying around. README.txt - this file. Download Here! Please let me know if there is anything missing. Enjoy! -Nickster5000
  2. Hello Halo CE Community, I know you were probably expecting a really cool "GTA" mod for Halo CE, and we want to deliver on that. However, we have recently done a couple of thorough play tests and decided that the mod is not ready to be released as quickly as anticipated. We want to take some time and really polish the mod, and perhaps remake some aspects of the mod. I deeply apologize for showing this off before it was ready. I feel terrible revealing all of these details, and then not delivering them as soon as we are anticipating. To make up for this, we are going to deliver a high quality GTA Halo mod in the future that is extremely fun to play. Most of the features we announced will still be there. Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you guys are looking forward to what we are making. Happy New Year! -Nickster5000
  3. I figured since I couldn't find a command to do this in SAPP's documentation, and I needed it heavily in the mod I am working on, I thought it'd be a nice utility function to release: function getDistance(Player1, Player2) --returns the distance between two players Player1X = get_var(Player1, "$x") Player1Y = get_var(Player1, "$y") Player1Z = get_var(Player1, "$z") Player2X = get_var(Player2, "$x") Player2Y = get_var(Player2, "$y") Player2Z = get_var(Player2, "$z") local diffX = Player1X - Player2X --x1-x2 diffX = diffX * diffX--((x1-x2)^2) local diffY = Player1Y - Player2Y diffY = diffY * diffY local diffZ = Player1Z - Player2Z diffZ = diffZ * diffZ local sum = diffX + diffY + diffZ return math.sqrt(sum) end
  4. I agree. I try to stay away from doing too much memory access outside of the SAPP functions, but that implementation is much more concise. I changed it to your implementation if that's okay with you.
  5. -snip- I'm dumb and didn't read the tutorial thoroughly enough.
  6. Very simple project that I made today. Red team plays as spartans, blue team plays as elites. All the files are included. Chimera has been tested with the version in the .zip, 560, and 572(unstable release). Download The source is also on my github Wanna make your own team bipeds? bSwitch.lua, scroll until you find: BIPEDS = { [0] = "bourrin\\halo reach\\spartan\\male\\mp masterchief", [1] = "cmt\\characters\\elite_v2\\player\\elite_v2_mp", } Simply change the directories to the models. [0] = red team, [1] = blue team. Make sure to reference both of your team's bipeds in guerilla's reference section. hvc.lua (you will obviously need to rename this .lua file to your map name), scroll until you find: --redTeamHands = "halo reach\\objects\\characters\\spartans\\fp\\fp" --DEFAULTED to currently set hands in globals. blueTeamHands = "cmt\\characters\\elite_v2\\fp\\minor" --Set the hands you want for blue team here. Change the blue team hands to the directory of where your blue team hands are located. The script will automatically pull the tag from the red team's hands. You also need to reference these fp hands in the guerilla reference section. Credits: Kavawuvi / 002 - Biped switch script, making such an amazing client-side app. aLTis - bigass_mod.lua fp hands changing. Nickster5000 - Putting it together, setting it up for red team and blue team Anyone else I forgot to mention.
  7. Because I put the tags together quickly. I wanted to focus my effort on the team-switch aspect.
  8. clua_version = 2.04; set_callback("tick", "OnTick"); set_callback("command", "OnCommand"); set_callback("map load", "OnMapLoad"); --set_callback("",""); musicPlayer = false; --this controls whether the music player is off or on skipSong = false; --this allows the player to skip a song in the playlist songCount = 6; --amount of songs in the playlist --used for array access minSongs = 0; maxSongs = songCount - 1; isPlaying = false; --checks to see if a song is playing or not. Controlled by tick count. tickCount = 0; --used to determine if a song is over or not. songSelection = nil; --used for array access SONGS = --playlist { [0] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\dragula ", [1] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\gentlemenStartYourWeapons ", [2] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\objectIdentified ", [3] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\raceToDestruction ", [4] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\ready2Die ", [5] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\readySetDestroy ", } --to calculate song lengths: -- given a song length of 3:15 as an example. -- 1. Multiply 3 * 60 (since there are 180 seconds in 3 minutes) -- 2. add + 15 (since there are 15 additional seconds in the song -- 3. multiply the entire result by 30 (since there are 30 ticks in one second) -- RESULT: (3 * 60 + 15) * 30 for a 3:15 long song. SONGLENGTHS = --lengths of each song in the playlist. They align with their respective slots in SONGS { [0] = (4 * 60 + 37) * 30, --8310 [1] = (3 * 60 + 23) * 30, --6090 [2] = (3 * 60 + 9) * 30, --5670 [3] = (3 * 60 + 17) * 30, --5910 [4] = (3 * 60 + 50) * 30, --6900 [5] = (3 * 60 + 37) * 30, --6510 } function OnTick() if musicPlayer then --if player wants music if isPlaying == false then --if a song is not playing --pick a random song to play, math.randomseed(os.time()); songSelection = math.random(minSongs,maxSongs); --and play the song playMusic(songSelection, 1); isPlaying = true; else --if a song is playing if tickCount >= SONGLENGTHS[songSelection] or skipSong == true then --if the song has ended or the player wants to skip the song --stop the music. tickCount = 0; playMusic(songSelection, 0); isPlaying = false; skipSong = false; else --if the song has not ended --increment the tick count. tickCount = tickCount + 1; --console_out(tickCount); end end else --if the player does not want music for i = 0, maxSongs do playMusic(i, 0); --safely stop all songs from playing. end isPlaying = false; end end function playMusic(songSelection, toggle) --playMusic is a utility function if toggle == 1 then execute_script("sound_looping_start"..SONGS[songSelection].."none 1"); else execute_script("sound_looping_stop"..SONGS[songSelection]); end end function OnCommand(command) if command.sub(command,0,4) == "play" then --if the command is play musicPlayer = true; --turn on the music player return false elseif command.sub(command,0,4) == "stop" then --if the command is stop musicPlayer = false; --turn off the music player return false; elseif command.sub(command,0,4) == "skip" and musicPlayer == true then --if the command is skip skipSong = true; --skip the song return false; else return true; end end A music player that I made for Chimera. Hopefully someone will find it useful!
  9. Count me in.
  10. heres a simple velocity changer that I wrote: clua_version = 1.0; set_callback("tick", "OnTick"); adjustedSpeed = false; player = nil; velocityMultiplier = 5; playerSpeed = nil; function OnTick() local object = get_player(); if object ~= nil then if adjustedSpeed == false then playerSpeed = read_float(object + 0x6C); write_float(object + 0x6C, playerSpeed * velocityMultiplier); adjustedSpeed = true; end else -- cout("object is returning nil"); end end very neat work 002! loving how this is coming along!
  11. Been keeping my eye on this, and I have to say that this extension is awesome. I have one question, however. How does one go about compiling a lua script into their .map file? Keep up the great work 002!
  12. Hey, this looks like a pretty neat website. So i'll share what I'm working on here: (Quoted from Halomaps.org): Welcome back to Sector 09 soldiers! We hope you didn't miss us for too long. We're back, kicking butt and stronger than ever! Let's cut to the chase and give you the information you're all waiting for. We have much more planned besides Sector 09, and we are always looking for more help, so feel free to contact anyone on this list with your specialty if you wanna join in on the fun! Now, let's talk about Sector 09. Sector 09 is officially taking place in the City of Serenity. This city is founded on peace and preservation of freedom; this will all change when the covenant attack. It is up to you, an ODST Soldier, to defend the ONI: Shark Base, a key military establishment in the city of Serenity. Firefight: Sector 09 is going to change the way all of the Halo games have done firefight, with added objectives to keep you on your toes and challenging minigames to break up the firefight. We are taking an experimental route with our tagset by trying new things and see what works well together, so there will be plenty of fun, unique stuff in this firefight! We guys hope you enjoyed CE3, and our appearance in what we have so far. We'll definitely keep you guys updated. Until the next update, See you later!
  13. Oh sorry OpenCarnage, I forgot about you guys. Btw, I released Sector 09. You can read the full release post here: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=49661
  14. Quoted from Halomaps. I also proposed to make an entire tutorial over at halomaps, but didn't get a whole lot of feedback. What do you guys think?