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  1. The sudden realization of both players is what makes it funny.
  2. Gonna roll with this one instead... the other one made me chuckle too much. Not in a good way.
  3. Welcome, hope you have fun!
  4. Lol, I guess I did a thing.
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone. @Megasean, just some private mods for my group of friends. (Weapon balance, vehicle balance, population, bunch of miscellaneous Guerilla and Sapien work.)
  6. Hey guys, peeking my head into this promising community you have here. I've done some modding for Halo Custom Edition, along with other games. I'm a gamer at heart, so I'm always down to chit-chat about them (talk games to me, baby). I hope to fit in well here, and I'll see you all around.