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  1. ah i see. thank you
  2. thanks for the response; by "right now" i assume you mean for since some weeks ago or so too? because this happened to me also weeks before i think.
  3. hello, bug: sometimes maps cannot be downloaded. a video clip: https://streamable.com/7lubni sorry i didn't read the whole thread, so if this bug is a known bug and/or has a fix then sorry,
  4. ok got it. thanks
  5. hello, can you tell me how to enable this widescreen fix? (the proper scroreboard size and also proper names tag sized on players head) i used chimera_widescreen_fix 1, but command didn't execute
  6. there is a map contest for a limited time for paladins game. i hope this maybe a good opportunity for map designers. look into in if you are interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/Paladins/comments/8w32cz/summer_celebration_map_design_contest/ i don't think they want 3d model files or anything. seems its some pictures and/or elevations i guess. i don't know fore sure. they want siege maps, which means maps should be symmetrical. (which means from the capture point). this is an easy to understand siege map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIsYO0loox4&feature=youtu.be&t=1m54s usually a map can contain special routs only can be used by vertical mobility characters, from flank class. (meave, evie, androxus etc) ok that's all i guess.
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  8. i think you mean to stop this script when a zombie game starts. and start the script when non-zombie game (like ctf) start. right? ok. well, the 'clean' way maybe adding a '$mode' variable to the lua script. anyway, since i don't see any answer from anyone regarding to lua, ill suggest a sapp event method. this will turn off the script when you playing infection game. event_start $mode:MyInfectionGameType 'lua_unload team_balance' this will turn on the script when you play other games (like ctf etc..) event_start $mode!:MyInfectionGameType 'lua_load team_balance' i dont know whether the lua script needs to be open before a game start in order to work (when u playing in a non-infaction game like ctf). if not, above events may work. this maybe a 'better than nothing' answer. thats all i got.
  9. yeah a massage is no need, i just added it to confirm what really happens there are happening by the script or not when testing.
  10. this is the cheapest way that i know of, from events... method 01: event_alive $map:geomar_final $x<-57.75 $y<45.22 $y>5.00 $z<-22 'kill $n;say * "$name fell from red base ledge" ' event_alive $map:geomar_final $x>120.00 $y<43.00 $y>2.11 $z<-14.35 'kill $n;say * "$name fell from blue base ledge" ' note: this doesn't block the player from going down, this only kills the player when he starting to go down the ledge. (but kills him before map kills him) so, the body will still go down but the player already dead long before he goes deep down. ----- if the dead body going deep or hitting the ground is what cause the exception problem, this will probably not fix the issue. so you can use this same script to teleport the player to a given upper area instead of killing. (method 02) method 02: event_alive $map:geomar_final $x<-57.75 $y<45.22 $y>5.00 $z<-22 't $n -49.82 29.09 -19.96;say $n "$name you have been teleported back to the top from red base ledge" ' event_alive $map:geomar_final $x>120.00 $y<43.00 $y>2.11 $z<-14.35 't $n 111.00 27.00 -12.32;say $n "$name you have been teleported back to the top from blue base ledge" ' by that way the body will not hit the deep ground. ----- or, just give up my script and hope for a better script done by lua .
  11. so..., since sapp updated the event_score to response to race as well, i have tried something...... this is an example gameplay with some random players. i think this is the limit i can go with sapp as i expected. (and with weapon variable lua script of 002) 1. i just kill the players for going to a race nav point without the flag, and send a message, and remove a score point. but its a mess, since not everyone has chat and not everyone read chat, there is a huge change to rage quit players. the expected solution is a slimier solution just like we cant score in ctf games if the flag is not at home, blocking the scoring , with a sound, like an error sound. 2. flag can be lost as a result of flag glitching somewhere or simply just hard to find. expected solution is flag to have an indicator just like in ctf games. so, players can find the flag. this should be more fun with teams. just added this post to get an idea. nothing more.
  12. and a another thing i found is using /sv_map_reset while this script loaded with an oddball game using the script, will crash the server
  13. a note for users of this script; i found out that entering capital letters for maps wont work for this. example: there is a map called HavenH4 , (yes the map file name is also the same). but you have to add the map in simple letters in this lua script. (havenh4) just wanned to tell that. sorry if its a thing in all lua scripts.
  14. WHAT??!! all these times i didn't know sapp had rprint command!!! i thought only lua has it.
  15. i know lua is powerful etc.. but i only learned how to use sapp, and learned it for my server when i staring it. and i don't wanna learn another one (lua) just for the halo. because i don't have any interest in programming path so i don't have other uses of lua so don't wanna waste my time to learn it. i just tired the things mentioned in the starting post with sapp, and it was successful for the sapp log. so rather than just left there silently, i just posted it. thinking at least someone who use sapp can have more experience with this etc.. this was a not an attempt to fulfill the original request since this not create a new file. just posted it for the sake of making it.