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  1. Basically Big thing I guess is double check everything your doing, and if it keeps doing it; it most def the program
  2. yeah, def something program related. Usually does this when it hits/returns a NULL.
  3. Dear lawd, could you copy and paste all of that into here.
  4. Nah this is a living nightmare
  5. If I had to take a guess, probably a .Net Framework issue. If you could hit the details button, would give more details on the matter.
  6. aLTis is aware of the weird t-pose biped issue. Why it's doing it is still being looked at (maybe lol) Been testing it a bit further and it literally is hit and miss with it working. Gonna assume it's dealing with grabbing biped information
  7. Needed to buy a newer one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VY12HW4
  8. Just keeping it alive... Fedora install on laptop
  9. Here is copies of both 10.2.1 PC/CE Unpacked from the UPX obfuscation Sehe used. Pretty sure it was the cause of Wine on Linux issues. Leave the read-only on the dlls; it will update itself back to its UPX obfuscation version. Download --- SAPP.7z
  10. dahfuck.png


    Dis shit breaks crap

    1. Java


      Don't know how the hell it got set to that, but man it breaks a crap ton of shit in Win10


  11. Probably was... at that point no one was absolute sure how exactly the GameSpyX queries worked (exception for Luigi att that I know of) If I had to take a guess the big version difference att was 1.04 and 1.06-1.07 due to 1.04 had the major No CD Key/Hash Check crack att for both client & server public. I do remember the numbers being 5,000-6,000 at one point; was between 2006-2009 time frame. After that it was just a slow steady decline.
  12. I am pretty sure it was halor aka Halo Retail/PC.
  13. Bout far as I can get back with the All-Seeing Eye website was OCT 2005 Mind you, the numbers did vary by the time of day.
  14. Just a strings.dll replacement basically, backup the original. Take a look here for the basic functions of Gandanur. Manual for Gandanur
  15. Have you tried Kava's Script for Linux? Although I think it might have some bugs still present, but overall works. I can make a batch file later, but not atm; due to working on multiple current things.
  16. could you send the bat file, sounds like -exec is not setup in it especially if your running haloded out of the same folder.
  17. yeah, def have to be weary with the Wine and its setup. what are the exact arguments you are utilizing
  18. Did you change the sv_name inside the other txt file?
  19. Multiple Servers This guide will show you how on a single computer how to run multiple instances of the Halo Dedicated Server Software with Gandanur. Command Line Arguments haloceded.exe -argument [option] Example: haloceded.exe -exec c:\haloCE\init.txt -path C:\haloCE\variants -IP -port 2322 -? : Displays a list of all arguments. -exec : Specify which init.txt file to use for this instance of the dedicated server. The name of this file can be any name. -cpu : When using a multi-processor computer (SMP) server, it is possible to instruct Halo Dedicated Server to run on a specific CPU. To do so, use the –cpu n command line argument (where n is a given CPU, 0 being the first one). -path : Sets the default path to the Gametypes and the log file location. The default is C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames. -port : Different instances must, obviously, use different ports. -port is used to specify the port for the instance being launched. If a port is not specified the server will automatically choose an open port though the chosen port is not reported. -ip x.x.x.x : Server IP address used when you have multiple IP addresses and wish to bind the server to a specific IP address. If this command is omitted in servers running multiple IP addressess the the Halo Server will answer on all IPs. Running Multiple Servers The Halo PC & CE Dedicated Server supports multiple instances running on one computer. The maximum number of instances that can be run on a server is 8. When running multiple instances, each instance should use its own init.txt file and unless you desire it should have its own path for gametypes and log files. (See next section to learn how to relocate log files and custom gametype files.) Here is an example on how to run multiple instances, assuming the Halo PC & CE Dedicated Server is installed in the C:\HaloPC and C:\HaloCE folder: Instance 1: C:\HaloPC\haloded.exe -exec C:\halopc\init1.txt -cpu 0 -path C:\HaloPC\variants1 -port 2307 Instance 2: C:\HaloPC\haloded.exe -exec C:\halopc\init2.txt -cpu 1 -path C:\HaloPC\variants2 -port 2305 Instance 3: C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\haloce\init6.txt -cpu 0 -path C:\HaloCE\variants3 -port 2312 Instance 4: C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\haloce\init9.txt -cpu 1 -path C:\HaloCE\variants4 -port 2313 Another example is if you want to create a local directory (here called LocalDir) where the halo(ce)ded.exe is located: C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -path .\LocalDir -port 2313 Relocating Custom gametypes/log file folders Adding this argument to the startup of the Halo CE Dedicated server: -path C:\haloCE\variants1 It will tell the server to look in the C:\haloCE\variants1 for the \savegames folder that contains your custom gametypes. If enabled the log file will also be written to the same path. This is particularly useful for remote access to dedicated servers since the C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames will be determined by the account the server is running under. It is also required when you wish to run multiple instances of the dedicated server each with their own custom gametypes. Yes it says Gandanur (mostly I wrote the instructions for it), but this is the generic usage for the dedi software overall.
  20. Config is available But utilizing DualShock 4 Controllers + DS4Window = XBox 360 Controllers
  21. Pretty sure this is an OSHA violation...
  22. Oxide did have a revision that mostly worked, but never uploaded it to Git. Wizard did modify a build to utilize a different varient of the no lead code.
  23. Keeping it alive, pretty simple