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Status Updates posted by Java

  1. 1.10 Standalone Halo Dedicated Server Patch


    • Large Address Aware
    • Map Descriptor Memory Leak (Kava)
    • Gamespy GQuery Fixes (msalerno, AntiMomentum, Java)





  2. Master Server is back up and running! Seriously need something to clean up that thing

  3. Master Server is currently down att and POC has been notified

  4. Merry Christma!!!

    1. Enclusion


      Merry Christmas, Java!

  5. dahfuck.png


    Dis shit breaks crap

    1. Java


      Don't know how the hell it got set to that, but man it breaks a crap ton of shit in Win10


  6. Sorta Latest Phasor. Took out some boost stuff so it would compile. Will be fixing it so it does signature scanning so it will work with 1.10

    So as of now this is only for 1.09 Dedi


    PC Dedi 1.09 

    CE Dedi 1.09 

  7. Some Sapp CE dlls unpacked from its retarded packing.


  8. Updated with some more screenshots