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  1. @DSalimander Sorta, its @aLTis Ring 'Test' Map. Actually pretty fun goofing around on it
  2. Happy Birthday @Tucker933
  3. Bones, I will admit you have to get into few episodes before getting hooked. Plus few episodes are kinda dull. But yeah Criminal Minds and Bones kinda get repetitive.
  4. Rewatching Criminal Minds, Bones, and NCIS. Evidently death and crime...
  5. @Fubih Awesome Work, I honestly got the Quake feel (just without the speed and bunny hopping XD)
  6. He should be able to hide them easy via specific vehicles on "Vanilla" Tagsets.
  7. Yeah MEK is been having issues initializing correctly under 3.9. Might have to roll back
  8. Basically Big thing I guess is double check everything your doing, and if it keeps doing it; it most def the program
  9. yeah, def something program related. Usually does this when it hits/returns a NULL.
  10. Dear lawd, could you copy and paste all of that into here.
  11. Nah this is a living nightmare
  12. If I had to take a guess, probably a .Net Framework issue. If you could hit the details button, would give more details on the matter.
  13. aLTis is aware of the weird t-pose biped issue. Why it's doing it is still being looked at (maybe lol) Been testing it a bit further and it literally is hit and miss with it working. Gonna assume it's dealing with grabbing biped information