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  1. Config is available But utilizing DualShock 4 Controllers + DS4Window = XBox 360 Controllers
  2. Pretty sure this is an OSHA violation...
  3. Oxide did have a revision that mostly worked, but never uploaded it to Git. Wizard did modify a build to utilize a different varient of the no lead code.
  4. Keeping it alive, pretty simple
  5. Might need this library of function as well... 1. Create a folder called "lua" inside your game folder (where haloce.exe is located) 2. Place attached file inside said folder The lua-blam.lua is pulled from Sleds GitHub ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attachment: lua-blam.lua ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Also don't utilize graphic enhancement replacement/addons. What Vaporeon says is true, yes it is capable but the engine wasn't really programmed around I GPUs
  7. Wine is awkward at times with stuff being installed, plus VPS providers providing slim build images. Hopefully this will help you out, mind you it is sorta 3 years old. https://manerosss.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/wine-midi-linux/
  8. @aLTis don't know if their web server/host is jacked up, since it is only hitting the Apache default page and refusing http requests
  9. Just making this available for download since it will work with Chimera (as far as I know). So basically read the "Optic - Read Me.txt" file inside for instructions, then move anything that needs to go into the controls folder to the mods folder to use with Chimera. Also this will not work with anything that shares "d3dx9_43.dll". So no dgVoodoo2. Optic.7z
  10. PEMDAS, BEDMAS, BODMAS, or BIDMAS. Like you said order of operations matters, especially depending on where you live.
  11. Gave two tickets to @aLTis due to obvious reasons; without it this picture wouldn't exist.
  12. @tarikja That creepily reminds me of the lab in the movie Deep Blue Sea.
  13. Its party time.....