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  1. New Chimera Versions are out, R932 fixes the download screen bug issue. R333 is out, but Vap addon the original strings data to it.

    To download from the newer map repo with Chimera you must put this


    Under this inside the chimera.ini

    ; URL template used to download maps
    ; - Supports valid RFC 3986 URLs ( scheme://[username:[email protected]]server[:port]/path )
    ; Replaces: ; - {map} with the map name ; - {game} with the game type ("halor" for PC, "halom" for CE, "halod" for trial)
    ; - {server} with the current server's IP address
    ; - {password} with the password for the current server ; - {mirror<x,y,...>} with each comma-separated value until one works.
    ; The default is the HAC2 / HaloNet map repo.


  2. Be on the lookout for an update for Chimera soon (hopefully this weekend). Major issues was the map repo and reconnection/error on connection bug.



    Repo is up att, dealing with some bugs and waiting on Chimera reconnect bug to be fixed

  4. Clipboard01.jpg


    This is going to take a while lol


  5. So the map repo backup is still happening, we are literally working on 3 of them hopefully.
    Currently before the current decided to bite the dust (don't really know what happen, it's just offline like usual).


    We have 3 individuals, including myself; downloading and making it more reliable available. 
    This will take some time sorting making sure we have at least a good chunk of the current one.

  6. Welp here we go at backing up HAC2 Map repo...

    1. Java


      Welp no go on my end, have a soft quota on my hosting. Got around 50% before i hit it

  7. Awesome work! Now time to find the maps that have sync issues with this.
  8. Time for Toto - Africa mwhaha
  9. The Peripheral, From, and The Devil's Hour. Will say The Devil's Hour you will have to watch start to finish to really catch on with what is going on. It is mind twisting.
  10. Yep most def, but does give some insight on map geometry and rendering