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  1. yeah its definitely a weird one, literally like 4 things i can think off top of my head that could be causing this issue. Lets just hope your video got their attention.
  2. Ok I should rephrase that ( was a bit sleep deprived when I wrote that), usuage/technique is accurate but by all means this is not correctly executed due to some programming error/bug with measurements. Like your arms decided to rag doll themselves off to the side while strafing rather being very close to your center.
  3. Yeah that Doppler Effect is a bit strange and excessive for CE, but accurate sadly. Kinda wish they didn't do that Literally like they jacked up a unit of measurement for the Effect
  4. Happy Birthday!!!
  5. Blame @tarikja
  6. @Oldpowerz Quick little fix for that, author oversight probably due to evaluation and testing. if aimbot_score[PlayerIndex] > aimbot_max_score then execute_command(Mode .. " " .. PlayerIndex .. ' "'..Reason..'"') aimbot_score[PlayerIndex] = 0 end it basically spammed the command till the score went down below the max score due to the cooldown or player leaving and getting reseted. So basically this will make it do it once. antiaimbot.lua
  7. So many options...
  8. Hopefully a decent upgrade, the previous issue was getting a bit scary especially how fast it was happening. But thankful the communication is restored
  9. IBC or Stewart's (double check dates with glass bottles, makes a world of a difference) But yeah good bet is looking around, I was surprised in finding a lot of independent brands that hold their ground
  10. Atm if you use this guide and utilize Debian 11, kinda stay away from fail2ban. Oddly enough it has been locking up systems without proper tuning
  11. Lets hope they also incorporate a maintenance routine on top of it lol
  12. @tarikja lmao, be one sure fired way to get Zuckys attention
  13. Yep funny enough, but have it that way when my gigantic art pad sits there on the mat. That desk top and it don't get along. Seriously looking into a bigger corner setup.