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  1. @aLTis Your probably well aware of it, but also very common with all Third Persons. Zooming in causing reticle to be offset
  2. What is attached Could be a plethora of things. Biggest thing is making sure your WineCFG is setup correctly.
  3. Not trying to resurrect a old arse thread. But I don't expect sehe to ever really release the source due to some libraries that are included in the compiling of the executable not open sourced for redistribution.
  4. Got introduced to this band via Comix Zone, came with a demo music cd inside the box.
  5. Sorta Latest Phasor. Took out some boost stuff so it would compile. Will be fixing it so it does signature scanning so it will work with 1.10

    So as of now this is only for 1.09 Dedi


    PC Dedi 1.09 

    CE Dedi 1.09 

  6. Sorry this been awhile, but this is Phasor Build 343 with some additions for 1.09 by Oxide. CE.7z PC.7z
  7. Yeah I noticed that, might be just use to certain ways the tags/IME are handled.
  8. Telepathic (Acoustic Version) - Starset ---
  9. #5 just reminds me of some Red Vs Blue shenanigans.
  10. Just for the sake of it being someplace. This is the latest revision of Oxides changes via GitHub, so consider it a alpha build. Currently 1.09 PC only, fixing library linkage on 1.09 CE atm. Will get the 1.10 PC/CE version out after fixing some of the issues currently spotting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look for Recent Post for Downloads -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Happy Birthday OC!
  12. Actually don't know what revision wizard utilized since his custom build was somewhat broken cause of the additions he made (from what I saw). But I will look into building the lastest revision release build ("Version", 2014-08-29). But I am pretty sure I will have to look into oxides lastest revisions since he added some things and fixed additional things which hopefully it didn't break crap. Might actually allow the actual signature scanning which makes it work with 1.10.
  13. Some Sapp CE dlls unpacked from its retarded packing.



  14. Mirror Downloads: English Español Deutsch Français Italiano 日本語 漢語