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  1. nice script
  2. Well i like this new way that Microsoft is going with Windows 10 and since i upgraded never wanted to go back
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. Yah i wasn't thinking to over clock it
  5. Well this is a very bad news because i just got a laptop with AMD APU lol i was just thinking that since APU's got CPU and GPU in same chip this will cause everything to fail
  6. Well this is very nice maybe you can add it like in Tekkit
  7. This is really cool what do we need to run some thing like this
  8. TCK

    Happy Birthday TCK
  9. Wow how some thing like this can happen ?
  10. Well i hope Microsoft stops doing this crazy stuffs
  11. Well i say even if you ignore all this your data is going to be collected in some way like from your internet connection or even how you trust your modem
  12. Well that's right but can you really ignore some thing really good because of those stuffs lol Well why didn't you try safe mode and see what driver been updated? or you can check now and see what part of your HW had problems with a new driver Personally i wont mind collecting data if it's for a good cause. but some ppl might not like well then those ppl will have a hard time using this devices
  13. Happy Birthday! wish you a very happy birthday