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  1. I would definitely love to use these. I'd do some more smoothing work though, for instance the way the inside of the legs looks doesn't quite sit right with me.
  2. Did you use an rcon console command? SAPP likes to give temporary admin to anyone who successfully executes an rcon command
  3. There is this by Devieth The old zombies system was done in sapp's event sytem. https://www.elitegameservers.net/sapp/downloads/Example_Zombies_Server.zip Again, it's in the events system, there is no lua script here ./Example_Zombies_Server/Settings/sapp/events.txt
  4. That's a map being made by Conscars!
  5. Moving the flags server side will cause the clients to see waypoint markers in the wrong location. Essentially, it breaks gameplay.
  6. Did your mouse just break? Do you want to show your gay pride using mouse LEDs? Are you just looking for an upgrade? The Model-O from Glorious might be something to consider. This is the account from someone who's favorite mouse broke and needed a quick replacement to be back in action. So, what is it? A mouse (lol). A competitive e-sports grade mouse that boasts a Pixart PMW-3360 Sensor, 250+ inches per second tracking speed, 400-12.000 DPI, and is plug and play on any operating system you plug it into. It's perfect then, right? Close, but not quite. I'll start by listing out what I really like It is designed for modding. The way this mouse is built makes it easy, and safe to replace things such as the mouse cord and the outer shell. Usually such replacements come with new pads that the mouse sits on as you will need to take those off to get to the insides. You can also for really cheap buy replacements of a lot of parts. It is really customizable through the software: You can rebind any mouse button to any other button or macro. Pick between a host of fun and annoying lighting models. I personally like the rainbow, I didn't think I would. But it grew on me. You can set different DPI for both the X and the Y axis. This one really surprised me. You can set the lift-off distance. (How high you should lift your mouse before it stops tracking. The numbers for this may seem small, but they mean a lot.) The polling rate. No idea why you would set this any lower than 1000, but it's good to have. Debounce time. The amount of time you need to unclick before the next click registers as a new click. It is incredibly accurate. So accurate in fact that I got a bit upset during early usage because I realized how much of my bad aim was my fault. It is really light (67 grams). I was worried about it being light at first. But I adjusted really quickly, and picking up my old mouse now feels like lifting a brick. It is easy to clean. The vanilla shell that comes with this mouse is honeycombed so that air can pass through it. This means that you can use a can of compressed air or your vacuum cleaner to get any dust out. It is ambidextrous. This is helpful because I use my mouse with my off-hand in some situations. Things that aren't super After a while of using it, my mouse wheel started squeaking when scrolling. It is quite a loud squeak. And I can't afford to RMA it since I don't have a backup. Nor do I think that would help with the situation because apparently this is a really common issue. I might grease the insides up some time if it start bothering me that much. The software is Windows only. The settings are saved on the mouse, which is good. But you initially need the software to customize the mouse to your liking, so this sucks. The DPI in Windows and Linux differs by a 1.5x multiplier. I don't know if this is an issue with my system setup. But when I boot into Linux, I need to add 50% of the DPI I have on Windows to get the same result in raw mouse input games. This was not an issue with my last mouse. The holes in the mouse make it so it is definitely a 100% not spill resistant. This is a little scary. It is ambidextrous only to an extent. There is two side buttons on the left side that aren't present on the right side. I really miss this from my last mouse. Questionable claims On the website https://sensor.fyi/ I found out that you can actuate the side buttons by putting pressure on the sides. This worried me because my last mouse had that issue and I ended up modding it to deal with it. The good news though is that I can't get this to happen without applying an amount of pressure that feels like it should shatter in my hands. On the manufacturer website it listed the cable type as "ultra-flexible" This is actually referring to the sleeve around the cable. The cable inside of the sleeve is actually rather thin. Conclusion While the mouse isn't quite perfect. A lot of the things listed against it are not deterring factors for me. And I will gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a mouse that won't betray them using smoothing, and low polling. It is far better than a lot of other options around the same 60 dollar price range. Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/MI8cxii
  7. (PYTHON MEK) Update (Run your MEK_Installer.pyw to get this if you have the Python MEK) Added tools_misc/wrl_to_obj.py courtesy of Conscars. Changed renamed install instructions to README.TXT Simplified install instructions. Updated installer to have bigger GUI and in preparation of the MEK Essentials Update. Updated get_pip.py wrl_to_obj.py (by Conscars) This is a simple tool that allows you to convert WRL files to OBJ. This allows you to view error meshes in Blender because Blender's internal WRL importer does not support Halo WRL files. This is a bit of a transitional step for now until we have this implemented in Blender. Limitations: Colors are not preserved. Read more about it here https://github.com/Sigmmma/mek/blob/master/READMES/tools_misc_readme.md A new version of the MEK Essentials is also in the works. This one will also be able to auto update, so you won't need to reinstall after you've installed that one (when it is available)
  8. Make sure to disable auto update. Just use the latest one in here. Halo CE SAPP 9.X.7z
  9. The tracking camera is relative. 0 0 0 is used as a reference point. Make sure that your camera point for the tracking shot is positioned pointing at 0 0 0 in the map. Use spacebar to place a marker at your screen position.
  10. Mozz Editing Kit The MEK is a powerful easy to use set of powerful tools that can be used to mod Halo 1 and other games based on the blam! engine. It is fully Windows and Linux compatible. It comes with: Mozzarilla Mozzarilla is a replacement for Guerilla, it has support for multiple tags directories, exporting single tag blocks, more comment boxes explaining how things work and many tools. Like: a model compiler, physics compiler, animation compiler, animation decompressor, an option to import bitmaps directly from DDS, a batch bitmap converter/optimizer, bitmap source extractor, sound compiler (currently only Xbox ADPCM and 16bit PCM), tag directory error locator, string list and hud message compilers, converters that allow you to convert basically any type of model to a gbx model, or any object type to any other object type. It supports Vanilla, Opensauce, Stubbs the Zombie, and (Expirimental) Halo 3 tags. It also supports some Misc Halo file types like gametypes. It also has highly customizable themes (styles) and settings that allow you to choose exactly how you want to use the tool. Refinery Refinery is a tool for extracting tag data from maps, but also for viewing tag data in map files. It supports extracting tags from Vanilla Halo 1 PC, Custom Edition, Xbox, Demo. But also from OpenSauce and vap maps. Halo 2 is partially supported, and Halo 3 Xbox 360 maps have experimental support. If a map you want to rip is protected then have no fear! Refinery comes with a powerful deprotection option that can intelligently name tags and repair classes based on many heuristics found inside of the map. It also has a data extraction mode. The data extraction mode instead of extracting tags will extract bitmaps, models, animations, scripts. This is really useful if you for instance want to use assets from a map in something other than Halo CE. Pool Pool is a program made to help people who aren't super familiar with tool or command line applications. It comes with explanations for all commands, helpful templates, and options to for instance run batch jobs, or multiple simultaneous jobs. It also comes with various patches that you can apply to your tool.exe to for instance remove the map file size limit, increase the vertex and index buffer size, and a multi-language compatible resource maps fix. But that's not all... The MEK also comes with a plethora of 3DS Max scripts that are useful for 3D creation with the Halo engine. And there are more tools being worked on that fill different gaps in the open source Halo 1 modding kit. Ones that I am very excited to show you once they're ready. How do I install the MEK? There is a few ways to do this. But right now the best way is to get either the MEK or MEKE. MEKE (The easier to install windows-only version) Keep in mind that this version currently updates less frequently. 1. Get the MEK_Essentials_Setup.exe Get it from here from here: [MEK Releases] 2. Run the installer (lol) MEK (Python version, most up-to-date version) Installing the Python version of the MEK is actually pretty easy. 1. Get Python from your favorite source. if you are on Windows I highly suggest getting it from the Windows store [link]. The Windows Store version is nice because it automatically installs the right version (64-bit) and you don't need to do anything but just click the button. Don't worry, you won't need to log into the store. 2. Get the MEK_Installer_Python.zip Get it from here from here: [MEK Releases] 3. Run the MEK Installer Now watch out, wherever you put your MEK installer is where the MEK will install, UNLESS you pick an installation directory using the "Browse" option 4. Click install and wait until it is done After this you are basically set, the files to run the MEK should have appeared in the current folder or whatever folder you chose to install to. Be sure to frequently run your MEK_Installer.py to check for updates. Credits (This section is probably very incomplete) Direct contributors @Moses_of_Egypt @gbMichelle Mimickal Other sources of information @Kavawuvi @Sparky Opensauce Frequent testers @Kavawuvi @Vaporeon @MrChromed @Masterz1337 CMT @Jesse @SOI_7 Whix Where can I in real time discuss these tools and how to use them? You can do so in the CE Reclaimers Discord Server [link] Of course this thread is also a good place to discuss the tools, but keep in mind that the Discord is more frequently checked. How can I contribute? You can find the sources at our GitHub organization, Sigmmma! [link] You can also report bugs on the GitHub repositories' issue pages, here, or in the Discord server. [link] You can also tell us what you'd like to see added, or what kind of tools you'd like to see in the future. Most of the libraries and programs in the MEK are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. [link] Shout out to invader, another Opensource toolkit made by people who frequently help us out. [link]
  11. I guess it also makes sense to link to the github. Since it's open source and licensed under GPLv3 https://github.com/XboxChaos/Assembly
  12. Can't detect it because that info is never sent to the server as it's irrelevant to the netcode.
  13. Honestly? Tough shit imo.
  14. If you used a better compression scheme that looked better that would also not save in the tag. If you can recreate what you made with your tools using vanilla tool, what is the point of your tool? To be clear, compatibility with legacy is good, but I don't think we should be limiting ourselves to that all the time. The whole draw for this project for me is to be able to do stuff that I've been manually purposefully avoiding tool to accomplish, but automated. Edit: Even if it means adding an extra switch to my command.