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  1. Maybe add some pillars around the flags like ratrace has!
  2. I just set whatever text editor I use to LISP and it looks good enough to work with. Because halo script is LISP.
  3. Is sad (in Dutch)
  4. Damn dude, you're really putting the pressure on. I wouldn't vote for my currently completely hypothetical map after seeing this. I want rolling hills, I love rolling hills. You should use those decals for blue and red team found in launch_bay_x. I've always loved those.
  5. Can I retroactively claim my raffle tickets?
  6. We here at Halo CE HQ care dearly about our players. One of the most recent concerns brought up to us was the possible inclusion of Custom Edition in The Master Chief Collection. Here we are proud to announce our new partnership with MountainDew. This sponsorship will help us raise money to petition Microsoft and 343i to get Custom Edition into the MCC. Our first release is Chiron-MD69. A favorite with all long-time team phantoms players. Get this free DLC right here:https://www.mediafire.com/file/25op4gwys4vsm6l/chiron-md69.7z/file You can support the game by playing this map on youtube, hosting it on your server, or buying a pack of MountainDew Custom Edition.
  7. put this before the message text: |l puts the message on the left |c centers it |r puts it on the right The |l |c |r things will not be visible to the user.
  8. I'd honestly do this very differently: -- My first impulse on how to do it: function GetPlayerDistance(index1, index2) p1 = get_dynamic_player(index1) p2 = get_dynamic_player(index2) p1x, p1y, p1z = read_vector3d(p1+0x5C) p2x, p2y, p2z = read_vector3d(p2+0x5C) return math.sqrt( (p2x-p1x)^2 + (p2y-p1y)^2 + (p2z-p1z)^2 ) end -- Less lines: function GetPlayerDistance(index1, index2) p1x, p1y, p1z = read_vector3d(get_dynamic_player(index1)+0x5C) p2x, p2y, p2z = read_vector3d(get_dynamic_player(index2)+0x5C) return math.sqrt( (p2x-p1x)^2 + (p2y-p1y)^2 + (p2z-p1z)^2 ) end -- The technically correct way (Also works in chimera without the bottom snippet): function GetPlayerDistance(index1, index2) p1 = get_dynamic_player(index1) p2 = get_dynamic_player(index2) return math.sqrt((read_float(p2+0x5C ) - read_float(p1+0x5C ))^2 +(read_float(p2+0x5C+4) - read_float(p1+0x5C+4))^2 +(read_float(p2+0x5C+8) - read_float(p1+0x5C+8))^2) end -- If you are using the chimera api read_vector3d() doesn't exist. -- And this piece makes it available if you're not on sapp if sapp_version == nil then function read_vector3d(address) return read_f32(address), read_f32(address+4), read_f32(address+8) end end
  9. Get the latest version in this: http://vaporeon.io/hosted/halo/archives/HaloCE_SAPP9X.rar And in your sapp init add: auto_update 0
  10. Well, the refined project has given us a nearly perfect CE campaign, a campaign closer to the original than PC gives us. So, honestly, fuck Halo PC.
  11. I mean, I could sync object names. I haven't worked on this for a while because I've been busy. It's not dead. I just need to rewrite most of it to be better.
  12. Apparently the checksum spoofing technique used to make the old versions compatible with the new ones has a bug that writes a random byte somewhere in the map. This bug has caused a wall in outbound to be non-collidable. Here is a fixed version of the map. [Get link at the top of the thread] Purposefully not named the same so this can't start causing desyncs. The download for all the maps at the beginning of the thread has been updated to only contain this version of outbound and not the other. Edit: I've decided to just update all the maps to make sure no weird bugs can pop up in the future.
  13. Here's a little update: I've worked a bit on making the server clean up the list of ai that should be synced. There now also is action updates for when the ai do things such as change animations or turn more than a certain threshold. Today has been a bit slow, and I'll probably end up doing more. But I kind of wanted to show some stuff while I scratch my head on some issues like the bipeds sometimes flying at ridiculous velocities. Making ai that died on the server die on the client also isn't implemented yet, although I am only a few lines of code away from that. @IceCrow14 These AI run on the server and are sent over to the client. I spent a whole day on trying to use the braindead bipeds the server spawns, but I have had no luck working with them, even though I feel like I got really close. So I got rid of them(kind of). I'm not letting the client spawn them as I don't want potentially hundreds of ai to spawn because 10 people joined. The client actually has the ai turned off and I have some stuff set up so that if somehow client side ai still spawns they immediately get deleted. But this disabling and deleting only happens if the client has detected it is on a server with this script.
  14. 2018/08/30 This is something I have been planning out for a while now and have been working on for two days now. What you are seeing right now is the most basic implementation. Currently only the big sync updates are sent right now. This is using a combination of a SAPP server side script and a Chimera client side script. I also plan on implementing smaller ones when the biped goes into a new state to make them more responsive and not jumpy like they are in the vid. I have methods of compression in place to keep the bandwidth lower. Here is an example of some messages that would be sent to the client: Different types of updates will happen at different rates. Some will be when a bipeds change what they are doing. Some others on set rates. The video is at 3 times a second, I don't have it higher because I believe it should be done using big updates supplemented with smaller updates. I'm posting this because there is some recent discussion on AI synchronization. If I'm not lazy tomorrow (Which I won't be because I'm hyped over working on this) I'll get action updates, deaths, and a safety mechanism for deleting bipeds that the client stopped getting updates about. In other words: It's going to look fucking crisp and I am going to vastly improve stability. I would go over the reasons why you see some of the bugs, but I'd rather explain it in a post where I show them fixed, as it would work better in context, I think. I'll post significant updates in this thread when I make enough progress. Once the scripts get far enough I'll implement a version system for compatibility and release it to the public.
  15. The fucking belt animation 10/10.