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  1. Church is a fairly well known map. A big part of this is it's solid atmosphere and visuals. This is probably the CE map with the most precise lighting and visual texture depth. That is in part due to how the map achieves it's lighting. The map achieves it's lighting through a mix of ambient lighting in the lightmap, and a whole lot of dynamic lights that light the environment in real time. One advantage of these dynamic lights is that they are per pixel lit based on the direction of a surface. This means that special effects bitmaps like normal (bump) maps affect how this lighting is projected on each surface. But also accurate per polygon lighting on dynamic objects like players, weapons, vehicles, scenery, etc. Note how the textures without the dynamic lights still have a lot of depth. The darkness in the creases of these bricks helps highlight the projected lighting better and gives the image more contrast. It's shaders were composed with the final lighting in mind. There is effects like cubemaps based on the room you are actually in at work here. And the reflectiveness is tuned for how the player would except the surface to reflect. This room for instance completely falls apart when you take away it's dynamic lighting, it's reflection is over bright and more obviously fake. This shows how important it is to get your lighting right and then set up your shaders. https://i.imgur.com/8ibSVJx.gifv Some rooms also have light that slightly flickers in an inconsistent pattern for an ominous effect. Also note how the ground in this room is a more soft material, part of this is achieved by adding less shadowing to the base texture. Church shows really well what the vanilla engine is capable of in terms of interior lighting. But it also shows one of it's slight downfalls. This map while looking pretty and having loads of depth also is one of the more demanding maps. All these lighting effects have to be calculated in real time, which for some non-modern PCs can be too much to handle. -------------------------------- I decided to write this up when today I had a bit of a sudden realization as to why this map looks the way it does. It has just always been so well composed that I never really put thought into it.
  2. Finally am allowed to do this minor update: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StGxaknpW5iY2uJ108QN04XrbuaVNGin I didn't do more because I decided to just take a rest. I'll fix some of the bigger issues and add more scenery at a later date.
  3. I originally wanted to change more before I made a new version, but I ended up deciding that the crate issue was a bit too important to not release a minor revision for. It's downloadable from the same link as the first version. The first version is also still available through the link, but is in a sub-folder called "old". Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StGxaknpW5iY2uJ108QN04XrbuaVNGin ---Change Log--- Version 0.1.1: -Lowered the volume of the background sound. -Fixed the collision material on the chaingun turret. -Crate collision now shouldn't allow you to glitch trough parts of the map now. -Added garbage collection every 30 seconds as a performance experiment --- I have diagnosed the main issues in the map's portals. The next major revision (0.2) should have the map hitting the rendering limit on vanilla fixed.
  4. I don't remember seeing any rules about it, I do remember a rule about not using too much content that isn't your own. Here is a video of the original Halo 3 map. The only thing that is even remotely close is the layout at this point.
  5. I only really tested the map for the first time yesterday. It was then that I realized that the platforms were way too low. I think I might just increase the height a bit or block it off. There is actually a bunch more geometry that I didn't get to import yet btw. This isn't my full vision of the map. It uses some textures from that map actually. And some background sounds
  6. I'm looking forward to the feedback I'll be getting. What I currently have in my TODO list: -Improve portalling. -Fix crate collision. -Lower the volume of the background sound. -Fix projectile collision on the windows. -Fix the found phantom bsps. -Improve the texturing on the walls. -Add all the missing geometry. -Add more cover. -Add more gametype specific vehicles to improve flow.
  7. I did it!
  8. Being worked on for we don't know how long anymore, here is Hornet's Nest, a remake of Halo 3's Rat's Nest, except it's a space station! ---This map is not finished--- You have no idea how happy I am to show off this map in the state that it is in, even though it isn't finished The map works best on CTF and Team Slayer. It is set up to work with: CTF, Slayer/Team Slayer, Oddball (Not suggested), King of the Hill/Crazy King, Race, And any derivatives. More screenshots!: Credits: Model: Killzone and Me Texturing and ingaming: Me Download link for all the versions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StGxaknpW5iY2uJ108QN04XrbuaVNGin Known issues with this version: -The portalling is bad, so the map will de-render at times. -Some small phantom BSPs. -The warthog can be put under the platforms in the main loop. ---Change Log--- Version 0.1.0: First release.
  9. Little preview of my thing. Not finished yet.
  10. So, that map that I didn't submit last time is shaping up pretty nicely, I'll be sure to submit it to this contest when it's ready.
  11. It comes in 3 variants, a biped with no dialog, one with dialog and randomized coloring, and one that uses the player's mp color and has dialog. It also comes with an untested actor variant that has an untested dialog tag, and a replacement set of animations for use with the bigass map. I've held onto it since the end of 2016, so I might as well release it here. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ram3cyztK8R0JC74BnQfl37olNlgb5kj
  12. Never scripted in lua before. But here is my take from a lot of googling and some corrections from 002: api_version = "" minutes = 0 seconds = 0 function OnScriptLoad() timer(1000, "TimerFunction") end function TimerFunction() seconds = seconds + 1 if seconds == 60 then seconds = 0 minutes = minutes + 1 end cprint(minutes .. ":" .. string.format("%02d",seconds)) end You may still want a way to clear the screen so they don't pile up and a way to make the timer appear on the right side of the screen.
  13. So.. stuff did get inbetween. I could throw together something nice for the competition still. But it has to be nicer than nice, I have a few goals I want to achieve with the map I am working on. Good luck to all the people who actually got their stuff in and/or will be able to get their stuff in. I haven't really paid much attention, but I saw some nice stuff come along. You'll see what I have been working on some time in the future. But for now I will be going really slow on it because I am staying with someone nice for the rest of this month.
  14. Time to pull out all stops and hope that nothing gets in between >:D
  15. I mean.. I haven't modded the game in a while, but this could be fun.