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  1. Little preview of my thing. Not finished yet.
  2. So, that map that I didn't submit last time is shaping up pretty nicely, I'll be sure to submit it to this contest when it's ready.
  3. It comes in 3 variants, a biped with no dialog, one with dialog and randomized coloring, and one that uses the player's mp color and has dialog. It also comes with an untested actor variant that has an untested dialog tag, and a replacement set of animations for use with the bigass map. I've held onto it since the end of 2016, so I might as well release it here. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ram3cyztK8R0JC74BnQfl37olNlgb5kj
  4. Never scripted in lua before. But here is my take from a lot of googling and some corrections from 002: api_version = "" minutes = 0 seconds = 0 function OnScriptLoad() timer(1000, "TimerFunction") end function TimerFunction() seconds = seconds + 1 if seconds == 60 then seconds = 0 minutes = minutes + 1 end cprint(minutes .. ":" .. string.format("%02d",seconds)) end You may still want a way to clear the screen so they don't pile up and a way to make the timer appear on the right side of the screen.
  5. So.. stuff did get inbetween. I could throw together something nice for the competition still. But it has to be nicer than nice, I have a few goals I want to achieve with the map I am working on. Good luck to all the people who actually got their stuff in and/or will be able to get their stuff in. I haven't really paid much attention, but I saw some nice stuff come along. You'll see what I have been working on some time in the future. But for now I will be going really slow on it because I am staying with someone nice for the rest of this month.
  6. Time to pull out all stops and hope that nothing gets in between >:D
  7. I mean.. I haven't modded the game in a while, but this could be fun.
  8. I made a little Pastebin on what hex values to change in order for tool to allow for larger MP maps and a fix for if tool crashes at "Writing vertex and index buffers". Works for OS Tool too, so YES you can compile maps with opensauce tags that are larger than 128MB. https://pastebin.com/rNVVjyus Don't ask me how to hex edit, google if you don't know. Just one hint: use overtype and not insert...
  9. Yeah, I am not up for the task to convert thousands of mods that are just fine at 30. Not to mention I don't like editing existing maps, I just want to make new stuff. And as Tucker said this still doesn't work in multiplayer. This stuff isn't just a button press it is work, lots of work. And much rather than this approach I would like to see something that just makes the game interpolate which is very unlikely to happen. I will only be using this for my single player projects, unless something big happens I won't be doing anything like this with my mp projects.
  10. Well the animations are automated now, but not all the timings in the tags. And yeah this is in the hek.
  11. Here is a demonstration of something I did a while ago that I will be using in my currently unannounced projects. I won't be applying this to the existing campaign, it would be too much work with no enough reward, instead I will implement it in my currently unannounced single player project. The way this works is that I am essentially running the game at double the default speed and have the gravity put down to a factor of 0.25 to simulate the same physics as default CE. For this method all animations need to be reimported (Or converted now that MosesOfEgypt made a converter), and times need to be doubled, rates need to be halved, which is why I only suggest doing this when you are making your whole tagset from scratch. The only thing here that is still at the wrong speed is the effects, which will be redone for my project anyways. But as you can see 60fps in CE is possible and works just fine. This prototype was set up in about a day, this was possible because MosesOfEgypt made a converter for 30 to 60 that converts the animation tags without ever having to open 3dsmax.
  12. So, I played this map last saturday with SBB when we decided to explore a little and found a turf variant outside of your map. Right after we played the turf map. A timestamp of the vid when we found it: That was funny, but I don't know why you would leave that in...
  13. Looks interesting, I can't wait to play it when SBB is recording on saturday.
  14. I made a video showcasing Rododo's effects and shaders from a testmap I borrowed from him. Maybe here the revenant effect looks more finished. It looks a bit off to me in the vid on the OP.