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  1. A map with a different flag position than one you're trying to connect to should rightfully not work. This is a bad thing to try and do.
  2. Don't use HEK+ to get your tags, use Refinery. If you think the map is protected, run Refinery's deprotection. Watch this video to see how to use Refinery. Here's a download link for the MEK Essentials(contains Refinery). https://bitbucket.org/Moses_of_Egypt/mek-essentials/downloads/MEK_Essentials_Setup(latest_version).exe
  3. This is a bump http://thesouthafrica.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/bumpersticker.jpg
  4. If anyone has any questions, has a feature request for mozz, or needs to report a bug, just post it here.
  5. Tucker933 suggested that I post this here since most of you don't frequent Halomaps. The threads that I posted this on HM were mainly these 2: Mo's Editing Kit release thread Mozzarilla release thread I'm mostly just gonna post the readme into here, so yeah... This is my collection of tools I've made for editing Halo. You guys wont find all of them useful, but many of them are. The libraries that this toolkit runs on can be updated by running the upgrade.py script, but it will not upgrade any of the files actually in this toolkit. Instead the download link will be updated whenever I commit changes, which means you guys can check in whenever to see if something is new. I haven't been keeping a changelog because idk where to start, and idk when I'll get around to making one. Sorry. Everything in this package will require at least python 3.4 or higher to run. Here's a quick rundown of what each thing is as of the time of me writing this: Mozzarilla: Essentially a replacement Guerilla with a ton of new features, such as creating gametypes for Halo CE/PC/Xbox/PowerPC(PC and PowerPC untested)(credit to 002 for the struct definitions). Read the mozzarilla readme.txt The MEK also contains a scripts folder with any Maxscripts that I've made or modified. Currently there are Gbxmodel Importer and an Animation Importer scripts, which are both modified variants of TheGhost's scripts. The model importer is now also capable of importing xbox models, and shader bugs found in previous versions as well as various crash related bugs have been fixed. The animation importer can now import model_animiation_yelo tags, can use xbox models when prompted for a model, and has been fixed to work with tags containing more than 255 reflexives. This means you can finally open tags that have 256 or more animations. Installation: 1. Install python 3.4 or higher(newest version is recommended) When installing, make sure to check "Add python to PATH" 2. Run MEK_Installer.pyw 3. Choose whether or not to install it portably(to a local directory) or to the machine you are running. 4. Click "Install" Mozzarilla and all the programs in the MEK should be ready to use now. To open mozz, run Mozzarilla, or Mozzarilla(console). Either one works, but the console one will print any errors that occur if mozz fails to load. Troubleshooting: If the updater doesn't seem to actually update anything, then clear your pip cache. You can find it in users\app_data\pip\Cache See here for more information: http://stackoverflow.com/a/41111916 If programs wont run at all, add the version of python you installed to your PATH environment variable. Google how to do that. If programs wont load or save tags then you have a permissions issue where python isnt being allowed to modify/make files in the directory you are in. One potential way to fix this is to locate your python installation, right click python.exe, and set it to run with administrator privileges. Do the same for pythonw.exe. Some users claim that this fix prevents their python programs from running at all, so if it does then undo that administrator change and change the folder permissions on the folder you are trying to edit tags in. It turns out that this is caused by certain versions of windows due to some of their security measures, like UAC. If you changed config settings and now it wont load or stuff is too screwed up to use, delete the config. You can find it at PYTHON\Lib\site-packages\mozzarilla\mozzarilla.cfg where PYTHON is the location of your python installation. If you don't know where this is, you can find it in your PATH variable. If not, then go looking lol. Updating: 1. Run MEK_Installer.pyw 2. Choose whether or not to force reinstalling components. 3. Click "Upgrade" If you need to try to reinstall the arbytmap module(because you installed the Visual C++ compiler and you are trying to get the accelerator modules to install) then run reinstall_arbytmap.py DOWNLOAD: MEK Installer download Python 3 download page(newest version is recommended) MEK Prebuilt download MEK Essentials download