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  1. I was in total shock when I heard and couldn't believe it for a time. Then it hit me and couldn't help feeling of such a loss not only for myself but for so many people around him. Rest in Peace Puddin, there will be a great Puddin sized hole in many of our hearts and we will miss you.
  2. In that first vid, I have to say, that guy is a total nob.
  3. I worked out what it was, I think the initial beeping was caused by too much dust, but after cleaning it all out and putting back together again it was still beeping. What I hadn't done at the time was reconnect the graphics card to the power supply after cleaning, so when I opened it up again I discovered my error. So of course it was an error due to a silly noob that doesn't double check everything. I thank everyone for their quick responses. P.S thank you Daywu for providing the answer to my problem.
  4. graphics card gains power from power supply, I'm fairly sure it is connected. I will check that when I can. Thanks for reply, keep the feedback coming, I'd like as much info as possible
  5. Hey I'm just having some issues with my pc, when I turn it on, it beeps at me constantly in groups of three and it doesn't load windows or anything else. Nothing shows on the screen at all, it remains blank and tower keeps beeping. I have opened it up and cleaned out any dust I can find, I have removed the graphics card, all ram cards and the fan for the heat sink and cleaned out what I can. I don't know what else to do and I'm clearly not very tech savvy. Any help would be appreciated. Pablo
  6. Hey I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Pablo and I'm a regular Halo PC and CE player Krazychic referred me to you guys as I have some pc issues I was hoping some of you may be able to help me with. I will post in the appropriate thread, I appreciate any help you can give Cheers, Pablo