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  1. Assembly is a tag editing program like Eschaton but for Halo games on the Xbox 360. It can mod in real time or the maps themselves. You just need the patched default.xex files to run the maps. Of course it's for research only not cheating.
  2. I'm modding it. Actually using HMT and HHT then Eschaton etc is a good way to know how these games work. This morning I have been playing around with Assembly and Halo 3 for the Xbox 360, it's pretty straight forward after using these other programs and getting the understanding of how it all works.
  3. That's good to know, you are right, I just haven't worked out everything the tools do, I just read up what others used.
  4. The story so far, the flood have evolved and instead of just killing all the marines they inject them with a serum that turns them to their side. The humans have developed a serum of their own. When the flood do try and consume a marine that's had this serum they turn to the humans side. Your job is to kill all the enemy flood and marines using the friendly flood and marines to your advantage. ================================================================================ I am new to modding Halo and only started looking at all this a week ago, so I worked out a way to get marines into The Library, there may be an easier way but still working on it. Now before I start not all the Marines fight on your side, even though the majority will, a few will fight against you, and a few of the flood will be on your side, this part I haven't worked out yet, but it makes it more interesting IMO. Tools needed: Eschaton 8 HHT HMT This is the way I did it: Open and expand the library map C20 in Eschaton and then open the C10 map and re-cursively extract the armoured marine biped, actr and actv tags, then inject them into C20. Rebuild the map. (Or thanks to Tucker933, close the rebuilt map and open it up again in Eschaton and do the following changes in that.) Open the rebuilt C20 map in HHT and go to the scenario tag and find the "actv\characters\floodcombat_human assault rifle" there is a few lists of them and the weapons may change. Now at the bottom swap as many of these as you like for the marine_armoured assault rifle and save your changes. The more you change the more squads of marines you will have during the game. I changed six occurences for a start. Now open the map in HMT and in the biped tag change the armoured marine default team to "player" in the right hand window. I also changed the floodcombat/human to "none". Now when you load The Library you will have marines running around shooting and yelling cover fire, the cavalry has arrived etc, the ones on your side you can tell by whether the aiming circle stays blue or turns red (besides the fact that if their not on your side they will shoot at you). It makes it much more interesting to me having most on your side and a few on the flood side, instead of just having endless amounts of flood that you have to dodge because you can't kill them all.
  5. I just joined this fine looking forum. I love modding and playing games, especially Halo. I just put marines into the Library map in Halo and its fun to play, some on my side and some on the floods side. Downloaded the FTWMod maps and can't wait to try them out, great work! My background is in electronics having designed and built custom diy audio components.