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  1. not playing but watching the dota 2 internationals. dunno if anyone here knows of the game but this years tournament's prize pool is $18m+
  2. thanks. im now for sure that google is only useful for porn.
  3. ive seen some people here were involved in programming. google hasnt helped. can anyone point me to how i might easily convert cast an integer value from a string to integer type in c++? a lot of the tuts on google have code that looks like it should work but my compiler keeps shitting on it.
  4. reading an old 2011 A+ cert book at the local library. really enjoying all the information I wasn't aware of.
  5. red pleb reporting. redd's apple ale is my favorite but on any given day I would prefer miller fortune.
  6. English and drunk speak.
  7. thanks all for the warm welcomes
  8. i was searching for some halo forums on google
  9. i like the site. name's jon, pleased to meet you all.