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  1. Add conditions in front of the command. $gt: then the game-type will suit your purpose event_join $gt:cft 'w8 300;say $n "message here" event_join $gt:slayer 'w8 300;say $n "message here"
  2. My experience with Spotify on iPhone basically was that it gives you basically no say. If you tired to play one song from an album it would select the whole album and shuffles the potatoes out of it and will generally put the song you wanted at the bottom of the playlist... Frustrated I made the switched now almost two years ago to Guvera and I'd recommend the switch. With Guvera you can choose which songs you want to listen to, so you wont need to do any of that miscellaneous stuff that Nex suggested for you smartphone & tablet users, just to skip tracks or to search an artist and just listen to one bloody song from them. And heres a smart tip, I tend to just Download which songs you want to listen to the app, then I switch my WiFi off on my iPhone so I don't get the ads... As far as the Apple World goes, Guvera's the best choice which I've found so far for allowing me to play what I want when I want in the order I want for free.
  3. Random order, I have the game-types how I want them I just want the order of the maps to be a mystery. for example If i have my map cycle list: Lets say this is my mapcycle: bloodgulch:pingas:4:16 ratrace:are:0:12 sidewinder:bad:4:16 carousel:kids:0:12 I want to script to read it then scramble the order of these maps when its loaded.
  4. Hey, Is it possible to get a script made which would randomize the map-cycle list, and randomize it upon each time the randomized map-cycle is completed?