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  1. uploading to the HAC2 map repo today. Sorry for being out to lunch the past few months
  2. HAC2 sitejack can be turned off at the server. It supports both SAPP and my HSE. The old HAC/SAPP way was to set scrim mode, whatever that meant. It came down to setting a flag in the server query reply, but in SAPP there was a specific command for it, I forget what. The new version supports the old method as well as a new method between SAPP and the new HAC2 called "netvents". Either way, there is a way to get SJ to turn off on HAC2 clients.
  3. Added to the HAC2 map repo.
  4. antfarm has been uploaded to the HAC2 map repo. antfarm_sfw was already there, and matched the download above, so we're good.
  5. Dropped into the hac2 repo
  6. Added to the HAC2 repo.
  7. uploaded to the HAC2 repo
  8. Uploaded to the HAC2 map repo.
  9. This has been uploaded to the HAC2 repo
  10. This has been placed in the HAC2 repo.
  11. Great job, man...
  12. Googling around, and I see others having the same problems with that chipset (GM965). It might not work with Windows 10. If you open Device Manager, go to display adapters, then right click the Intel and go to Properties->Drivers, what does it say?
  13. I'm on Windows 10, with a nVidia 1060, and I'm getting 600-700FPS in Blood Gulch at 1920x1080, and around 400 at 4K (3840x2160). What GPU are you using? And what monitor?
  14. Uploaded to the HAC2 map repo per Storm.
  15. Uploaded to the HAC2 map repo - looks awesome!