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  1. Its been a while...
  2. Yeah nah looks like its someone else who 'gave away' servers in the past ehem, Thing1 also gave away a server last year. Er, what exactly does this mean?
  3. That isn't thing1 is it? Or just someone who was also giving away servers last year?
  4. Started making a Star Wars Battlefront II map...
  5. Is it possible to have an event or script that at a certain time changes the map votes and reloads the server?
  6. Thanks for bringing us the Revolution NeX. It is truly revolutionary. Would it be possible to get an unfinished version of coagulation? I'd love to see some of the work you did on it.
  7. Yeah this was on a cave server. Also found a hole in the floor of damnationdelta next to the column near 16.93 -2.98 3.36
  8. The elite is still being killed after one shot from the sniper rifle.
  9. Tied starting my PC sever today, running custom maps with Phasor. Crashed loading up multiple times. Reinstalled, with 1.09 or 1.0.10 patch and no Phasor won't recognize maps. With Phasor can't start. What's wrong?
  10. Yes it appeared to have been a map (interestingly it runs off maps from the halo/maps file and not halo server/maps. I removed all the maps and accidentally left one in (polarity) and it worked fine. Now I just gotta figure which map causes the problem or if it's a limit to the amount if maps.
  11. General idea of asking for help is getting suggestions and advice on what may fix the problem. I'm really not sure what details are relevant. The fact that in running xp sp2, and movie maker gets stuck at 50% when publishing are details, but not necessarily helpful.
  12. It use to work before though, now it suddenly doesn't. I have tried sapp before but it is too lagging for my pc. Can I run custom maps without sapp or phasor?
  13. How would I add a custom cmd so when a player types "killme" they drop dead and if they type "help" a list of player cmds appear?
  14. I'm running rev maps too with a link to here (hope that's ok guys). Zetren paid a visit to it and complained a bit, 'nuff said. The profanity filter isn't going and it's up to my host to update sapp (which I don't see as necessary).
  15. If you're adding in the covenant sniper what will the difference be from the regular sniper?
  16. I will still be able to make that one even though it'll be Monday.
  17. Nah, I doubt I could convince you guys. Anyways I'm gonna ramble on. I believe Halo failed when it came to weapons. It's Sci-fi and set in the future, humans probably have invented some cool kickass energy-weapon-laser-blaster-thing, but nooo, they have lead ammo fed weapons. But Halo is then like "don't worry, the aliens have energy weapons!". Oh ok. But what is this? The game hands us some shitass plasma weapons and says "There you go, btw we left human weapons lying around everywhere because they work". And as new games were made the humans were still using outdated weaponry because they couldn't develop batteries better than AAs. So much for future first person shooter cool-laser-immersion.
  18. Yeah dunno, bit late for me, like 11PM. Actually daylight saving happens tomorrow that'd be 10PM, eh half an hour can't hurt.
  19. Then think outside of the sandbox.
  20. The addition would be less for balance reasons than for added fun in game-play. The old beta had separate weapon load outs for each armour, and I tried to get rid of that plasma rifle asap. The speed now of players is too fast for the plasma rifle to be effective. The only "logical" reason I see for the addition of a storm rifle would be a higher ROF and it would be a mid-range weapon, reducing stun on it would be another thing. As for the human covenant balance what is the difference between the two snipers? The game is over run by human weapons and the covenant side appears to be forgotten. This addition might not serve a proper balance purpose, but it would give players another option that would make covenant game-play more fun.
  21. Seeing you added three human weapons, two of which are automatics, and only two covenant weapons, would you add an AR equivalent such as maybe the storm rifle or spiker? So the covenant have a decent automatic that is hugely inaccurate.
  22. On valhalla there is an invisible wall that blocks bullets, plasma and grenades in blue base underneath the flag. It takes up half the doorway leading to the banshee. Are the portals on wizard meant to have the green glowing portal stuff in them? Currently they're blank, and on most maps I can't always find an overshield because it is sometimes invisible in the spot it is found. eg: the os on icefields on the bridge.
  23. Chalwk and my annoying map editing questions.