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  1. Omg, those environments look SO MUCH BETTER than in the previous game. New Vegas looked boring, and I didnt much like the whole gambling theme either. Other than that Ive always loved fallout, this looks like its gonna be the best one yet (since Fallout 3 at least, because I know someones gonna get mad if I dont say this )
  2. First of all, sorry for resurrecting the thread but I felt like replying so I did (plus Im slightly drunk). Like some people already stated, Tripwire is using a HEAVILY modified version of the engine so I dont think they care about the newer version at this point. Also from what Ive gathered, many of you havent actually played the first game so to those who havent, let me just tell you it was VERY mod friendly game so undoubtably KF2 will be as well. Releasing the SDK already supports this. And if you look at the modding forums, they have actually made a thread where you can request features that help modding. They are awesome developers. You just need to have patience and they will deliver. Now, Im off to the local pub , hopefully I didnt post anything anywhere I regret tomorrow.
  3. "The only finnish I know is what pigs say" Hahahaha
  4. Hokey, guess I have to make an attempt at introducing myself now that I decided to make an account here. I was invited here by Tucker at the Killing Floor 2 forums, my username there is mikkou. Been a mapper ever since the first game, and have already released a couple of maps for KF2 which you can find in here as well, and Im planning to make more. If you have any ideas/suggestion feel free to share Oh and I live in Finland, and Im 26 (in couple months).