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  1. Yeeeeah no Windows 10 for me anymore. gg, Microsoft. :^)
  2. I don't see it making too much of a difference, maybe it's just me. Thanks though.
  3. KF2's already as moddable, people just haven't made mutators yet. The functionality is there, if someone would get off their lazy butt and make a mut. Hell, certain people have already made playermodels. The process is pretty much the same for both games, I can definitely say that there will be as many if not more mods for KF2 as there are for KF1. 1k hours in KF1 teaches you a lot.
  4. Dunno if this has been posted.
  5. You forgot where you join a public server on Normal with 5 players then break all the lights and weld the doors to 4%.
  6. Welcome to Hell, enjoy your stay here.
  7. LOADSAMODS KF2 mods, very popular apparently. :^)
  8. Soon enough.
  9. The one and only doctor, that shoddy modder who always hides unreleased junk from people and teases them with screenshots. :^) Yeah, I'm here. NoirSuccubus from TWI forums, Zedek the Plague Doc on Steam. Expect loadsacontent from KF2.