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  1. http://blog.eldewrito.com/ Game on people !!
  2. Nearly 2500 people playing this when I looked today. http://vicelio.thefeeltra.in/
  3. LOL that's some cool sneaky crouching you got going right there.
  4. Wow how do you cope, it got to 32 degrees Celsius here over the last week which I thought was enough to bare while working outside.
  5. Defo use a case, my phone has had a few tumbles with the work I do.
  6. I cant access sapp forum, has it gone or can anyone else open it up on there browser, I just get "This page can't be displayed"
  7. "The Lobster" What can I say but hmm very strange, Watch it if you like weird films this is up there.
  8. I see, although we did appear to die simultaneously I guess possibly by msecs one did die before the other. Thanks for the explanation 002
  9. Not sure if this is in the right place, but I am just curious of this bug. I was in a server on ce with another guy and we decided to use melee just for a change, so what it was if we both killed each other at the same time with melee on the server text it would say, You was killed by a bullet You was killed by guardians Now I was the player a bullet and the other guy was called Llibert II, so just wondered if anyone`s got an explanation for the name change,
  10. Have you used a script to do this?
  11. I`m still running my i7-920 which I can easily run at 4gz on a water cooler, but it gets a bit thirsty (watts)
  12. http://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/102691-amd-officially-announces-ryzen-7-cpus/ What`s Intel got up its sleeve to trump AMD`s latest goodies.
  13. I appreciate yours and the forums efforts, thanks.
  14. You said since you put your gpu in, this prebuilt system so I take it that you've upgraded? Could you try another gpu in your system to rule out any other issues