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  1. This is true, but I mean for the experience. I know AAA games will get accepted mega fast and the majority will be sitting there for ages, which is a shame tbh.
  2. If so, what was it? Was it difficult? How popular is it now?
  3. I personally have not as I'm relatively new to the Steam community. I do sometimes vote on which games should be greenlit and I may devote some time to submitting a concept for being greenlit. I think the concept generally is nice so I was wondering if anyone here has submitted one before. clear.png If so, has it been successful at all?
  4. Hello and welcome to OC!
  5. Thanks I am Captured Enigma on FP, why?
  6. Hey there I saw your forum on Forum Promotion Could I ask what theme it is you use?
  7. Hey What a lovely forum guys! How did you get this theme, is it a pre-made one or custom made? I love it!