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  1. This script will show player's secondary weapon. Features: Works on all unprotected maps that don't already have backpack weapons Automatically detects where weapon should be placed if the tag is not listed in the script Known Issues: Only one backpack weapon is shown Some custom weapons may not be placed correctly Some custom weapons may not render when viewed at certain angles May cause issues on single-player maps when reloading checkpoints Current version: 2021-01-09 DOWNLOAD: backpack_weapons.lua
  2. I've added an option to disable weapons when players are in vehicles. Also made some other small improvements to the script.
  3. Finally! Everyone needs to see Your amazing work <3
  4. I don't know how to make the weapon turn invisible the way players do so I just made it disappear. I don't want weapons to stay visible when players are invisible lol
  5. This script will enable death sounds in multiplayer. It doesn't work 100% of the time but I don't know how to improve it. Should work on most unprotected maps. I've updated the script to let you choose if you want to use violent or quiet death sound variant. DOWNLOAD: death_sound.lua
  6. As I've mentioned in the OP, I've added an option to switch between quiet and violent death sound variants.
  7. This script changes the way vehicles are synchronized on race gametype to prevent desync issues. The vehicles will appear a bit laggy but they will no longer desync when crashing into other vehicles or something. DOWNLOAD: race_desync_fix.lua
  8. It might be a language issue. The game should be installed in English.
  9. map scripting pls pls pls
  10. A campaign mod that adds a grappling hook. Requires Chimera with Lua scripting support. Hold shift to activate it. DOWNLOAD: Mega https://mega.nz/file/lD5nmAqB#EoesaBbZbTYHm9Sdrj6Wkqg5QBz3Okl6FXebEfyITPg Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/ib7t2tkhqad8kbm/HaloCEGrapplingHook.rar/file
  11. I've made a campaign mod using this. Check the OP for links!
  12. For Chimera 1.0 Chimera 1.0 now supports Lua scripting. You can download it from here. To install it just extract everything to your Halo install directory. To install scripts you must put them in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\scripts\global\ folder. The scripts should work automatically once you start Halo. If Halo is already running, type "chimera_reload_scripts" in the console to reload the scripts. For older builds of Chimera If you choose to use an older build of Chimera I recommend downloading the -581 build: chimera_build_-581.zip To install it you need to extract it to the Controls folder in your install directory. If you had Chimera 1.0 installed previously you must remove it! To install scripts you must put them in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global\ folder. The scripts should work automatically once you start Halo. If Halo is already running, type "chimera_reload_lua" in the console to reload the scripts. For modders: You can include a script in a map file! First of all, put the script in the map folder instead of global and name it the same as the map file. When you play on that map, the script will load. Use this tool chimera_ltool.zip to attach it to the map file once it's ready. in CMD type "chimera_ltool 'mapfile.map' 'script.lua' 'mapfile.map'" (make sure to use full directories) and it will be done! Whoever plays your map and has Chimera will run the script. WARNING! This will not work with Chimera 1.0
  13. I have edited the OP to include Chimera 1.0.
  14. Halo Invaders turns Halo into a shoot 'em up game. Pilot a lifepod and survive as long as you can against an endless covenant fleet. The map currently has no end and the longer you play the more difficult it gets. Use WASD to control your ship and hold space to fire. The map requires Chimera -572 or -581. It can be played as a singleplayer or a multiplayer map, however, you won't be able to play with others on multiplayer. Download: https://mega.nz/#!5CYHmaQa!dgOCpp0i5pS5S9xijLMfLq0zglSa2mDbxk079G5BPdU The map includes: 4 different enemy types to fight: Banshee Moving Banshee Seraph Spirit 3 different weapon types you can pick up, each lasting for 15 seconds: Automatic turret Shotgun turret Laser 2 powerups: Health pack - gives you +1 health Overshield - makes you invincible for 7 seconds Some screenshots: Known issues: There is no pause menu when playing the map as a singleplayer map. Use console or alt+f4 to quit the game for now Halo ring appears very bright if you play with Open Sauce Sometimes objects spawn too close to each other The collision between spaceships is not very accurate The map might crash on start for some players, if that happens just start the map again The camera won't work well if you use chimera_vfov so you need to set it to 0
  15. This script allows you to play in third person. You can use hotkeys on the mouse and numpad to toggle and move the camera. Open the script in notepad to customize it. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-581 or 1.0). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Current version: 2021-01-09 DOWNLOAD: third_person_camera.lua 2021-01-09 changes: fixed some issues related to the second reticle (red dot) fixed ammo icon appearing on the player in blood_covenant map fixed some issues related to scripts getting reloaded while in third person Features: A console command to enable/disable third-person camera: tp 1 / tp 0 Should work in all maps, even if they are protected Camera position customization: allows you to change where the camera is (open the script with notepad) Third-person camera zooming: doesn't switch to first-person when you zoom (optional) Dynamic reticle. Adds a lens flare that shows where your shots will actually land. Works in most maps (optional) Bigass V3 dynamic reticle: moves the reticle where your shows will actually land Player animation fixes: fixes most animation glitches that happen in multiplayer (optional) Camera shake removal: no camera shake when firing weapons (optional) Compatible with fp legs script Known issues: The dynamic reticle is delayed and doesn't look that good in most cases There might still be some animation glitches Sometimes reloading animation doesn't play at all In rare cases you can see explosion lights where the dynamic reticle is
  16. I've updated the script in OP. Version 1.2 changes: the camera now autocenters if it's about to get inside of BSP to avoid exploits (on servers only!) added some hotkeys you can use to adjust camera position and turn on/off third person camera fixed reload animation playing when picking up a new weapon if the previous one required reloading made first-person animation sounds play in third person improved the way scope masks are removed, should remove all stuff now reticle position now automatically changes based on your camera view which makes shooting at long range much easier fixed a crash related to removal of camera shake
  17. This is a campaign mod that adds some of Minecraft's features to Halo CE. You have 3 weapons and various blocks that you can use to build things. You can also choose from 16 player skins. Read the readme file for more info. Download: https://mega.nz/file/MTRUiZzY#SJ4EyIEo2l_yeHPFgflgNzC9PPAXMngnnoP_OsZHKKI http://www.mediafire.com/file/bg8gfjnx53ido90/HaloMinecraftMod1,1.rar/file Credits: aLTis - scripting and tag work Benji-Mod - some of the original tags (bow and sword) Kinnet - UI Vuthakral - help with the character model Refined Halo Development Team - some tag fixes Textures and sounds have been ripped from Minecraft Skins: reekid487, SkullBelly, ShaungJi123, Hellcraftjz, ElectroDr0p, Tin711, skad03, LordProtoTypeV3, Shempimite, Seileach, AliveR360, Johnny Joestar Testers: Kinnet, Reus, The Lobo, ShaungJi123, and others BTW here's the lua script that's used in every map, someone may find this stuff useful idk a10.lua
  18. This script fixes grenade throw animation when walking, jumping, crouching and riding a vehicle. The script should work on any map even if it's protected. Known issues: only works on multiplayer and only if you are the client only fixes in client-side so what you see other players doing will not match what's happening on the server spamming grenade throw key will repeat the animation The script was updated to fix grenade spamming in first person view. Another update to add support for multiple bipeds in one map. DOWNLOAD: grenade_throw_fix.lua
  19. I can't get lua scripts to work with SPV3 so I can't do anything about this myself. Give this a try, this is the latest version of the script third_person_camera.lua
  20. This script will move the HUD when you aim, walk sideways, jump, etc. Works on all maps even if they are protected. Should work fine with HAC2 and Chimera widescreen fixes. DOWNLOAD: hud_sway.lua
  21. This script gives you more ways you can use zoom: You can zoom in by holding a mouse button of your choice and unzoom by releasing it You can zoom in and out using scroll wheel Known issues: For some reason scroll wheel input doesn't work sometimes and you need to restart the game for it to work again DOWNLOAD: scroll_zoom.lua
  22. Make sure you remove 1.0 and then extract this to controls folder chimera_build_-581.zip
  23. Shared in my Discord server https://discord.gg/GDVEaRD