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  1. This script gives you more ways you can use zoom: You can zoom in by holding a mouse button of your choice and unzoom by releasing it You can zoom in and out using scroll wheel Known issues: For some reason scroll wheel input doesn't work sometimes and you need to restart the game for it to work again DOWNLOAD: scroll_zoom.lua
  2. I've updated this script. Let me know if there are any more issues. DOWNLOAD: ally_retical_modified_by_altis.lua Changes: More accurate (based on position of each bone) Works on protected maps Works in vehicles Doesn't turn green through walls Works with reticles that use multiple bitmaps Fixes a glitch where reticles became permanently green after reloading Chimera lua Known issues: Name of the player you're aiming at appears faster than before
  3. This allows you to steer some of the vehicles using your keyboard instead of a mouse. This will not work on flying or hovering vehicles. The Chimera script will not work on a server unless the server has the sapp script. If people join the server without this script then they will probably warp a lot when driving vehicles. I haven't tested this in singleplayer but it might break some cutscenes where marines drive warthogs (I could fix this but can't be bothered). There are a few settings you can edit on both server and client scripts but the client's settings will be overridden by the server settings when you join a server. I would recommend not hosting a public server with this and just keep it for private gamenights or something. DOWNLOAD CHIMERA SCRIPT: vehicle_turning_chimera.lua DOWNLOAD SERVER SCRIPT: vehicle_turning_sapp.lua
  4. This script fixes grenade throw animation when walking, jumping, crouching and riding a vehicle. The script should work on any map even if it's protected. Known issues: only works on multiplayer and only if you are the client only fixes in client-side so what you see other players doing will not match what's happening on the server spamming grenade throw key will repeat the animation The script was updated to fix grenade spamming in first person view. DOWNLOAD: grenade_throw_fix.lua
  5. In this gametype a team of players needs to kill a powerful monster. The monster has a lot of health and a powerful weapon and abilities. The weapon is fired by holding the left click, rocket and plasma abilities are grenades and nuke is activated by pressing X (exchange weapon). When a player is killed, they drop a skull. Those skulls can be collected by the monster to restore health. If other players collect 3 skulls, they will respawn with a rocket launcher (the skulls don't reset if the player dies). The script only works on unprotected maps with a classic tagset and only on the gametype specified in the script ("monster" by default). Various stats can be customized in the script. DOWNLOAD: monster.lua DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDED GAMETYPE: monster.rar
  6. You can get the player's name using get_var(PlayerIndex, "$name")
  7. Use this invite then https://discord.gg/KbuBKX
  8. Here's the latest version of my first-person legs script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-572 or -581). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global DOWNLOAD: fp_legs.lua Features: Console command to enable/disable the script: fp_legs 1 / fp_legs 0 Works on all unprotected maps with humanoid bipeds Works on both singleplayer and multiplayer maps You can blacklist the maps on which you want to disable this script by editing the script with notepad Known issues: Weapon ready sound sometimes plays when legs spawn On some maps that have different player physics, the legs might behave weirdly
  9. I don't know about that. Join their Discord server https://shadowmods.net/discord
  10. 1.0 doesn't support lua. Shadowmods are working on Chimera Revamped which is basically 1.0 but with lua and other features.
  11. I wrote a script that does this
  12. This script disables fall damage if: Player speed is increased (you can set to what speed); Player left a banshee (or any other vehicle specified in the script). Fall damage will be enabled after player touches the ground. Both can be disabled in the script. I haven't tested too much but everything should work fine. The script may not work on protected maps. DOWNLOAD: fall_damage_thingy.lua
  13. A remake of Halo Reach's gametype headhunter. When you kill an enemy they will drop a skull and you will have to collect those skulls and carry them to the hill to score points. When you are killed you will drop all of your skulls. Players only drop a skull if killed by an enemy but they will always drop the skulls they were already carrying. The script works on both free for all and team gametypes. The script will show you how many skulls you are carrying and enemies/teammates that are carrying at least 1 skull. This information appears in the console and the messages will also be colored for Chimera users. For this script to work you need to create a king of the hill gametype and enter its name in the script's GAMETYPES table. DOWNLOAD: headhunter.lua Known issues: picking up a skull interrupts your weapon animation (not sure if I should fix this tbh) the sound "hill controlled" only plays if a single player is in the hill (you can just disable this sound in the script)
  14. Haven't added a headshot-only option but here you go
  15. Small update fixing a couple of minor issues.
  16. This script will respawn oddballs if they were dropped down to unreachable places (like in damnation, gephyrophobia etc). You can set the global z coordinate below which oddballs will be respawned in all maps and add specific map coordinates if the global value doesn't work with that map. Edit: now oddball MetaID is checked on script load too. Edit 2: fixed crash when oddball object is removed (sv_map_reset) Edit 3: rewrote most of the script to improve several things, read the last post for more details Download: oddball.lua
  17. I've updated this script because I wanted it to work on any map effortlessly. Changes: The script now calculates the height at which the oddball should respawn instead of using a single value for all maps; Oddball now respawns in a random oddball spawn instead of respawning in a single place; The script now works on protected maps; The script will work if SAPP was reloaded. The height at which the oddball should respawn is calculated by checking for the lowest point of all spawn points and netgame flags and reducing that value by 5 world units just to make sure. It worked on all maps I've tested so far except for Snowdrop because it had a secret room below the map. You can still override the height value for maps like that in the script. Download: oddball.lua
  18. Very impressive work, I enjoyed playing through this a lot! I loved all of the new enemy types you introduced here. The only thing I didn't really like is that plasma pistol made all boss fights very easy (except for the hunter obviously) but aside from that everything worked very well.
  19. I've decided to start documenting Halo's console commands. There are so many console commands that are not explained anywhere so I've been trying them out and seeing what they do. If you want to contribute something let me know! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZZQsqQXRSq9zb7JRmz9k6Zz_izXBZJDv6_VlUh1UtnY/edit?usp=sharing
  20. Ascetic is a small symmetrical map designed for 4-6 players. Best played on CTF and KOTH but other game types can be fun as well. The map was originally being made back in 2015 after I had a dream of a small map similar to Sandtrap. I didn't think the map worked well so I stopped working on it. In late 2019 I had an idea that might make the map more interesting: mirroring one side of the map and duplicating the middle building to make the map bigger. After messing around with that idea I got inspired to finish the map. Since the map is still fairly small it allowed me to put a lot of detail on it without hitting the engine limits which I'm used to and that gave me more freedom. I spent a lot of time working on visuals to see how good I can make things look and I hope it shows. The map still isn't perfect and there are some things I'd rather change (I wish I had done something better with the doors in the middle that serve no real purpose) but I don't want to spend any more time working on this since nobody is going to play this map anyway lol. There is a backpack weapons script that requires a Chimera build that supports scripting. There are 2 Open Sauce post-processing effects: ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting. Volumetric lighting also requires Chimera to work. There are a few well-hidden easter eggs in the map. You won't be able to find them using devcam so look for clues first. I challenge all of you to find all of the secrets! DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!RP5ihQSb!tSAgsnYzlnB5gUVAMyIMOIFNxx5kJiGHwvb9V71l7vk Author: aLTis Thanks to: StormUndBlackbird team and everyone else who tested the map Solink: Forge Island sky Halo CE Refined team: HUD Burney: some light textures ShikuTeshi: upscaled spartan textures MrChromed: upscaled armor cubemap CtrlAltDestroy / [ZMT] L33T: backpack weapons sbdJazz, Hunter,Iq and Marty McFly: post processing effects Some textures are from textures.com Some textures are from the map Seclusion Some assets are from Halo 3 and Halo Reach Screenshots:
  21. Well, as i mentioned before, i started this map back in 2015 but didn't go far. It took me a little over a month to finish it when i came back to it.
  22. Here's the first public version of my third-person camera script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-572 or -581). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global DOWNLOAD: third_person_camera v1.1.lua Features: A console command to enable/disable third-person camera: tp 1 / tp 0 Should work in all maps, even if they are protected Camera position customization: allows you to change where the camera is (open the script with notepad) Third-person camera zooming: doesn't switch to first-person when you zoom (optional) Dynamic reticle. Adds a lens flare that shows where your shots will actually land. Works in most maps (optional) Bigass V3 dynamic reticle: moves the reticle where your shows will actually land Player animation fixes: fixes most animation glitches that happen in multiplayer (optional) Camera shake removal: no camera shake when firing weapons (optional) Compatible with fp legs script Known issues: The dynamic reticle is delayed and doesn't look that good in most cases The camera might clip through walls There might still be some animation glitches Picking up a weapon might play reload animation if the previous weapon needed to be reloaded Sometimes reloading animation doesn't play at all In rare cases you can see explosion lights where the dynamic reticle is
  23. Here's an update. Remove the previous script before using this one! Download: third_person_camera v1.1.lua Changes: Fixed crashes Fixed a bug that happened when playing on any other map after playing on bigass Fixed dynamic reticle disappearing after teleporting Fixed animation bug that sometimes happened after switching weapons Added a dot dynamic reticle type that can be used instead of bitmaps The dynamic reticle can now be removed when the player cannot fire The dynamic reticle should be more responsive Removed sniper zoom hud stuff when third person zoom is enabled