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  1. You simply need to edit the model_collision tag. Here's the difference between sp and mp banshee:
  2. Yeah, it uses the same shadows as vehicles, it's really simple to enable shadows that way. Shadows for buildings are for bigass forge only and when making a forge map you will have the ability to enable shadows for specific objects. The shadows for those objects are only rendered in close distance (40 world units at the moment) so there shouldn't be issues with reaching any engine limits.
  3. I've been working on a dynamic day-night cycle for bigass v3. Finally got the shadows to move based on where the sun is Here's an older video showing off how the map looks throughout the day
  4. It still happens. The previous version created setting files for the server and the client so I don't think that's the issue. Also when joining the latest Bigass beta I get this error https://mega.nz/#!NCQFgKrJ!7h7nRADXxBQHtxSmuSZx7lapOgVBC726OcCkAm1OwDw
  5. The client script gives me extremely low framerate on any server I join. I get less than 1 frame per second.
  6. Halo Invaders turns Halo into a shoot 'em up game. Pilot a lifepod and survive as long as you can against an endless covenant fleet. The map currently has no end and the longer you play the more difficult it gets. Use WASD to control your ship and hold space to fire. The map requires Chimera -572 or -581. It can be played as a singleplayer or a multiplayer map, however, you won't be able to play with others on multiplayer. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a65ya7c6192tqrd/halo_invaders.rar/file The map includes: 4 different enemy types to fight: Banshee Moving Banshee Seraph Spirit 3 different weapon types you can pick up, each lasting for 15 seconds: Automatic turret Shotgun turret Laser 2 powerups: Health pack - gives you +1 health Overshield - makes you invincible for 7 seconds Some screenshots: Known issues: There is no pause menu when playing the map as a singleplayer map. Use console or alt+f4 to quit the game for now Halo ring appears very bright if you play with Open Sauce Sometimes objects spawn too close to each other The collision between spaceships is not very accurate The map might crash on start for some players, if that happens just start the map again The camera won't work well if you use chimera_vfov so you need to set it to 0
  7. If you plan to keep this fog then I think you could just not add any portals do the map. All of the geometry that's far enough to be completely covered by fog doesn't render.
  8. thanks
  9. My submission Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a65ya7c6192tqrd/halo_invaders.rar/file
  10. Fake forge is a method of bringing changes made to a scenario tag into a map that was already compiled. What this means is that you can build a map out of scenery objects in Sapien and play that map on a server on an already existing map. You could also just make small changes like changing spawn points or positions of CTF flags. This will require all players to have Chimera -572 or -581 and the lua script (unless it's included in the map file as it will be in Bigass V3) I've just released the first beta, you can get it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hqqWcOXjOpHUXG4421O9zoKHmrtDxK7Kgl9v8tp7x78/edit?usp=sharing If you're interested in my mods, feel free to join my new Discord server: https://discord.gg/GDVEaRD Here is a mod of Danger Canyon I made. It's running on the Danger Canyon map, the changes are made entirely by scripting. The player only needs to have the lua script, no need to download a map file or anything!
  11. I've made a Discord server for Bigass and other things I'm working on. If you're interested and want to participate in beta tests then join it  https://discord.gg/GDVEaRD

  12. A 2v2 map designed for CTF and KOTH gametypes. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1maz7qnmwgm6lpo/epicenter.rar Pictures:
  13. On terrain's shader I used two different detail maps, one for dirt and one for rock. Grass and sand blends like this in blood gulch so take a look at how that's done.
  14. My submission
  15. Working on a script that dynamically spawns scenery objects around the bsp, here's a comparison of with and without:
  16. Halomaps thread: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=48452 So you are all probably wondering how this all works. Basically, an invisible vehicle spawns a scenery object. The rest is lua magic that only wizard giraffe understands. Everything is done through chat commands like "/spawn tower" but that can be simplifier by using program called AutoHotkey which will enter commands instantly when you press hotkeys. Since there is 512 vehicle limit in Halo, you can have that many forge objects in the map (unless you also have actual vehicles which would reduce that number). Right now there are 36 different objects that can be spawned and of course there will be more. You can suggest or make your own objects that you want to be spawnable in the map. Credits(so far): aLTis - project lead, shaders, sky, object porting giraffe - sapp lua scripts that make all this work (SBB)Mike - porting the bsp Nickster5000 - paying for the server
  17. Yeah I'm more focused on finishing bigassv3 right now. Chimera would make a lot of things easier but I don't know if I will have enough motivation to work on forge world again.
  18. I don't know the math to rotate the weapons so I just position them the way they are rotated by default, looks good enough to me lol
  19. Made a backpack weapon script for chimera yesterday, it won't work on all maps though.
  20. Doesn't matter if you rename the scenario or copy it, all that matters is that you recompile the map with a new name.
  21. I'm aiming for the third place.
  22. What could be inside??? Download: gift tags.rar
  23. How late am I?
  24. I left an annoying bug in there, here's a fixed version: recall.lua