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Status Updates posted by aLTis

  1. I've made a Discord server for Bigass and other things I'm working on. If you're interested and want to participate in beta tests then join it  https://discord.gg/GDVEaRD

  2. If you want something done then you gotta do it yourself :'v


  3. You can find pretty much all of the lua scripts I have here. Some of them are not made by me https://github.com/aLTis94/Halo_CE

  4. I'm too famous

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      Can I catch a ride on your bus if I give you a Kinder Egg?

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      Ahh Windows 69... nice

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      Haha, you should've posted the bloopers. I thought every home had a spoon room.

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      G-spot or not, someone messes with my butthole, they die.