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  1. I'll wait until the last day and then rush it.
  2. As far as I'm aware that's not possible. You can do that only if clients have Chimera and a lua script running but I guess that's not an option for you.
  3. This was harder to do than I expected because that script had a couple of issues I had to fix. Let me know if it works fine. pirate.lua
  4. It's up to users to vote I assume.
  5. FP legs should work with any map but it requires player to have Chimera obviously. There's still a couple of small issues but I think I'll be able to fix them.
  6. I'm interested.
  7. Moar Chimera scripting
  8. Gracias mi amigos!
  9. You could just switch FP arms gbxmodel dependancy in globals.globals depending on player's current biped, I think that could work. I made FP hands switching for revolution maps using very hacky ways of scrolling textures and it's not the most efficient way of doing it but it worked.
  10. It's that way just so it would be more visible for the video lol
  11. Did something with Chimera's Lua scripting
  12. This would be fun to mess around with, I could probably add some extra features in BigassV3. How exactly are these scripts stored?