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  1. These are some of the vehicles I made in the past. Download all of them here: https://mega.nz/file/pf4mHRIT#TjzOtyOsgkU-Sf1m6K4EDSeHDZPj8H63F-678IHY4tg Japari bus from Kemono Friends Lowrider hog Sonic tank APC tank
  2. These are some bipeds I ported to Halo CE at some point. 2B from Nier Automata Replaces the spartan biped and has fp arms as well. Download: https://mega.nz/file/cOBx3SDC#4zhjByLH_CIIXyOQDqaB71ikl7OzIZsTTZ2aIdyea68 Kemono Friends Replaces various campaign characters. Download: https://mega.nz/file/AaBxHa6S#xoLc1c-iIhogodG1QBcJaKZxQQhPax0w-6cTMaCsOX8 Padoru Replaces flood infection form. Download: https://mega.nz/file/wDAlwQAS#7xJzUxpmKFY3qgvLrdAV-CUHwTDlFsiZV19AnIxsvYg
  3. This is the Master Chief model from Fornite ported to Halo CE. Includes single-player and multi-player variants and first-person hands. The shoulders are a bit weird because the model didn't perfectly fit the h1 skeleton. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/file/1eI3kCra#-Z84OYJzlM_Dh3Ts6aGv7Z8utXlG7h8q2SfNB6nC5Xc Thanks to: Fubih for the cubemaps TheChunkierBean for support
  4. Could you try this and see if it crashes? monster.lua Also, can you add me on Discord so we could solve this faster? My Discord is aLTis#3828
  5. That's strange. Did you use the gametype I posted?
  6. Afaik you can't extract them directly. However, you can use Mozzarilla to convert collision geometry to gbxmodel and import that to 3ds Max. In Mozzarilla press Tools > Tag converters > model_collision_geometry to gbxmodel.
  7. This tutorial will show you how to use the real-time editor made by Sprinkle (http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=45788). The real-time editor can be used to fine-tune tags while the game is running without the need to recompile the map. This tool can be used on any unprotected maps. Download the real-time editor updated by @gbMichelle https://mega.nz/file/hT4nVaxY#YZKiYFnDVQanad7sCfcY2IYqZTFoz4lyZ8LrSvGkQcI Download the modified haloce.exe which will keep the game running when other windows are active https://mega.nz/file/pDpSQICY#Lpw9a-JrBds6-Cn1l_ma8K1fABQ6xy9QfRxAXS3FIfc Backup your haloce.exe and replace it with the new one Run Halo in windowed mode and go to the map you want to edit Run gameeditor.exe, press Load > Game to load the tags Edit the tags as if you're using Guerilla and see the changes happen instantly! Please note that any changes that you make will disappear once the map is unloaded. You can save a modified tag by pressing Tag > Save As.
  8. I remember seeing this happen on XG servers years ago. There was some guy who kept doing it a lot.
  9. This script adds a CTF mode to free for all. A flag will spawn at a random spot and players will have to bring it to one of the original CTF flag spawns to score. A compass will be displayed as a console message to help players find the flag. This script will only work on gametypes listed in the "gametypes" table in the script and it should be played on FFA slayer. DOWNLOAD: ctf_ffa.lua This is a modification of a script originally made by @Chalwk https://github.com/Chalwk77/HALO-SCRIPT-PROJECTS/blob/master/SAPP SCRIPTS/ATTRACTIVE MODS/Capture The Flag.lua
  10. The script was updated. Now the teams will be balanced after the game ends.
  11. The script has been updated. I've added sounds to some events such as skulls being picked up and players scoring.
  12. I have updated the script (check OP for download). I've added sounds to some events such as players getting caught, made the script balance teams after the game ends, and did some other small changes.
  13. I've fixed errors that happened on a map called dragonball_ce. A very small fix but it doesn't hurt to update the script :v
  14. Glitches are a gray area as well. Some of the glitches are: double melee, backpack reloading, phantom shooting. While some of them are seen as part of the game's sandbox, a few could be seen as cheating.
  15. Would it be possible to have a bot that only sends one message and keeps editing it? The message would contain the current map, gametype, player count, and maybe the list of players.