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  1. I honestly thought I released it. I'll make a proper release soon, maybe update it a bit. Not sure how I could improve it though.
  2. Fubih is the best halo modder change my mind.
  3. Yes but I'm not going to do that. That script is old and it's very badly made. Also, why would you have 3 weapons at once that's just stupid.
  4. This fixes backpack reload glitch. Let me know if there are any issues. anti_backpack_reload.lua
  5. Looks like dsali is going to win... by a long shot
  6. Now I want it too.
  7. Download: https://mega.nz/#!5CYHmaQa!dgOCpp0i5pS5S9xijLMfLq0zglSa2mDbxk079G5BPdU Changes: Boss fight - a phantom will sometimes appear and no other enemies will spawn until you destroy it. It has 2 special firing modes and its health depends on how high your level is. Destroying it will give you 3 powerups and will extend your max life count by 1. New powerup - ring of fire. It will fire projectiles in all directions for 13 seconds. Highscore system - if the map is played on singleplayer, your highscore will save! Playing on multiplayer will only save your highscore until the map is closed. Improved collision - collision between player's ship and enemy ships is a lot more accurate now leading to a less frustrating experience. Player's ship also has a new collision model which fixes some of the instances where projectiles pass through it. Removed Chimera's vfov detection - this fixes a crash that happens to some players when starting the map. However the map still shouldn't be played with chimera vfov enabled! Small changes - laser now does slightly more damage, covenant dropship will spawn slightly less often. There are other changes I don't remember at the moment. Looks like I left a bug in there. Sometimes player's ship disappears and I haven't been able to fix that. I'll release an update after the voting has finished if I manage to fix this.
  8. I've decided to start documenting Halo's console commands. There are so many console commands that are not explained anywhere so I've been trying them out and seeing what they do. If you want to contribute something let me know! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZZQsqQXRSq9zb7JRmz9k6Zz_izXBZJDv6_VlUh1UtnY/edit?usp=sharing
  9. You simply need to edit the model_collision tag. Here's the difference between sp and mp banshee:
  10. Yeah, it uses the same shadows as vehicles, it's really simple to enable shadows that way. Shadows for buildings are for bigass forge only and when making a forge map you will have the ability to enable shadows for specific objects. The shadows for those objects are only rendered in close distance (40 world units at the moment) so there shouldn't be issues with reaching any engine limits.
  11. I've been working on a dynamic day-night cycle for bigass v3. Finally got the shadows to move based on where the sun is Here's an older video showing off how the map looks throughout the day
  12. It still happens. The previous version created setting files for the server and the client so I don't think that's the issue. Also when joining the latest Bigass beta I get this error https://mega.nz/#!NCQFgKrJ!7h7nRADXxBQHtxSmuSZx7lapOgVBC726OcCkAm1OwDw
  13. The client script gives me extremely low framerate on any server I join. I get less than 1 frame per second.