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  1. Here's an update. Remove the previous script before using this one! Download: third_person_camera v1.1.lua Changes: Fixed crashes Fixed a bug that happened when playing on any other map after playing on bigass Fixed dynamic reticle disappearing after teleporting Fixed animation bug that sometimes happened after switching weapons Added a dot dynamic reticle type that can be used instead of bitmaps The dynamic reticle can now be removed when the player cannot fire The dynamic reticle should be more responsive Removed sniper zoom hud stuff when third person zoom is enabled
  2. Here's the latest version of my first-person legs script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-572 or -581). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global DOWNLOAD: fp_legs.lua Features: Console command to enable/disable the script: fp_legs 1 / fp_legs 0 Works on all unprotected maps with humanoid bipeds Works on both singleplayer and multiplayer maps You can blacklist the maps on which you want to disable this script by editing the script with notepad Known issues: Weapon ready sound sometimes plays when legs spawn On maps that have damage effects applied to the player on spawn, the effect will be applied to the player every time the legs respawn On some maps that have different player physics, the legs might behave weirdly
  3. To improve that i would need to find the distance from players head to where they're aiming and i can't do that with chimera because it doesn't have intersect function like sapp does. Right now it's just hacked together in stupid ways to create a lens flare which acts like a reticle.
  4. Here's the first public version of my third-person camera script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-572 or -581). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global DOWNLOAD: third_person_camera v1.1.lua Features: A console command to enable/disable third-person camera: tp 1 / tp 0 Should work in all maps, even if they are protected Camera position customization: allows you to change where the camera is (open the script with notepad) Third-person camera zooming: doesn't switch to first-person when you zoom (optional) Dynamic reticle. Adds a lens flare that shows where your shots will actually land. Works in most maps (optional) Bigass V3 dynamic reticle: moves the reticle where your shows will actually land Player animation fixes: fixes most animation glitches that happen in multiplayer (optional) Camera shake removal: no camera shake when firing weapons (optional) Compatible with fp legs script Known issues: The dynamic reticle is delayed and doesn't look that good in most cases The camera might clip through walls There might still be some animation glitches Picking up a weapon might play reload animation if the previous weapon needed to be reloaded Sometimes reloading animation doesn't play at all In rare cases you can see explosion lights where the dynamic reticle is
  5. Still needs some testing but here you go. There is some stuff you can customize to your liking. squads.lua
  6. I honestly thought I released it. I'll make a proper release soon, maybe update it a bit. Not sure how I could improve it though.
  7. Fubih is the best halo modder change my mind.
  8. Yes but I'm not going to do that. That script is old and it's very badly made. Also, why would you have 3 weapons at once that's just stupid.
  9. This fixes backpack reload glitch. Let me know if there are any issues. anti_backpack_reload.lua
  10. Looks like dsali is going to win... by a long shot
  11. Now I want it too.