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  1. I can't get lua scripts to work with SPV3 so I can't do anything about this myself. Give this a try, this is the latest version of the script third_person_camera.lua
  2. This script will move the HUD when you aim, walk sideways, jump, etc. Works on all maps even if they are protected. Should work fine with HAC2 and Chimera widescreen fixes. DOWNLOAD: hud_sway.lua
  3. Only the old Chimera builds have Lua script support, scripts will not work with Chimera 1.0. I recommend downloading the -581 build: chimera_build_-581.zip To install Chimera you need to extract it to Controls folder in your install directory. If you had Chimera 1.0 installed previously you must remove it! To install scripts you must put them in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global\ folder. The scripts should work automatically once you start Halo. If Halo is already running, type "chimera_reload_lua" in the console to reload the scripts. For modders: You can include a script in a map file! First of all, put the script in the map folder instead of global and name it the same as the map file. When you play on that map, the script will load. Use this tool chimera_ltool.zip to attach it to the map file once it's ready. in CMD type "chimera_ltool 'mapfile.map' 'script.lua' 'mapfile.map'" (make sure to use full directories) and it will be done! Whoever plays your map and has Chimera will run the script.
  4. Make sure you remove 1.0 and then extract this to controls folder chimera_build_-581.zip
  5. This script will show player's secondary weapon. Features: Works on all unprotected maps that don't already have backpack weapons Automatically detects where weapon should be placed if the tag is not listed in the script Known Issues: Only one backpack weapon is shown Some custom weapons may not be placed correctly Some custom weapons may not render when viewed at certain angles May cause issues on single-player maps when reloading checkpoints DOWNLOAD: backpack_weapons.lua
  6. Shared in my Discord server https://discord.gg/GDVEaRD
  7. This script will enable death sounds in multiplayer. It doesn't work 100% of the time but I don't know how to improve it. Should work on most unprotected maps. DOWNLOAD: death_sound.lua
  8. I believe I have a more recent version. Only sharing this for preservation purposes. uaisv1,2_delta_1,9.rar
  9. This script is for those who are using emoji chat only. If you are tired of entering wrong emoji names and not knowing what emoji are there then this script is for you! It will show you suggested emoji as you're typing one in the chat. update: fixed some issues with symbols updated: fixed issues with special characters DOWNLOAD: emoji_chat_helper.lua If you don't have emoji chat first you need HAC2 with custom chat enabled. Then you need to download this emoji_chat.rar Extract it to the controls folder in your Halo CE directory. Modify chat color and shadow using emoji_chat.ini if you'd like. Credits go to giraffe and me.
  10. You need a Chimera build that supports Lua scripting (builds -572 and -581 are fine). If you have that then just drop a script to Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global and it should work fine!
  11. This script gives you more ways you can use zoom: You can zoom in by holding a mouse button of your choice and unzoom by releasing it You can zoom in and out using scroll wheel Known issues: For some reason scroll wheel input doesn't work sometimes and you need to restart the game for it to work again DOWNLOAD: scroll_zoom.lua
  12. I've updated this script. Let me know if there are any more issues. DOWNLOAD: ally_retical_modified_by_altis.lua Changes: More accurate (based on position of each bone) Works on protected maps Works in vehicles Doesn't turn green through walls Works with reticles that use multiple bitmaps Fixes a glitch where reticles became permanently green after reloading Chimera lua Known issues: Name of the player you're aiming at appears faster than before update: fixed an error that appeared when throwing a grenade
  13. This allows you to steer some of the vehicles using your keyboard instead of a mouse. This will not work on flying or hovering vehicles. The Chimera script will not work on a server unless the server has the sapp script. If people join the server without this script then they will probably warp a lot when driving vehicles. I haven't tested this in singleplayer but it might break some cutscenes where marines drive warthogs (I could fix this but can't be bothered). There are a few settings you can edit on both server and client scripts but the client's settings will be overridden by the server settings when you join a server. I would recommend not hosting a public server with this and just keep it for private gamenights or something. DOWNLOAD CHIMERA SCRIPT: vehicle_turning_chimera.lua DOWNLOAD SERVER SCRIPT: vehicle_turning_sapp.lua
  14. This script fixes grenade throw animation when walking, jumping, crouching and riding a vehicle. The script should work on any map even if it's protected. Known issues: only works on multiplayer and only if you are the client only fixes in client-side so what you see other players doing will not match what's happening on the server spamming grenade throw key will repeat the animation The script was updated to fix grenade spamming in first person view. Another update to add support for multiple bipeds in one map. DOWNLOAD: grenade_throw_fix.lua