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  1. Thanks, Working Great.
  2. Hello, I was seeing there are some maps like Bigass, where a player inside a custom spawned tank can't be killed easily (as because I guess the tank blocks the bullets coming towards him). I want a script which would unblock him from getting killed.. a lua or something which would do something when any user try to shot the tank.. the player sitting inside it would get damages(just like other default maps). I hope its clear Regards,
  3. S Its mean that use your own brain for designing any mods like events and all. Though you can use lua And Mods which are for public use
  4. I always wanted to help users who can't manage to get a server.. BTW the Web Panel will look something like this: http://puu.sh/rzA0m/c99b383fc2.png
  5. Nope, i just told that i had already done a giveaway in past (try to see my thread's).
  6. That was me only I guess...
  7. Hi guys, I am back with another giveaway of Halo Custom Edition Servers . But this time there are many servers to giveaway. Features of the Halo Custom Edition Servers (which I am going to provide): Full Access to the Server and its files. A Web Control Panel for Stop,Start,restart,or do some changes in the files,etc. The Server will be auto-restart on Crash. The Server's Location would be Germany. 16 slots will be alloted FTP accounts for file transfer. The server have 1GBps Net speed. AND much more.. For Applying You have to PM me some info: Username: (which you want for Control panel) Password: (which you wants for Control panel) Email: (which you wants for Control panel) Name of the server: (What name you want for your server) Type of map: (which type of maps you would run in the server , like Custom or classic ) Why I wants a server: Age: Contact: (Skype ) If any of the upper content is missing from the application then the application will ignored Some Terms & Condition which You have to follow:- 1. No Private Scrim. 2. No silly sticky Clans Server. 3. No coping mods of other server until its not you own mods. 4. No cheating or hacking is allowed regarding Game control panel and no sharing of game control panel details to others this may leads to permanent suspension of server. Important Note:- If your server is inactive for weeks then it will be suspended.
  8. Debug print statements and writing them to an empty text file? How can I do that? I just want to find a script/event; it's preventing my server from being online.
  9. Hi, I want a script which can detect why a server goes down. I have a server which always goes down after some days, so I wants to find which event/script is preventing my server from being online. If I can get a script which log why my server Is going down after some days then that will be awesome.
  10. And what if I have My server in a linux OS ? (like ubuntu)
  11. Yeah, then it ask for other dll then i download the other then it ask for another dll (its annoying)
  12. When i Place Wget then it gives lots of errors of dll (ex: ) So do you have a fixed link ?
  13. But I don't wants to delete weapons if its in someones hand
  14. Well 2 had joined forum for applying and rest had given there evolve And i think this Thread should close because the winner has been decided.
  15. Truth is truth , whatever you wants to think about it , it will never change