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  1. Nice map! Unique environment with an interesting colour palette. I like! :v Some tough encounters but doable. Although there are some weird messages throughout the level, seen in the right light they are certainly thought provoking. Like this one for example (warning: minor spoilers): Music sux tho
  2. YEE HAW!!
  3. I know it's a low bar but still This dude man, wtf
  4. Part 2 (and 3 cuz I did more than one tour over the last days) Nature... ...and Industry
  5. Damn, this game is addicting as it is demanding. Really some achievements which are worthy of the name! But Hyper Hexagonest is a bitch!
  6. I've been checking out some Half-Life 2 mods recently. Currently MINERVA or as I like to call it 'Half-Life 2: The Silent Cartographer'. It even got you some AI partner that keeps nagging you! :v Another mod I can recommend: Entropy : Zero A short campaign where you play a Metrocop. Although it's kinda tough/ unpolished at the end.
  7. New Entry Period Begins! ( cuz @Tucker933 is too lazy to announce it! :v )
  8. How hard can it be to envelope a letter? I'm willing to pay for that service! Unqualified bunch at the post office! Next up they gonna expect me to bring my own cone when I want to purchase some ice cream! >:v
  9. No, I had a letter. All I needed was a stamp and an envelope (because why would I have such things at home?), which I tried to buy at the post office. But apparently post offices don't do letters and their supplies. One of these days I have to pick up a history book and figure out how people back in the days did send out letters.
  10. Tried to send out a letter. The old fashioned kind of letter made out of paper and stamp and the like. So I went to the post office, told them I'd like to send a letter. They told me they don't do letters. (wtf? :v) Told them I'd even pay for it? Still no. Confused and a bit upset I went home. Sorry mom, no letter for you! :v
  11. Just Cause 3 for 3€ on Steam. Good game, can recommend! :v
  12. Welcome to the future. =p Any updates on this?
  13. What would you prefer? WWW2?
  14. Got a small mistake there. At 18 bil. kilometers (or 18*10^9 km to be more specific and not confuse short with long scale) it takes about 20 hours to reach the probe. 18 000 000 000 km / 300 000 km/s = 60 000 s = 16.67 h ≈ 20 h btw: 20 minutes is the time for a radio signal to reach Mars.
  15. It's already fully erect! Bv
  16. FAQ

    What happened to the Post Preview button?
  17. Future would be nice (the further the better) but present is ok, too. Past would suck. And the more pastwards, the more it would suck! :v
  18. Well I lived here for now nearly two years. That forest area has just never occurred to me.
  19. Apparently this industrial city of mine has a forest so I fetched my bike and had a trip.