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  1. What would you prefer? WWW2?
  2. Got a small mistake there. At 18 bil. kilometers (or 18*10^9 km to be more specific and not confuse short with long scale) it takes about 20 hours to reach the probe. 18 000 000 000 km / 300 000 km/s = 60 000 s = 16.67 h ≈ 20 h btw: 20 minutes is the time for a radio signal to reach Mars.
  3. It's already fully erect! Bv
  4. FAQ

    What happened to the Post Preview button?
  5. Future would be nice (the further the better) but present is ok, too. Past would suck. And the more pastwards, the more it would suck! :v
  6. Well I lived here for now nearly two years. That forest area has just never occurred to me.
  7. Apparently this industrial city of mine has a forest so I fetched my bike and had a trip.
  8. IPS panel? Pff, boooring! :V Still waiting for that OLED-display.
  9. This reminds me of this random shape generator which then feeds them to a face detector to create a random shape-formed face: http://iobound.com/pareidoloop/ Examples:
  10. Some slow af Windows 7 for IT/office related things while distributed control systems (DCS) are used for all the important stuff.
  11. Cats... typical...! :V
  12. Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield... A real standoff!
  13. Arabsat-6A Mission by Official SpaceX Photos, Flickr