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  1. HELLION will be available for free on Steam from "March 27, 10AM (PT) until March 30, 10 AM (PT)". After that, it will be no longer available for purchase. It's a crowdfunded game that failed throughout development. Check it out if you're interested in a sandbox survival FPS in zero gravity with nice visuals and atmosphere but some rough/unpolished mechanics.
  2. Check the Vsync settings. Ingame and driver. Did you update your video driver recently? Have you made some changes to your monitor settings recently?
  3. Playing Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Came upon this gem: "You're on your own, Noble. Carter out."
  4. You expect me to stop in some scary fog, possibly containing every nightmares monsters (I swear, that bunny came out of nowhere and it knew exactly where it was heading! Towards ME! :v), to make some blurry pictures? What could possibly go wrong? E: @Tucker933 Fog game back this night and since I ain't not afraid of no fog, I took some pictures. Most of them are just a blurry mess tho :/
  5. Some heavy fog set visibility down to around a 100 meters and made night shift look like something out of Silent Hill. Freezing point temperatures weren't helping :v
  6. ¿v:? In contrast, have a screenshot where pretty much nothing happens
  7. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
  8. lmao what? Australia pls https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_beetle
  9. Finished Battlestar Galactica a few days ago. Damn nice soundtrack!