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  1. Good that you know that beforehand. We should then cancel the research at once. I'm just wondering, what is this magic fuel? And why aren't we using it right now? Because in the article it says: So, why are we still using a propellant that is only ~1/4 as powerful compared to metallic H instead of this much more viable and possible third fuel option? In general: Research is usually the method to increase the viability (or feasibility) of something.
  2. I had an ISP technician here yesterday (for the third time this month actually). After 24h I could say that the net works as it should! Behold, and fear my 20 Mbit/s! >:v
  3. This Hellion game. It's currently early-access/ pre-alpha/ buggy af and I usually dislike buying unfinished products but this one sounds interesting enough to give it a try beforehand.
  4. I had the joy of getting my wisdom teeth removed four times (one each time, duh). Don't use too much ice resp. put some cloth around the coolpack or else the excessive cooling will increase the swelling.
  5. I put a box under my monitor to have it at eye level instead of looking slightly downwards. This is nice! Can recommend! :v No need to buy a monitor stand for ~20 monies.
  6. ^this I woke up to like 3-5 cm of snow. I wasn't expecting that (should have checked the weather forecast). I thought winter was already over! :v Luckily it's already melting.
  7. Yea, but unlike gold created via transmutation, metallic H has also some practical value as energy storage as mentioned in the article (->rocket propellant).
  8. Two new Jeans and a Internet contract including a new router/modem thingy. The latter should improve my bandwidth from 16 Mbit/s to 20 but is somehow currently capped at ~1 Mbit with frequent dropouts. Plz fix ISP! >:v
  9. http://itsgreat.eu/
  10. 3 before the change and 3 now.
  11. Might wanna read my last statement again. I don't consider you to be an expert. Don't you now try to turn the tables! It wasn't me who started posting a bunch of topic unrelated links in this thread. It wasn't me either who failed to explain why these links are relevant to the topic and are not targeting a user (->ad-hominem). I think your pettifoggery is rather obvious. I can't be bothered anymore with your contributions to the discussion insubstantial comments so I hope that I won't have to reply to any further of your prevarications to my statements for the sake of an continuing on-topic discussion.
  12. Again confronting me instead of any argument relevant to the thread or topic. One could say you didn't argue at all because usually arguments carry some substance. But please continue with claiming to be an expert. Followed by these usual delusional pipe dreams. If I 'read and researched' on how 9/11 was an inside job or chemtrails, would that make me an expert, too? I guess so!