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  1. Man (on the left) fire-enchants his paddle. You'll never believe what happened next!
  2. have a rainbow array of aliens :v
  3. I tried the mod (Mombasa Streets to Uplift Reserve end) but yea, it seems very vanilla. The only difference I saw was that I once got shot by a sniper jackal with a human sniper rifle. Changes of AI behavior or slight parameter adjustments (RRR, %damage) just aren't immediately obvious (to me) if you don't compare it side by side. So most of the time it felt like nothing changed at all. :v Would be great if there were some new additions to the sandbox even (or especially?) if they're over the top (like e.g. the Halo Reach Evolved mod had). Don't know if that's in the focus of your mod though.
  4. Halo 3 Multiplayer
  5. It is as big as it's beautiful! (standing at over 1GB) :v Looking forward to playing this beauty
  6. There is not a single health pack though. Beating this on Legendary was tough! :'v Some of those custom weapons fit quite nicely with the CE aesthetics
  7. looking good! :v And that covers maps, assets, scripts and tutorials?
  8. huh, must had something else in mind anyway @Takka Can we have a 'Latest Release'-tracker on the frontpage? Maybe instead of the 'Popular Contributors' tracker? (which is really just vanity imo ) Sometimes when I distribute tickets at the end of the month, I have to look through all the forum sections (MCC-maps, CE-maps, -assets, -scripts, ...). This would make this much simpler as well as highlight the latest contributions and contributors. It could even be segmented like the PC-tracker but instead of week/month/year use maps/assets/scripts/turorials/(...) or just show all and rank by date. Don't know how much this can be automated or needs to be moderated but even if, that doesn't seem that much of work. Example:
  9. I can't start a new topic in this Site Matters forum section. Is this intended?
  10. Looks like you got screwed! :v
  11. At least you're willing to justify yourself to the poor choices that you made! :V
  12. It's about to be June. WTF is wrong with your place? :v
  13. Grab all of Bioshock this week on Epic! :v
  14. Count on it! Once SC development has finished and the game is released, I sure will buy everyone here a copy (including access to the OC Battleship and a free T-shirt)! :v
  15. Of all the games Star Citizen is certainly one of them. (I killed a man for this shirt) This game is on occasion so horrendously bad that it made me legitimately angry. Other times it's breathtakingly beautiful. Do not buy! But maybe try it out during the F2P week? :v