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    between Tlön and Carcosa
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    collecting skulls for the throne
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    $95 (US) to Open Carnage
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    5.5 TB
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    600 W
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    blessed by the Machine God
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    2560 x 1440 @ 144Hz
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    16400 dpi
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    64 bit

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  1. Juan and I sharing some ganja! :v
  2. wtf is this shit? >:v It ain't even freezing temperatures. Winter should be over by now!
  3. I also like to add that my screenshot referred to showing "something Sunny and Nice!". But the scene in my screenshot actually takes place during a snowstorm and isn't sunny and nice at all. So my entry should be disqualified for fraud and all votes must be added to Sceny's entry! Reference image without ingame applied filter here:
  4. Is now the right time to point out that OC is the oldest Halo forum still standing? :v Unlike all the others who are dead in the grave! v:
  5. Enjoy! :v
  6. Hell yeah! Blood Gulch CTF action in 2023! I remember playing this like 20 years ago in the Halo PC demo! :v Like this post if you can relate! :v :v :v
  7. most festive screenshot I got ain't much :v
  8. Merry Christmas :v
  9. What's the matter, huh? Did you expect some sizeable Halo Infinite Forge shenanigans? Tough luck! :v
  10. Vermintide 2 - free to keep on Steam till November 7th
  11. Fallout 3 GOTY free at Epic