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  1. Aw yea boi, Acrophobia skull for H2! Fly around and find out! :v
  2. Currently playing Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition (with RTX n' stuff). Damn, haven't been this impressed with graphics in a long time! :v
  3. There was no collusion! And if there was, it would say 'tarikja is the greatest' because that's actually the truth! :v
  4. It's gone again? :'v
  5. Wait a moment! We can still submit videos, right? :v Sky themed! Bv
  6. No idea who that is but I like that you're mistaking me for someone who owns a crown. :v
  7. Day 2, the weather coldens and the rain has turned into volleys of tiny sharp ice crystals, piercing my eyes. xv When I close my eyes, I can hear a penguin laughing in the distance. Probably just the wind...
  8. It's cold and rainy and thus I wetted my pants while driving home on my bike! Thanks @Sceny! >:v
  9. Whatcha yall think? :v
  10. You've summoned the sword buggers! Creating some APNG is really a piece of work, tho! :v
  11. Can't say no to some easily earned tickets but whats the point of a png-sticker? I haven't seen something like that used in a chat conversation. :v
  12. Remember: Doctors are bound to the Hippocratic oath. You are not. What you do with this information is up to you... :v
  13. what a time to be alive! :v
  14. Copper is a metal! :v Now hand over those tickets! Put 'em in the bag!
  15. That guy sure has outdone himself! :v