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  1. Dang, 10 secs is really short! I can't fit my epic quick draw duel of two Halo cowboys in just 10 secs! ._. So, anyway:
  2. Me and the post office... we have a very special relationship I ordered something back in July. International shipping, so of course that already had me worried. In the beginning everything looked fine! The parcel had tracking, updates every few days when something happened. Nice! But then.. it arrived at customs. Here the reign of domestic bureaucrats begins. Ye who enter, abandon all hope! A month my parcel sat there, "waiting for approval". My brave parcel! But it had no chance for it was doomed. Today, 1st of September, the hammer fell. Deadline. Time's up! Status changed from "waiting for approval" to "could not be delivered - return to sender". My dear parcel, where you're going now? I will never know. But you shall be missed. RIP Parcel July 10th to September 1st
  3. Well, what comes to mind here for me is HAC2's automatic map download feature on server join. Pretty much the shortest way to execute your strategy. If you want to create a new and better UX, I'd guess a new Universal UI for CE is the thing to go for. One which lists all the maps/mods and automatically enhances itself with every new map and project while also providing a similar automatic map download and install feature. Ideally for multiplayer maps as well as custom campaigns. Is this doable? Idk, that's for you to find out I'd guess. This is of course an entirely different approach than your centralized website idea.
  4. What about the CE3 Archive and the HAC2 Repository? Don't they already have these file-hosting functions? And the sharing of information like updates and discussions could be handled by any forum such as this one. This may seem all a bit fragmented but all these things were usually covered by halomaps.org in the first place I think?
  5. There is a trolley heading towards a lonely engineer tied to the tracks. If you pull the lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks where five engineers are tied to. You choose to pull the lever.
  6. We should merge all the sections to one big forum. Let threads fight each other for a place at the top! Let the Carnage commence! Adapt and survive or fade out of existence, these are your choices! Welcome to Open Carnage, motherfucker! >:v
  7. stupid dino! :v E: @Tucker933 oi, it's September! What'cha waiting for? v:
  8. Pfft, today's youth... When I will have been in your age, I replaced the check engine light fluid all by myself! :v
  9. The sun never sets on the Silent Cartographer

  10. As I was looking through my archive of Halo Clips for next months SotM, I remembered that this screenshot has a clip to it, too! :v To whom it may concern:
  11. Where's the map review @(SBB) Storm? :v
  12. Rain, rain, rain. feels like I'm living in some tropical rainy season.. or worse... in England!
  13. Here, have some Stars and Stripes: Now pay me! Bv
  14. It's all fun and games until you encounter the invisible high speed suicide bomber chickens. Pure terror! Great mod mate!