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  1. Hitman Holiday Pack for free till January 5th. http://steamcommunity.com/games/236870/announcements/detail/2784778964071057303
  2. Clearly a false flag operation lead by hail!
  3. Pure snow chaos fell from the sky in just a few hours. All traffic broke down. Had to carry my bike home. :v
  4. A Blackberry Priv. It has a keyboard! :v
  5. Bought myself a mobile phone. Could be useful.
  6. This. :L
  7. There can be found a lot of truth in these destination displays. "Please not Munich"
  8. Elon's car floating right next to Russell's teapot.
  9. Same discussion here in GER. But instead of banning the game, the discussion is about giving it a USK-18 (mature) rating instead of the current USK-16 one (the numbers refer to a recommended age). The outcome would be interesting imo as it could decide to give these mature ratings to other even lower rated games with such gambling components like, for example, FIFA with a USK-0 rating (I heard it has a similar gambling system?). Continuing this thought it could then also influence the development of such games. Which could hypothetically mean an end to lootboxes and P2W in AAA-games. I personally like the idea of a 18 rating for such gambling components in videogames.
  10. 1. Right-click on a snowflake -> disable 2. Repeat with the next one Continue this until there are no more snowflakes left.