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  1. First! :v PS: Are there any rules? E.g. no Photoshop?
  2. Can this photo also be a screenshot? :v
  3. The weather over here, as of today, turned out to be much better than it was announced though. Albeit today started with a bit of hail and there is some noticeable amount of wind, I am looking forward to the next days: Too bad April is around the corner...
  4. Why would you need to remove one button to add another? You could also reduce the space between each button. Just look at the first four menu points (B I U S): One could reduce the width for nearly a third of the current space because of these rather huge gaps. Do that with the entire menu and you can at least fit one more button in the bar. I would find it also interesting to know what UI-policies do not allow to have more than 19 menu-buttons or what the maximum width of the editor-bar is (in pixels). oO
  5. If you don't plan on (re-)adding the smiley-button then how about you document the smiley-commands somewhere? Like the FAQ for example. It would be better than having the smileys/ emojis as a de facto hidden 'feature' (certain text combinations converting automatically into a pictogram is not always desirable). Even though this would be a rather unintuitive way to deal with them instead of just having something like, I don't know, a button or so in the editor... just saying...
  6. Well, I would want it back because I don't have every smiley and its code memorized. Also: "Saving room" Half the bar is empty! For what are you saving room?
  7. The add-a-smiley menu button seems to be missing again in the post editor. ?
  8. Woke up to this: "Somebody tried to log-in with your password (overruled by Google)" "The Salvation Army Lighthouse Recovery Center" Yeah sure, looks like some drug addict tried to hack me! Although the reviews and some other IP-tracker say something different. Well, whatever. No damage was done and the password is changed.
  9. Since last week: nice fresh air and a warm sun up until today. And then there comes tomorrow and the next week: :L This better be fake news! :v
  10. In these stressed out conditions between the Netherlands and Turkey, the situation aggravates: Turkey ‘expels Dutch cows’ amid diplomatic crisis!
  11. It's a step in the right direction but still far away from perfect...