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  1. iPhone lawyers literally compare Apples with Pears in trademark war - The Register
  2. Let me think about it for 5 Hours | 42 Minutes | 45 Seconds
  3. I still haven't upgraded from 8GB to 16 because the price is just not worth it atm.
  4. Judges block Arkansas from carrying out scheduled executions
  5. talking about propaganda...
  6. The only rational thing to do seems not to believe anyone, respectively, anyone involved. Too bad apathy helps nobody.
  7. We spoke about sexual orientation, aka heterosexual (attraction to the opposite gender), homosexual (attraction to the same gender), etc., under which I would also count pedophilia (attraction to minors). Sexual orientation must not be exclusive to a gender. Now you(/we) can be fussy and discuss if it's actually 'sexual orientation' or just 'sexual preference' or maybe just a 'fetish' or even a 'mental illness' but that sounds like a guaranteed way to open Pandora's box. I think by know you get the picture what I was trying to impart (or ist it 'to convey'?!?).
  8. Don't let tarikja see you saying that; He'll start talking about their human rights! A sexual orientation doesn't make a crime. Or at least not in the more civilized parts of this world.
  9. Pff, everybody knows that the people of Alderaan were the true evil all along and they deserved what they got!
  10. Not at all I'd say. The early 20th century was full with nationalistic beliefs and ideologies, especially 1945, which was framed by the Second World War in the past and the upcoming Cold War in the very near future. A counter- or anti-nationalistic mass movement at that time is unknown to me.
  11. This, running from the problem does not solve it. Not everyone aligns with the believe/ideological construct of a nation. So, why fight and risk your live for something that you could define as pointless? Also the conflict in Syria is probably much more complex than one would presume. Starting with these seemingly rather random drawn borders and not necessarily ending with all those international war parties included. Just look at the frontlines for example: I guess most Syrians and people in general just want to live in peace.