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  1. Isn't that from a cutscene? @Krazychic
  2. I've been tempted to try it for quite a while now but I heard that it just burns through your spare time. I got some vacation coming up in the next weeks, might try it out then.
  3. Wings of Prey (aka IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey). It actually a flight simulator and those units shown are just decoration/ targets which are usually seen from some hundreds of feet above. I landed next to them and took a closer look.
  5. Yesterday: rechargeable AAA batteries Today: non-rechargeable AAA batteries Who thought selling the same type of batteries with different voltages is a good idea? Shouldn't the EU regulate this shit? >:v
  6. Sunny with peak temps around 30°C. Summer's early this year! Bv
  7. To work! Bv My old backpack was rather worn out and this new one is pretty much all I need: waterproof and one big slot instead of a few smaller ones.