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  1. It's from altis' ring map project.
  2. Bought meself a single pair of binoculars (10x42) which came with a clunky phone adapter. Check out some pictures I took: waiting now for a starry night
  3. Heavy machinery in high up places special month? :v
  4. Although true, I've yet to see a old Xbox 360 + controller which have turned yellow over time. Maybe modern consumer electronics degrade very slowly? Only time will tell. Still, white input devices are prone to suffer from human wear and tear.
  5. "Honestly, I didn't consider that lol... If it happens, it happens." - Sceny (father of 8)
  6. No Numpad?!? D=
  7. But how will I feed my children this month? Oh, the humanity! :'v
  8. I meant like using a different client for every other custom map :v fragmenting the playerbase and what not...
  9. Here we go again... looking forward to that future where we have to use some third party client for every custom map :v (I'm looking at you, bigass >:v)
  10. The Epic Games Store has every week a free game or two. This week for example: Rage 2 and Absolute Drift. Next week: Sunless Sea. Account required. Here's the link: https://www.epicgames.com/store/free-games
  11. I don't know what you were expecting but I don't think Gearbox, even if they wanted to, had the capacity/ authority/ right of creating an expansion/ add-on(?) to HCE. As far as I know they were merely the messenger of bringing Halo to PC while also throwing in some new maps, weapons and a map editor. Tbh looking back, I'm quite surprised of what a success Halo PC/CE has been over the years decades in terms of mods and custom maps. Which also brings up the question of how long a 'developer' (I think it is debatable to call Gearbox Halos developer unlike the case of Warcraft and Blizzard) is obliged to run support and patches for their game. Considering that the game is now running on Operating Systems and Hardware with settings it was never intended to run (check the boxart). Maybe there's something about that in the EULA but who reads that anyway? @Topic: IMO stuff like Backpack-reloading (or eg BXR) is a pest I refer to as bug abusing. These gameplay affecting mechanics are oversights of the developers that stray a game away from perfection.