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    4*3.3 GHz
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    1.2 GHz; GDDR5 2 GB 6.6 GHz 128 bit
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    1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
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    16400 dpi
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    64 bit

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  1. or here on OC: @(SBB) Storm :v
  2. D: It's just hail and not snow but still.. winter pls be gone!
  3. Metro 2033 free on Steam for 24h
  4. FYI: I've just seen that as of September 21st NaissanceE is available for free on Steam.
  5. A new keyboard, and while I'm at it, a new mouse, too. Simple, elegant and functional without all this RGB nonsense. Also my first mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX-Brown). I don't know what I can expect but I only heard praise of those. Be at rest my keyboard of the last decade. Of all the components from my first PC, you have endured the longest! :v
  6. You just know shit's on fire when the weather service uses all caps lock! :v
  7. Temperatures up to 35°C for at least the rest of the week!
  8. I'm now some 20-30h into my first base. I'm printing now entire outposts with construction bots. Pretty fun! It's like a painting! :v