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  1. I just vacuumed the room where the computer is in. Does that count?
  2. Nah, I'm sure ISIS would approve of the mutual dismantling of opposing forces through each other.
  3. A game of Double or nothing!
  4. Makes we wonder: Would he go to prison if he breaks that sentence?
  5. What would it help to 'contribute more' if the applied methods are simply wrong/ do not deliver the desired results?
  6. Wait, did that 'Mother of all bombs' not end the war in Afghanistan and the US is still losing not winning? Well paint me surprised. Just a guess but maybe military intervention isn't the right tool for the job after all?
  7. I guess that you're basing your facts on nothing then. And your 'logical chain of thought'? You can keep that. It is so flawed, I'd rather not touch that.
  8. I simply asked for some information/ source regarding "Europe's wanton disregard of statistical analysis" and that "immigrants from certain areas are likely to be more dangerous". But now you're switching topics to what you think is 'the origin of modern terrorism' and labeling your statement as 'statistical analysis' without giving any credit or naming any kind of statistic or number. In fact the only number you gave is your 50% torn rate.
  9. Got any info to back up that claim? Because the article doesn't say anything about 'disregard of statistical analysis' nor 'immigrants from certain areas are likely to be more dangerous' (resp. immigrants at all). You just seem to be pulling some empty phrases. PS: I let that other point drop because I am not very interested in other peoples thoughts on conspiracies. Yet the same as the above could be said about that point.
  10. Linear syntax was a mistake.

  11. Maybe we could get an advanced post editor that you have to activate in the account settings? That way, the mobile mob wouldn't get offended! :v