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  2. Yesterday: rechargeable AAA batteries Today: non-rechargeable AAA batteries Who thought selling the same type of batteries with different voltages is a good idea? Shouldn't the EU regulate this shit? >:v
  3. Sunny with peak temps around 30°C. Summer's early this year! Bv
  4. To work! Bv My old backpack was rather worn out and this new one is pretty much all I need: waterproof and one big slot instead of a few smaller ones.
  5. Six crates of beer and a new backpack.
  6. Oh shit! :v E: "I feel relatively safe now"
  7. SPV3 - the second half The last level got some nice Doom feeling to it
  8. But I am not satisfied with the outcome of this vote! :v
  9. Would it be possible to have a second poll when there is a tie at the end of a month? A poll with just the two tied candidates. Because I couldn't just change my vote without letting down my primary candidate. It would give me an option to vote for my second favourite.
  10. This doesn't seem like the right way to backpack a gun! :v