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    4*3.3 GHz
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    1.2 GHz; GDDR5 2 GB 6.6 GHz 128 bit
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    DDR3 2*8 GB 1.6 GHz
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    4.1 TB
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    650 W
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    53.3 x 23.1 x 50 cm
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    1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
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    16400 dpi
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    64 bit

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  1. Today ~5:00am on my way to work. Dat moon! Bv
  2. omg Chimera is dead! Just like HAC2! :'v
  3. There has to be a solution to the furry problem...

  4. Your profile avatar picture offends me.

  5. A good game soundtrack is imo at least equally important as good graphics. I never understood why one would just disable ingame music and instead listen to a custom playlist. Music carries so much of the atmosphere in a game.
  6. Please, take as much as you can!
  7. Temperature nearly all day and week below zero and it's beginning to snow. Entering core winter... brrr *<:v