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  1. 002 I have yet to play you on the server. At least I'm fairly certain I haven't. Come in so I can own ya.
  2. Appreciate removing the map cycle. Trying to please the masses is always a hard job to do. Yeah I would consider doing a map voting system before just putting in a cycle. But leaving it at BG 24/7 is the best IMO. Thanks.
  3. Yeah I gotta say the new Map Cycle is killing the server. Once it changes from BG a lot of people leave or they quit playing and just complain about it not being BG. This is not an improvement for the server guys. This is always a full server and one of the best. If it aint broke don't jack with it. Please consider removing the map cycle and leave it at BG. Thanks.
  4. Yeah I was just reading up on IP bans and how it just times out rather than say you are banned from this server and the server you're banned from won't who in lobby list. I don't recall ever being banned / kicked in-game and I certainly never botted. I actually like to troll bots in the server and get them to keep doing it so the auto-ban will detect them. I've gotten a few of them caught. Thanks for checking in on it and again great server. I know it's in beta version, but just checking to make sure you know the scoring breaks in it from time to time. I haven't been able to pin point what exactly causes it as it seems pretty random.
  5. Sorry. No port number gets the map file error. When I enter the port number it just tried to connect ...1...2...3...4...then unable to join. I've tried port number and I've tried joining through GT. Same results. Still not seeing it in the Lobby either, but I do see it as full on GT. I'm even allowing full servers to show in the filters. Nada. Very odd.
  6. Thanks 002. Actually when I try using that IP I get a loading map file error.
  7. In Halo PC (not CE)? I'm still showing it's passworded and 0/16 (empty). Singularity - Testing Server - Opencarnage.net is the name on just Halo PC. I'm searching through the lobby not connecting through IP. I've tried each day, multiple times a day and it's been like this for about 3-4 days now. Thanks on the avatar. Season 1 was amazing. Now the long wait for Season 2 lol. Props to 002 then for an amazing server. Just gotta figure out what causes the random breaks in scoring from time to time.
  8. Radar is a crutch for the weak! haha. I much prefer no radar.
  9. I noticed the server name advertised these forums so I was hoping you guys were responsible for the server. First of all, well done. Best server available today. Very fun to play in and different from any other server. That's when the scoring doesn't break which happens from time to time. I noticed a few days ago it was passworded and not available to the public. I'm assuming maybe because it's being tested and worked on more? Any info you guys might have would be appreciated. Thanks.