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  1. I like beef tongue, personally. I've had it in a few different dishes and it is chewy. There is a taco place in Santa Barbara where you can get cow tongue, eyeball, and some other parts as the meat in your taco. It's pretty good and super cheap.
  2. Hello. Why is your name v3nture? Any specific reason or was it random? I look forward to further communication with you and your kind. Whatever that may be. Everyone has something they, and only they, can give or offer. Human beings are super computers who use their five senses to observe and learn... you've been alive so long, I bet you have more to offer than sweet jokes... maybe some spicy jokes or a decadent pun or two? (Even if you truly have almost nothing to contribute as you claim, it is still nice to have you here)
  3. My name is Katt and I look forward to contributing to this forum. I have some pretty cool stories to share in the Experiences section.
  4. Hahahha that was awesome... and O_O oh my goodness... I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS IN DANGER!!!! If you call yourself the science man... then I hope you at least contribute to your own life... even if you don't share what you have to offer with others.
  5. Hello
  6. Oh now why would they say that?
  7. Thank you! Please be patient with me about my forum etiquette etc. I am brand new to forum sites. But I'm willing to learn, for example I was informed bright blue font was not a good font to start with. hahah I hope to add some interesting content when responding to some posts, and I look forward to learning more about you all. Feel free to throw a little fact about yourself my way in this thread.
  8. My friend wanted to go to New Zealand. Since we are in our early twenties I told her there is no better time than now to just GO!! She did not have thousands of dollars to vacation comfortably in inns and such... so, instead, she used Workaway (a site online) to find some people to live with in exchange for work! Using it she was able to travel all over New Zealand for six whole months. She said it was the best way she could have gone about it, besides using hostels. But, let's be honest... sometimes going from hostel to hostel can be a bit tiring and it is nice to have an actual place to stay, shower, and rest without worry. The work can be anything from helping on a farm, to assisting someone in a wheelchair get around town. There are lots of opportunities and it seems completely legit since I've never heard anything negative about it. You probably already took off on your adventures though and it seems you are going to do this trip a different way, but it is still a cool option to know you could have some day!!!!
  9. My fifth grade teacher had to take most of the year off since she was pregnant with twins. This made it possible for my dentist's mother to be our substitute teacher, funny enough. I had a terrible dentist as a child so I'm glad we later made the switch. My current dentist is *also* my dad's friend which made it a lot easier for me to stop fighting when it came to needles. Since my dentist was connected to my home life it helped me more-quickly obtain self-control and get rid of the bad habit of physically fighting my dentist. Since I knew he was an awesome guy with an awesome mother who cared about providing a positive experience it was easier to accept the pinch (of the numbing needle) and pain. I'm glad your daughter is a stronger cookie than I. I've hurt more than one physician in my time attempting to escape a needle. haha I can't even imagine what could have happened if I needed to get multiple teeth pulled!!!
  10. Ostrich and alligator jerky on my way to Yosemite National Park. I will eat anything at least once, since life is about experience. I always try to give something a second try if I don't like it because of the vast variation our modern society provides us with each dish. Example: You can have Spanish rice at five different places, and it can taste different every time.
  11. I fired my first gun at around nine years old. My dad stood behind me and gave me support (Because of the kickback/recoil) while I shot off 9mm ammo. We took some of my pastel artwork out of the back of our jeep to decorate with bullet holes. I remember one of the drawings I did was of some grapes, which luckily enough made the using-my-art-as-a-target way more enjoyable as we could aim for the individual grapes.
  12. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that animals and humans produce in natural anticipation of the sunset. It will not keep you asleep, but will help you fall asleep. When you are sitting in front of a backlit screen (be it a tv monitor, ipad, computer screen, etc) your eyes are in direct contact with unnatural light that your body "mistakes" as the sun. This alone will mess up your body's natural clock. I suggest downloading f.lux on their website. It should help with at least that potential portion of your problem. There are multiple types of sleeping pills but they are not all the same. There are three main active ingredients that most sleeping meds rely on and those are Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride, Melatonin, and Doxylamine Succinate. Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used in some sleep aids. It will keep you asleep, but you may wake up drowsy the next morning and suffer from nightmares. Melatonin I have already given a brief run-through. Doxylamine succinate is similar to Diphenhydramine HCl but I never recommend it because of the slew of side effects. I seriously suggest giving yourself an hour of pre-sleep downtime before you go to sleep. Give yourself a strict-as-possible bedtime to commit to. Same as it works with toddlers overtime, your body will start learning that your bedtime is the hour for sleep, and you can retrain yourself to have a regular sleep schedule. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. If you do not like the idea of taking over-the-counter medications then you can also go to the nearest health food store and ask around the pharmacy section for a naturally-inducing sleep aid or relaxant such as Valerian.
  13. Hahaha Thank you, but I took care of it.
  14. "I'm not still in love with my ex."