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  1. The OP has been updated!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnfBqhkvgU
  3. I know the pain. I eventually completed it with about a second and a half to spare, but it took me well over 10 tries.
  4. Looking for a new racing game to become a pro in? Got an Xbox 360, and Gold? Well, hurry up, because F1 2013 is still free - for the next 2 days. It's a perfect game, if what you're looking for is a challenge. F1 2013 provides a realistic approach to circuit racing that somehow manages to keep you on the fine line between "I quit, this is ridiculous!" and "Maybe if I practiced just a little bit more, drove a little bit faster, braked a little bit later..." Seriously, I don't know how they do it. It's like witchcraft or something. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|GAMEPLAY|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The gameplay is what you would expect from a track racer, for the most part. However, there are some quite unique features. For example, during the race you are able to activate KERS. This allows you to get an 80 HP boost for a short time. You're allowed 4 seconds of the pseudo-nitrous each lap and it really does matter where you use it. Used in conjunction with DRS on the straights, you can reach speeds exceeding 200 MPH. And as unrealistic as these gameplay features may seem, they actually have them on Formula 1 cars. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|OPTIONS|------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your options as far as difficulty, well, they're pretty open. You can even change them mid-race if necessary. In fact, the options in general are very configurable. You can even remap individual buttons on your controller of choice. Audio and Video options are sparse but what is there is nice to have. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|GRAPHICS|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a game whose major selling point is literally just realism, it's not surprising that the graphics are amazing. Even on the Xbox 360, it's the best looking racing game I've ever seen. DiRT 3 is comparable, but that's also by Codemasters. What a coincidence! The screenshots really don't do it justice, but here they are anyway. Oh, I nearly forgot! What would a game review be without some fitting gameplay? Here's a great showcase of the game by Deluxe345: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|CONTENT|------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The game comes with 19 tracks, each one in a different country, as well as 17 teams and 22 drivers. As far as how many cars there are, I couldn't tell you exactly, but there's at least one per team. Now, this might not sound like a lot, but rest assured you'll be working hard to get the contract you want. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|STORY|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Story" of F1 2013 follows the events of the 2013 Formula One season. You race on the same tracks, in the same cars. But there's a catch... To get a contract, you must first pass a 2-day Young Driver test. The high-end teams that you want to be on? High requirements. If all you can muster up is 3rd place in a test, nobody's going to hire you! Thankfully, the first couple tests are easy. You should have no problem completing them as long as you follow the instructions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For what it is, F1 2013 is a brilliant game. If you want to test your patience and sharpen your reaction times, this is definitely the game to play. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know. -Supa
  5. I feel you man. Kind of funny that you mention it happens 'about once a month'...
  6. Shitty quality but whatever
  7. Looks nice m8 r8 8/8 stay mlg
  8. Hi, welcome to the forums, I really - wait, brb
  9. Have to go to truancy court soon. My attendance is lackluster at best, but I try. I'm now in 9th grade, approaching the end of the school year, with many stressing factors such as: -Getting a decent job to support my financially crumbling family -Worrying about my GF and our relationship (For anyone that might be like "meh teenage problems" we have been friends since elementary school and started dating at the beginning of the year. If we broke up we just couldn't go back to being friends again, or really even talk) -Maintaining hobbies so I don't go insane. These mostly include things with electronics. Apparently the Judge can order me to stop doing my hobbies entirely until I'm out of the school system, and he/she can take my things. What a wonderful world we live in. -Social life. I moved schools and all my friends, and my GF, stayed behind. "If I don't pass, will they move on?" frequently passes through my mind. -People tell me I need help and medication and therapy and I've tried it all before. Sure, there's thousands of different medications and millions of therapists I've never tried. But by the time I find the one that works, chances are I'll have failed school and be out of a job without someone to stand by me.
  10. I saw that the last post was by Caesar and I was like "Dear God, what have we done"
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm baaack! I recently started working on a Halo 5/Halo CE magnum hybrid. The goal is to modernize the CE pistol while retaining as much of the classic design as possible. I'm sure by now some of you are intrigued as to what this looks like, so here are pics. To-Do: | Complete | | In-Progress | | Not Started | -Finalize the 3D model for the pistol ~90% -Fully animate the pistol -UVW unwrap and texture -Find a source for FX -Create a gameplay model for the pistol (Concepting) -Final balancing -Release I'll keep you posted
  12. Issn't that German? *gasp* THE CEREAL KILLER Dude, you have NO CLUE how many times i found an explanation of yours somewhere and it literally saved the day. Of course, I'm a bit more proficient in the art of the HEK now.