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  1. Alright all right. Is anyone still playing runescape?
  2. I've spent 500 dollars on steam games at least.
  3. Welcome to hell. Beware of tucker, hes got a beard.
  4. And his name is JOHN CENA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enMReCEcHiM
  5. We have dynamic IPs over here. if our routers dont get "packages" from a PC connected to the network for 10 minutes the IP that the router used will be given free. (My understanding) This results in the rare chance that you will get an IP that got blocked on a site and you cant access it because the IP you got was blocke by the website host. I also think that we are already using double IPs since 2013. But it doesnt look like anyones changing to IPv6 soon...
  6. America has a waiting list? in germany we just give 2 pcs the same adress and hope nothing happens and 2 people dont end up using their pcs at the same time.
  7. Valkyria Chronicles 5 UROMONEYZ Magicka Vietnam 2.50 UROMONEYZ Half Life 2.50 UROMONEYZ Battlefield Bad company 2 2.20 UROMONEYZ Battlefield Bad company 2 Vietnam 2.20 UROMONEYZ Alice Madness Returns 2.20 UROMONEYZ Shadow Warrior 3.50 UROMONEYZ System Shock 2 99 UROCENTS Postal 2 too much... im poor
  8. Willkommen Lets see how many mappers tucker can get in here before i figure out how to map. its 4 right now already.
  9. En voi puhua suomea Tervetuloa foorumi
  10. I can play any game for at least a hundred hours until i get bored. well, except for cs:go and killing floor. i play those religiously.
  11. Guild wars 2. 100 hours in and im bored already.
  12. Does it count if i dip my fruits in sugar? I drink lots of water though.
  13. Or you know, just bite its head off. i dont even understand why a radio station has to do this at all. there are other ways to prove a point
  14. Hola que dal. Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome to the Forums. Lets see how far you can ascend our pyramid scheme. But now that you mentioned ayy lmao, alien model please?
  15. Recycle bin/10 Dont really have much on here. I only really use the recycle bin.