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  1. Anyone else that can help me?
  2. Oh ok Nothing is working This is quite frustrating! Has anyone ever used Elitegameservers control panel to manage their server?
  3. I am doing it on elite game server control panel.
  4. gametypes\savegames\cbctf\blam.lst I have done this and restarted the server but still won't work
  5. hi

    thank you everyone
  6. Where do I find these? gametype folder + its contents - should be 2 files (gametypename, and blam.lst) and a checkpoints folder Thanks
  7. hi

    Hello everyone
  8. Hello, I am stuck on how I would connect the Flare program to my server. I have an elite game servers control panel from which I manage my server. How would I do it? I changed the settings in Flare and saved it as the .lst file. Then I uploaded it onto the gametype/savegames folder in my elitegameserver control panel and restarted the server. This didn't work. Help please Thanks, Pulse
  9. Ok thank you So to clarify, event_start 'cheat_jetpack 1' will induce no fall damage. To add more vehicles and nades, what code would I use? I'm sorry, I just about managed to get everything else set up! Thanks
  10. hi

    Hey guys, I am Pulse. I just joined and this looks like a very helpful site!
  11. I have a CTF server on Halo PC with the default maps. However, I would like a few things to be added to the server. I have no idea how to go about doing this but these are the things I would like: No Fall Damage It's an ALL VEH Server - So if anyone has a script for an unmodded ALL VEH, it would be much appreciated Infinite nades - Both Frag and Plasma Thanks all